Dutch Islamophobic nazi death threat

Fake blood in Zaanstad death threat

Translated from the site De Orkaan in Zaanstad, the Netherlands:

January 10, 2018

Threatening letter with swastika and ‘blood’ splashes

When Aysel and her husband arrived home late in De Weer neighbourhood in Zaandam, there was still nothing to see. They both had worked an evening shift and her husband goes to bed, Aysel stays up for a while.

When Aysel also wanted to sleep, she walked to the front door to lock it. Through the window she sees red splashes. She thinks that her husband may have spilled something and opens the door.

She is shocked: it is everywhere. On the door, on the rain pipe and on the kitchen window. She thinks it’s blood. There is a note on the door. It has a swastika with the text:

Fucking Muslims, die.”

Aysel takes the note from the door, wakes up her husband and calls the police. The police arrive quickly, and then they see that there is also something written on the back:

“If you will visit the mosque once more, you are going to be killed“.

The ‘blood’ turned out to be red paint.

There is fear today, one day later, for Aysel, her husband and her children. But they are also surprised. They have lived there for years, and have never felt discriminated against. A month or two ago there was spitting on their front door, but they did not make much of it. Today Aysel heard from a Turkish woman neighbour that they too had a letter.


Tony Blair promotes Islamophobia

This January 2015 video from Britain is called Tony Blair Not In Jail? I Literally Don’t Understand: Russell Brand The Trews (E235).

From RT.com:

Tony Blair warns of populist uprisings & collapse of EU if Muslim immigration not addressed

5 Jan, 2018 10:19

More countries could break away from the EU in a wave of populist revolts, says Tony Blair.

The same wrong use of the word ‘populist’ as many others. ‘Populism’ is often used wrongly by journalists who are too cowardly to call racist political parties ‘racist’. For Tony Blair, it is a term of abuse without meaning, lumping together all sorts of political tendencies which have nothing in common except not being liked by Tony Blair; like present Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and other leftist critics of Blair’s war crimes.

The former UK PM has called on EU countries to “seize the moment” and to deal with underlying Muslim migration issues.

Blair told [right-wing] German newspaper Die Welt that the same migration concerns that sparked Brexit aren’t issues faced solely by the UK, and other EU countries could face backlashes down the line.

Contrary to Blair, Brexit was not just ‘sparked’ by xenophobia. The pro-Brexit referendum campaign by a minority of Conservative MPs and Ukip was xenophobic (so was the Conservative ‘remainer’ campaign of Cameron, Theresa May, etc.; supported by the most racist head of government in Europe, Orban of Hungary; Blair is now basically saying the same as Orban, that European Union harsh anti-refugee policies should become harsher still to ‘save’ the European Union).

But some voters did not like the European Union because they opposed its anti-refugee policies. And/or its pro-Big Business policies. Or its militarisation. Etc. These voters contributed to the pro-Brexit majority vote as well.

Blair made a clear distinction between EU migration – a problem that he believes is only an issue in certain areas of the UK – and non-EU migration.

He said tensions occur from non-EU migration “when people aren’t sure the people coming are sharing our values” – particularly from majority-Muslim countries.

Blair believes this is already an issue in Holland, Denmark and Sweden.

No, Tony War Criminal Blair. Migration in itself is not a problem; xenophobic reactions to it are. And, eg, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands may be best known for his racism against non-EU Moroccans and other Muslims. But Wilders promotes bigotry against Poles and against Romanians as well. Scratch an Islamophobe, and you will usually discover a supporter of anti-Semitism (maybe for the time being excepting the extreme right in Israeli politics), of bigotry against Africans, homophobia, misogyny and all other kinds of bigotry. Blair‘s suggestion of Islamophobia without other bigotry is a lie. The United States neonazi site The Daily Stormer praises Blair for his Islamophobia, and says anti-Semitism should be the next step in the ‘right’ direction.

And why, Tony Blair, is there immigration ‘from majority-Muslim countries’? Because you and your pal George W Bush killed over a million people in Iraq and made over four million people refugees. Because you and your pal George W Bush are the godfathers of ISIS, from whom so many Muslims (and non-Muslims) fled. Because you and your pal George W Bush killed so many people in, and made so many people refugees from Afghanistan. Because your pal David Cameron, egged on, eg, by you, started bombing Syria, which still continues. Because you flip-flopped on Libya, from pal of Colonel Gaddafi to promoter of war on Libyan civilians, murder of Gaddafi and making Libya (and other African countries) a hell of bloodshed, slavery, child abuse, etc. Because your royal pals in Saudi Arabia, the UAE etc. are butchering the people of Yemen.

