Murdered Jo Cox was preparing exposure of British Islamophobes

Floral tributes to murdered MP Jo Cox

This photo shows Kim Leadbeater (right), the sister of murdered British Labour party MP Jo Cox, viewing floral tributes with her parents Jean and Gordon Leadbeater (centre) in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Jo Cox ‘was preparing report on far-right nationalists and rise of Islamophobia

MP was working with charity investigating rise in Islamophobic incidents in Britain

Harry Cockburn

1 hour ago

Labour MP Jo Cox was preparing a report for Parliament on the rise of Islamophobia and the dangers of aggressive nationalist radicals before she was killed outside her constituency surgery, it has emerged.

The mother of two died after being shot and stabbed in the street in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

The 41-year-old had recorded a video in which she spoke about preventing Islamophobia and said that in her constituency “many of our young women don’t feel safe when they’re out on the street”, according to the Times.

The video and report were both planned to be launched on June 29.

Ms Cox worked on the report with Tell Mama, a charity that monitors anti-Muslim incidents in the UK, and has warned of a surge in aggression and Islamophobia in the past year.

Tell Mama director Fiyaz Mughal told the Times that the organisation’s annual report would detail the escalation in anti-Muslim action in the UK last year.

He said significant clusters of far-right activity during that time had been in Yorkshire.

Mr Mughal said: “In the last 18 months South Yorkshire is one of the leading areas in the country [for Islamophobic incidents].”

Meanwhile, 77-year-old Bernard Kenny, who was stabbed in the abdomen while trying to help Ms Cox, remains in hospital with serious injuries.

Thomas Mair, 52, from Birstall, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ court on Saturday, charged with murder, grievous bodily harm, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of a knife.

Mair gave his name to the court as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain”, and was remanded in custody until June 20 when a bail application will be heard.

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Jo Cox was set to address parliament later this month about a surge in anti-Muslim attacks, especially against women, it has been revealed: here.

Syrian activists are paying tribute to Jo Cox, the UK Labour MP who was allegedly killed by the Neo-Nazi-affiliated Thomas Mair, The Independent reported Friday: here.

A message from the vigil for Jo Cox in Leeds (Pic: Andrew Brammer)

Racist hatred behind murder of Jo Cox: here.

The murder of Labour Party MP Jo Cox by the fascist Thomas Mair is being cynically utilised by the campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union (EU), to be decided in Thursday’s referendum: here.

Arizona, USA: Syrian Refugee Family Living In Fear, Again, After Receiving Anti-Muslim Threat. “You are Muslim and not welcome,” the note read. But the family says the Tucson community has otherwise been warm and welcoming: here.

Jo Cox murdered, British racist media complicit

British racist newspapers

This picture shows Islamophobic lunacy, whipped up by the British corporate media. The caption by Billy Bragg in Britain on Twitter to it is:

So how was Thomas Mair radicalised? Or if he is mentally ill, what triggered his violent attack on Jo Cox?

Mass murder in Orlando, USA and Donald Trump

This January 2016 video from the USA is called MUSLIM BOOTED from Trump Rally for Silent Protest Against Islamophobia.

By Larry Rubin in the USA:

Orlando exposes the Goebbels in Trump

Thursday 16th June 2016

‘If you repeat a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it’ – this assertion by Adolf Hitler’s PR man fits in with Donald Trump’s choice of language and tone of discourse following the Orlando murders.

Trying to exploit for self-promotion the murder of 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has sunk to new lows in bigotry, fearmongering and slander.

Neither Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell nor Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have uttered one word of criticism, however. In fact, both have recently reiterated their support of him.

Meanwhile, Democratic Representative for Georgia John Lewis tweeted “Donald, you need to shut up. Give the American people time to grieve.’’

In his speech, Trump accused the entire Muslim community of harbouring criminals such as Omar Mateen, who opened fire in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on Sunday morning killing 49 people and injuring many more.

In fact, Mateen acted entirely alone.

Trump repeated his call for banning all Muslims from entering the US, even though Mateen was born in New York.

He congratulated himself for “predicting” that such a tragedy would occur and said that somehow President Barack Obama is in league with terrorists.

“We’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart or has something else in mind,” Trump said. “And the something else in mind — people can’t believe it. People cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts… there is something going on.”

Trump suggested that if the people in the Orlando nightclub had had guns, “things might have been different.”

Mateen bought his murder weapons perfectly legally from a gun store in Orlando.

On the floor of the US House of Representatives, Jim Hines, a Democrat from Connecticut, said that Congress was “complicit” in the shootings in Orlando and elsewhere because it refuses to take action on gun control. Hines represents Newton, where school children were killed by a mass murderer.