Blair has also called for a second referendum, once the details of the Brexit agreement have been thrashed out, so the people of the United Kingdom can have a say on whether they still want to leave the EU or not.

And if the British voters would vote for Brexit a second time, then Tony Blair would demand a third referendum, and a fourth … till the ‘stupid’ ‘peasant’ voters would at last obey Tony Blair. Tony Blair both in his words and in practice has shown he does not like democracy.

United States author Michael Wolff claims in his new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that Mr Blair tried to land a role as a Middle East adviser to Mr Trump: here. Plausible, as Blair for a long time was a pal of right-winger Rupert Murdoch, he might become a pal of right-winger Trump as well. Probably, the reason he was turned down that to become United States presidential adviser one needs a US passport.

American mosque pays fine of Islamophobic nazi vandal

Mosque in Fort Smith, Alabama, USA, vandalized by nazi

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Mosque pay fines of man who graffitied its doors with swastika to keep him out of jail

He could have faced six years in jail if he failed to pay the fine

Clark Mindock, New York

Tuesday 2 January 2018 16:34 GMT

An American mosque took the road of mercy over the holidays, and helped keep a man who once vandalized their place of worship with a swastika from facing potential jail time over missed fines.

The Masjid Al Salam mosque in Fort Smith, Alabama, filled out a check for $1,700 to cover what was left of the fines picked up by Abraham Davis after he painted the symbol of hate and the message “go home” on the front of their building in October 2016.

Davis had been convicted of a felony for the vandalism, which required community service and a hefty fine.

“We heard that he was having financial problems,” Louay Nassri, the president of Al Salam, told NBC. “Now if you don’t pay your fine, that’s an automatic six years in jail. Well, we didn’t want him to go to jail for six years.”

The funds were originally allocated for renovations to the mosque, but Mr Nassri said that he believes paying the fines was a better choice.

“It shouldn’t be hanging over him for the rest of his life,” Mr Nassri said. “ We knew this person did a bad thing, and there has to be consequences for their actions. But we didn’t have any ill feelings toward anybody.”

Davis was convicted of the 2016 crime after a security camera for the mosque caught him in the act. Mr Nassri said that forgiving Davis for the crime just felt natural after they received an apology for the action.

“We thought this was the right thing to do,” Mr Nassri said. “We thought if someone does something bad and came and apologized, you just forgive them. That should be the natural thing. We had no idea that this forgiveness would be an international story.”

The United States saw a spike in hate crimes in 2016, as the nation grappled with a contentious presidential campaign that frequently cast Muslims as dangerous threats to America. Data collected by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino found that hate crimes in the US rose by about 5 per cent from 2015 to 2016.

Trump’s ambassador to Netherlands calls own sayings ‘fake news’

From DutchNews.nl:

New US ambassador calls his ‘no-go areas in the Netherlands’ claim fake news

December 22, 2017

The new US ambassador to the Netherlands has denied saying that there are no go areas in the Netherlands and that cars and politicians are being set on fire because of radical Islam.

No politicians are set on fire in the Netherlands. Dutch politicians’ cars ARE sometimes set on fire. But not by ‘radical Islam’. By right-wing xenophobes who think these politicians are too leftist and too pro-refugees. Like happened in Oostknollendam in 2015.

In an interview with current affairs programme Nieuwsuur, Pete Hoekstra told NOS correspondent Wouter Zwart he had never said such things. ‘I didn’t say that. That is actually an incorrect statement. We would call it fake news’, Hoekstra said.

However, the new ambassador can be seen clearly making the statements in a video recording from 2015. ‘And yes, there are no go areas in the Netherlands,’ Hoekstra states.

Hoekstra will take up his position in January. He is known to be a supporter of Trump’s policy on the migration of Muslims to the United States and Europe.

Hoekstra is also said to oppose gay marriage and abortion, both of which are legal in the Netherlands. The ambassador was born in Groningen but his family emigrated to the US when he was three. Hoekstra will be the first US ambassador to the Netherlands since early 2016, when Timothy Broas resigned. Since 2005, no US ambassador to the Netherlands has completed a four-year term in office.

From the Washington Post in the USA in 2012:

Pete Hoekstra’s China ad provokes accusations of racism

Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra (R) aired his first campaign ad of the cycle Sunday night, and Asian-American groups are crying foul.

See also here.

‘Stop homophobic Islamophobic preacher from entering Britain’

Donald Trump and Franklin Graham

This photo shows United States President Donald Trump with one of his fundamentalist right-wing religious supporters, the preacher Franklin Graham, son of preacher Billy Graham.

By Katharine Swindells in Britain:

MPs are trying to ban anti-gay preacher Franklin Graham from entering the country

10th December 2017, 3:50 PM

An invitation to evangelical preacher Franklin Graham to speak at an event in Blackpool has sparked huge backlash.