Furthermore, Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the largest Muslim civil-rights and advocacy organisation in the US, said on Sunday: “For many years, members of the LGBTQ community have stood shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim community against any acts of hate crimes, Islamophobia, marginalisation and discrimination. Today we stand with them shoulder to shoulder.

“The liberation of the American Muslim community,” Awad continued, “is profoundly linked to the liberation of other minorities — blacks, Latinos, gays, Jews, and every other community. We cannot fight injustice against some groups and not against others. Homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia — we cannot dismantle one without the other.”

He also said that “the largest massacre in modern US history was committed by a man … during Ramadan. For true Muslims, this would be heartbreaking at any time, but it’s especially tragic now.

“Ramadan is a time of patience, humility, generosity — it’s a time of overflowing love. The attack in Orlando was all hate — hate of freedom, hate of love, hate of the LGBT community.

“Now, more than ever, is a time to reject calls for division and hate, to denounce all forms of violence. Now is a time to remember the common bonds that link all people.”

Trump is calling for just the opposite. Backed by Republican leaders such as McConnell and Ryan he’s trying to pit American against American, community against community.

As an editorial in today’s Washington Post says, Trump is revealing himself “more clearly than ever as a man unfit to lead.”

In their remarks to the nation following the Orlando massacre, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made their differences – and disturbing similarities – crystal clear: here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

11 January 2016

We’ve got a new low in Donald Trump rallies. They kicked a silent Muslim woman out just for being Muslim. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A Muslim woman was kicked out of a Donald Trump rally on Friday night for no apparent reason. The woman, Rose Hamid, told CNN that she “came to the rally to let Trump supporters see what a Muslim looks like.” She stood silently with a t-shirt that read “I Come In Peace.”

About halfway through the rally, held in Rock Hill, South Carolina, some people in the crowd “turned pretty ugly” toward the woman, shouting “epithets.” She was then escorted out by security.

Trump commented on Hamid as she was being ejected. “There is hatred against us that is unbelievable. It’s their hatred, it’s not our hatred,” Trump said.

Trump has stoked antipathy against Muslims by calling for a total ban on Muslim immigration into the U.S.”

Read more here.

By Sue Caldwell, of LGBT+ Against Islamophobia in Britain:

This horrific attack underlines the fact that homophobia continues to be a part of life in the West today.

This man was born and brought up in the US, where Establishment figures routinely espouse anti-LGBT+ sentiments.

We will resist any attempt to use this atrocity to whip up hatred against Muslims.

The response from the LGBT+ communities so far has been brilliant – a strong desire to stand united and continue our fight against homophobia and transphobia wherever it may come from.”

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

LGBT massacre was not about Islam

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Activists express their anger at media framing of Orlando shooting as part of conflict with Isis

LGBT activists shut down the “horrible and racist thought process” linking Sunday’s Orlando mass shooting to Islam yesterday as thousands assembled to honour the victims.

British gay rights campaigners were left saddened and angry as mainstream media showed more interest in shooter Omar Mateen’s religious interests than his lethal homophobia.

Vigils for the dead and injured of the Pulse Club shooting took place worldwide last night, as London’s gay village overflowed with mourners.

Words of solidarity were also issued yesterday by the British trade unions and the Labour Party, whose shadow equalities minister Kate Green argued for more security measures during next week’s Pride celebrations.

GMB LGBT network Shout! organiser David Braniff-Herbert told the Star the media’s insistence on the Orlando shooter’s religion was due to their “agenda for Islamophobia.”

He said: “If they can talk the homophobia down they get to speak more on the religious background of the shooter.

“And that has really very little to do with it. Everyone wants to talk about the Isis links, it makes absolutely no difference.

“If you look at how the Christian right have introduced 200 anti-LGBT+ laws across the US in just the past six months, you see it’s not about how some very few Muslims think about LGBT people, it’s about a systemic homophobic, biphobic and transphobic system and it’s intolerable.”

In the corporate media, there is much talk of Mateen being from a Muslim family. And very little talk of other sides of Mateen which might be relevant. Like Mateen being mentally ill and alcoholic. Like Mateen being a mercenary at the G4S privatized police, privatised prisons and privatised army corporation, with its macho homophobic corporate culture. And of Mateen living in Florida, with its tradition of homophobes like Anita Bryant, Senator Marco Rubio and ex-governor Jeb Bush.

Mateen guarded BP properties for his G4S bosses during the BP oil spill: here.

Mr Braniff-Herbert then retold how just over two years ago he and his partner were attacked by a group of young men in a popular London area.

“When we published that story the response from some people was ‘Oh well this is what happens when you have open immigration,’ but all the boys were white and English,” he added.

“The presumption was that it couldn’t possibly be done by white people. This is a very horrible and racist thought process.