A number of MPs, including a [Conservative] government minister, are pushing the home secretary to refuse Graham UK entry.

They argue that his anti-gay and Islamophobic remarks constitute hate speech, breaking British law.

A petition against him being granted a visa has already collected over 6,500 signatures.

Graham, who spoke at Trump’s inauguration, has previously said that gay people are causing a “moral 9/11”.

He has also said that gay people are the enemy and should be thrown out of church, and that LGBT activists help ‘sexual predators and perverts’.

“As a Christian and as a leader of a church that particularly welcomes LGBT people, I’m horrified that other local churches are inviting someone with this record of hate speech,” Nina Parker, petition organiser and pastor at Liberty church in Blackpool, told the Guardian.

In addition to homophobia, Graham has called Islam “an evil and very wicked religion,” linking all Muslims to extremist groups such as ISIS.

Parker says there was an “enormous amount of protest from Christians in the north-west,” against Graham’s planned appearance at the Lancashire Festival of Hope, at Blackpool Winter Gardens next September.

Paul Maynard, Conservative Blackpool MP and a minister at the Department of Transport, has been among those calling on Amber Rudd to stop Graham’s entrance into the country.

Gordon Marsden, Labour MP for Blackpool South has joined him, saying Graham’s views are “incompatible with what Jesus said in the Bible”.

“I think frankly the evidence is piling up that his visit to the UK … would not be a good thing and not probably in my view a very Christian thing”, he told BBC Radio Lancashire.

Afzal Khan, a Labour MP who has worked for the Home Office on race relations and preventing extremism, expressed concerns to the Guardian about Graham sowing division.

“His views are not welcome, and I will make representation to the home secretary if it looks like he is intent on coming.”

The Blackpool festival is organised by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA), of which Franklin Graham is president and CEO and is being supported by a number of Anglican clergy and churches in the Blackpool area.

Blackpool vicars Andrew Sage and Tracy Charnock are calling on the bishop of Blackburn, Julian Henderson to condemn Graham’s views.

I have good relations with Muslims and gay people in my parish, and everyone is welcome at the church where I’m the parish priest”, Sage said.

“This is not in my name, and I’d like the bishop to distance himself from it.”

A Tory MP invited an Islamophobic extremist to Parliament. Anti-racism groups are outraged: here.

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court denied a request to hear the case of a female security guard, Jameka Evans, who alleges employment discrimination because of her homosexuality. The high court’s refusal to hear the case leaves the ruling from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, against Evans, in place: here.

French neonazi Islamophobes convicted

This video from Britain says about itself:

UK outlaws neo-Nazi group as fascist “Identitarians” rise across Europe

Sky News & Newsnight 12 December 2016

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Far-right group guilty of mosque sit-in

Saturday 9th December 2017

FIVE members of France’s chauvinist Identitarian movement were convicted late on Thursday of the 2012 occupation of a mosque in Poitiers.

The Paris court handed down suspended prison sentences for the five members of the Generation Identity youth wing and imposed fines and other penalties amounting to nearly €40,000 (£35,000).

The October 2012 sit-in saw scores of members scale the mosque and unfurl banners, including one reading “Remember Charles Martel,” who halted the advance of the invading Muslim army during the 732 battle of Poitiers. Muslim groups and politicians widely condemned the act.

Six-year-old Muslim Down’s Syndrome boy a ‘terrorist’?!

This video says about itself:

26 May 2016

Attacks on Muslims are on the rise, and a group in Dallas, Texas is arming up in fear of a Muslim uprising.

By Rachel Roberts, 3 December 2017:

Teacher reports six-year-old Muslim boy with Down’s Syndrome to police for ‘terrorism

Mohammad Suleiman ‘cannot speak at all’, his parents say

A supply teacher‘s call to police about a six-year-old Muslim boy with Down’s Syndrome led to his family being investigated for terrorism.

Officers launched the probe after six-year-old Mohammad Suleiman allegedly kept repeating the words “Allah” and “boom” [in] class.

His parents from the Texan city of Pearland, around 20 miles south of Houston, have claimed this cannot be true because “he doesn’t speak at all” and has “the mental capacity of a one-year-old.”

The boy’s father said the family been through hell after becoming the subjects of both a police and social services investigation.

“The last three or four weeks have been the hardest of my life,” Maher Suleiman told the Fox26 news channel. “My wife and kids were crying a few days ago and I told them everything is fine.

“Mohammad was born with Down’s Syndrome Chromosome 21. He needs care all the time.”

He added: “They claim that he’s a terrorist. This is so stupid, this is discrimination actually. It’s not implied discrimination, it’s a hundred per cent discrimination.”