“The anti-LGBT rhetoric is not exclusive to one group of people.

“What we need to express is that an Islamophobic response is just as bad as a homophobic response to hate crime.”

Earlier in the day, journalist Owen Jones had walked out of Sky News after presenter Mark Longhurst and radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer attempted to distance the tragedy from homophobic hate crime.

Trade Union Congress LGBT committee chair Maria Exall also told the Star there was “homophobia denial” going on.

“Owen Jones should be supported on insisting that it was a hate crime against LGBT people and that’s what needs to be reported,” she said.

“It’s a hate crime for whatever reason and it should be recognised for what it is.”

Britons also mourned for the Orlando victims in the cities of Manchester, Cardiff, Norwich and Nottingham, while a solidarity event will be taking place today in York at 7pm on St Helen’s Square.

Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers G4S: here.

Homophobia and Islamophobia in Germany

Nazi anti-refugee slogan in Germany

This 2015 AFP photo is from Waltrop in Germany. Neo-fascists had defaced a refugee home with the slogan ‘Dogs, get out’ and a nazi swastika.

By Judith van de Hulsbeek, Dutch NOS TV correspondent in Germany, 15 June 2015 (translated):

Germany: hatred against Muslims, Roma and gay people grows

Today, 21:02

The dislike of Muslims but also of Sinti, Roma and refugees generally is surging in Germany; according to a study by Leipzig University among 2420 Germans. …

The university is doing this research since 2002 every two years, about far-right sentiment in German society, such as anti-Semitism, xenophobia and playing down the Nazi past. On these ‘classic far-right’ issues the results stay more or less the same. Around 10 percent of respondents expressed racist, anti-Semitic or Nazi ideas and think, for example, that the German nation is inherently superior and that Jews have too much influence.

In 2014 questions about specific target groups (eg. Muslims, Roma, LGBTQ people) were added to the study. There a clear increase is seen. Thus more than 40 percent of respondents replied they think it is disgusting when two men kiss in public. …

In Germany, some 100 refugee centers have been set on fire since early 2015.

Orlando homophobic massacre applauded by Christian fundamentalists

This video from the USA says about itself:

Pastor On Orlando Massacre: ‘These People All Should Have Been Killed

13 June 2016

Pastor Steven Anderson, whose hate knows no bounds, celebrated the deaths of 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando in a 4-minute mini-sermon that cited the Bible as justification for why they needed to die.

Read more here.

The ‘Reverend’ Anderson is not alone. The infamous bigots of the Westboro Baptist Church likewise applaud the mass murder of LGBTQ people in Orlando.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Muslim Denounces Terror, Promptly Called ‘Pig’ & ‘Scoundrel’ Anyway

13 June 2016

A Florida Imam who went on CNN Sunday morning to express condolences to the victims and families of the horrific shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando is now on the receiving end of threats and attacks on social media.

Read more here.

U.S. GUN DEATHS IN A WORLD OF THEIR OWN In Japan, your chances of dying from a gun are the equivalent of being killed by a lightning strike in the U.S. [NYT]

RECORD DONATIONS FOR ORLANDO “A GoFundMe initiative to raise money for the victims and families of the mass shooting at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, raised $1 million faster than any campaign in the platform’s history.” [HuffPost]

Glenn Greenwald on homophobia and Islamophobia: here.

Texas white supremacists want massacre of Muslims

This video from Texas in the USA says about itself:

5 April 2016

The Bureau of American Islamic Relations (BAIR) enjoys showing up at Muslim prayer centers armed with firearms in an effort to intimidate people trying to worship.

The hate group expected an average day of bigotry and aggression at the Nation of Islam mosque on Martin Luther King Boulevard in South Dallas, only to find themselves outnumbered by the armed self-defense group waiting for them.

Members of the community, along with the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and the Huey P Newton Gun Club, were there to protect the Muslims from the BAIR demonstrators.

Both groups made the most of open carry laws in Texas that allow residents to carry AK-47s and rifles on the streets.

There was a heavy police presence at the scene.

BAIR didn’t stay long, after being encouraged to leave by the police, Fox 4 reports.

“The community here in South Dallas, on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X spoke out, and you should see today, it wasn’t the Huey P Newton Gun Club that ran BAIR out of the community, it was the residents, and the people who live here who got BAIR out of here,” Balogun said.


Extremist group in Texas trains to shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood

Published time: 29 May, 2016 11:43

Edited time: 29 May, 2016 11:52

An extremist group of white men in Texas are training against a Muslim “uprising” by dipping their bullets in pig’s blood and bacon grease to target victims.

The so-called “Bureau of American Islamic Relations” (BAIR) said using pig products to line the bullets would ensure victims would “go straight to hell,” according to a video released by AJ+.

This BAIR, this ‘Christian’ ISIS, reminds me of the ‘Muslim’ ISIS; who are afraid of death by the Kurdish women’s militia, as being killed by a woman supposedly leads to going to hell.

“A lot of us here are using either pig’s blood or bacon grease on our bullets, packing it in the middle so that when you shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell,” says one man in the video, while another insists, “Don’t f*ck with white people.”

READ MORE: Florida gun-maker designs ‘ISIS-proof’ assault rifle

David Wright, spokesperson for the radical group, said he was “going to start doing something” about Muslims “now.”

READ MORE: ‘Islamophobia: New face of racism for the 21st century‘ — RT Op-Edge

“The next step in jihad does not involve random, sporadic attacks,” he told the news outlet. “They started killing people. Do you really expect me to stand here and wait until we get to that point?”

BAIR, which is based in the city of Irving, home of Ahmed Mohamed, the “clock boy”, fears of a takeover by thousands of Muslim refugees. The concern, however, appears to be short lived. From 2012 till 2015, the US accepted approximately 2,174 Syrian refugees, the Guardian reports. Despite that, the group already staged protests against accepting any asylum seekers.

“If you get to the point where there’s an Arab Spring, where there’s a lot of radical Muslims here and they all decide to hit the streets at one time… that’s going to be more of a battlefield type situation,” Wright adds.

Dressed in army overalls, several men from the group fire bullets from various locations as part of their training.

BAIR members have also staged armed protests outside mosques in Texas against the “Islamization of America.”

READ MORE: Massive ‘Islamophobia industry’ flourishes in US — RT Op-Edge

Islamophobic attitudes have been increasing in the US. In 2015, a YouGov poll showed that 55 percent of Americans have an “unfavorable” opinion of Islam.

Beth Van Duyne, the mayor of Irving, fuelled further tension by recently leading the city’s council to support a state bill with the purpose of blocking Muslim influence in US courts.

An “anti-Bair” Facebook group page was started by people from various religious backgrounds as a counter protest against the group.

Trump-advising general advocates banning Muslims, torture

This video from the USA says about itself:

Explosive Story About Trump’s Racism In The Eighties

7 September 2015

“Black employees at the Trump Casino in Atlantic City were routinely kept out of sight whenever the real estate mogul entered the building, says one former employee.

A New Yorker magazine article about Atlantic City contained the story of a former Trump Casino worker about the way he and other employees of color were treated on the job when “the boss” was around…

Brown said, “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor. It was the eighties, I was a teen-ager, but I remember it: they put us all in the back.””

Read more here.

By Daniel Marans in the USA:

Trump-Advising General Defends Muslim Ban

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is also open to waterboarding and killing suspected terrorists’ families.

05/19/2016 01:15 pm ET

Former Defense Intelligence Agency director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn expressed his support for Donald Trump’s extreme national security positions in an interview released Thursday — including a ban on Muslim entry.

But the informal advisor to Trump’s campaign, who headed the Pentagon intelligence agency under the Obama administration until 2014, strained to define those proposals more liberally than the presumptive GOP presidential candidate ever has.

Asked by Mehdi Hasan, host of Al Jazeera English’s “UpFront,”  if he supports the Muslim entry ban, Flynn responded, “Yes.”

He then went on, however, to describe a far narrower policy than the blanket prohibition Trump has proposed.

“I support the vetting of individuals and the proper screening of individuals who are coming from certain parts of the world like Syria,” Flynn told Hasan.

He did not mention that the U.S. refugee resettlement program, the way many Syrians now arrive in the United States, is already among the strictest and most intensive parts of the immigration system.

Flynn also declined to rule out reviving waterboarding, an illegal torture technique Trump has promised to bring back.

“I am a believer in leaving as many options on the table right up until the last possible minute,” Flynn said.

Nor would Flynn categorically reject the notion of deliberately killing the families of accused terrorists, a practice that constitutes a war crime. Former CIA director Michael Hayden has said that U.S. troops could legally “refuse to act” on such an order.

“I would have to see the circumstances of that situation,” Flynn said of the practice.

His blessing for Trump’s most controversial national security proposals is notable because it lends credibility to some of the statements that even many foreign policy hawks regard as beyond the pale.

Yet it is not altogether surprising that Flynn is backing Trump. The general, now retired from active duty, has a reputation for his controversial views about Islam and U.S. anti-terrorism efforts.

Flynn was forced out as DIA chief for vocally opposing the Obama administration’s more optimistic assessments of progress against militant groups including Al Qaeda.

He has argued that “political correctness” is limiting the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, according to the Daily Beast.

Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL,” he tweeted in February, linking to a video with the same name that lists dozens of terror attacks committed by Muslims in the past decades.