Dutch Pegida Islamophobes, alias of Nederlandse Volksunie neo-nazis

German Pegida fuehrer Lutz Bachmann, disguising himself as Adolf Hitler

This photo shows the fuehrer of the German racist Pegida movement Lutz Bachmann, trying hard to look like Adolf Hitler.

Lutz Bachmann was one of the speakers on 11 October 2015, at an anti refugee demonstration by the Dutch branch of Pegida, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Bachmann’s followers violently attacked anti-nazi counter-demonstrators there.

Dutch NVU nazis at Islamophobic demonstration

This photo shows Peter Bieleveld and Simone Magretti, representatives of the Dutch neo-nazi party Nederlandse Volksunie (NVU) at an Islamophobic demonstration of the Dutch Defence League (sister organisation of the violent neo-nazis of the English Defence League).

The demonstration was on 24 May 2015 in Rotterdam.

Mr Bieleveld and Ms Magretti have with them the official Nederlandse Volksunie party banner. They had also brought a smaller banner saying ‘Islam go back’, and depicting one of the infamous Danish Mohamed cartoons; depicting the 7th century prophet of Islam as a 21st century bomb terrorist.

NVU demonstration in The Hague. Photo © @Rikreporter

This photo shows Peter Bieleveld with the same Islamophobic sign at a Nederlandse Volksunie demonstration in The Hague on 20 September 2014.

Pegida demonstrator Utrecht, photo by Martijn Beekman / ANP

And this photo shows Peter Bieleveld of the Nederlandse Volksunie with that same Islamophobic sign at the anti-refugee demonstration of the Pegida racists in Utrecht on 11 October 2015.

Besides Peter Bieleveld, there were lots of well-known neo-nazis at the Pegida demonstration.

NVU activist Owen Koenekoop does nazi salute

On this photo from the Utrecht Pegida demonstration, NVU activist Owen Koenekoop does the nazi salute. Next to him is fellow Nederlandse Volksunie member Barry Kluft.

Pegida public relations lies of supposedly ‘not being extreme right’ prove to be just lies, again and again.

The Dutch public prosecutor has meanwhile announced they will investigate one of the Pegida speeches in Utrecht for possible violation of anti-discrimination laws. That speech accused Muslims of ‘massive inbreeding’ and said Muslims should be ‘hated and despised because of their insane ideology’.

English EDL founder Tommy Robinson addresses Pegida anti-Islam rally in Holland: here.

German Pegida advocates hanging politicians: here.

Anti-nazi demonstrator in Utrecht, 11 October 2015. Photo by ANP

Finally, a happier image from Utrecht on 11 October 2015. An anti-nazi, pro-refugee demonstrator with a sign saying ‘Welcome stranger’.

Florida Islamophobe’s crusade against Arabic numerals

This video says about itself:

3 September 2013

Hank unravels the fascinating yarn of how the world came to use so-called Arabic numerals — from the scholarship of ancient Hindu mathematicians, to Muslim scientist Al-Khwarizmi, to the merchants of medieval Italy.

By Tom Boggioni in the USA:

Conservative Florida mom vows to stop her children from learning about Islam and Arabic numerals

06 Oct 2015 at 14:29 ET

A Florida mom posted a rambling 15 minute video to her Facebook account complaining that her son’s high school world history class textbook spends an entire chapter on Muslims and advances in the Islamic world, including the “origin of Ay-rabic numerals.”

According to the post by Christian Kayla Normandin, she had previously promised to share a video detailing objections she has with the history book being used in her son’s class. …

Touching upon developments in education, astronomy, architecture, art, agriculture, science and mathematics in the Islamic world, Normandin drew attention to the development of the Arabic numeric system — the most common numeric system used in the world today.

“It even has the origin of ‘Ay-rabic’ numerals,” she read from the book …

Following her review of the chapter, Normandin asserted, “We need to stand up against this, y’all. Our children don’t need to be taught this. It’s not teaching them facts. It’s not teaching them truth. It’s basically telling them that this is going to be the way of life.”

She went on to state that she will go as far as she needs to go to get the textbook pulled, saying, “My children aren’t going to learn this.”

Stop Pegida neo-nazis in Utrecht, the Netherlands

German Pegida fuehrer Lutz Bachmann, disguising himself as Adolf Hitler

From the Dutch Facebook page BLOCK PEGIDA! No racism, no Islamophobia:

Sunday 11 October 2015, o’clock noon. Neude, Utrecht

To avoid confusion: there are three initiatives against Pegida. This blockade is one of them. “Laat Ze Niet Lopen” also calls for actions: here.

And the International Socialists are organising a demonstration on Janskerkhof at 1pm: here.

The extreme right group Pegida will come to Utrecht on Sunday 11 October to demonstrate. We can not let that happen! Join us and make a stance against racism and Islamophobia: at 12 o’clock we will block the Neude square where Pegida thinks they can demonstrate.

*Violent neonazis*

Pegida is the new version of “eigen volk eerst” (“own people first”). The group has been founded in Germany in 2014 and ever since it is known as a hot spot for neonazis and fascist activists. Ever since they started, notorious neonazis – among them convicted terrorists – have participated in Pegida demonstrations. [1] In December Pegida members attacked thirty migrants after a demonstration. [2] Pegida still welcomes these people to their demonstrations.

Sunday 11 October is the first time Pegida will try to take to the streets in the Netherlands. Their political line is clear: Tommy Robinson [not his real name, which is Stephen Lennon], founder of the English Defense League (EDL), will come to make a speech (if we allow this to happen). Also EDL demonstrations often resulted in violence. [3] Robinson himself has been arrested multiple times and since September he’s suspected to have attacked a Muslim. [4]

German Pegida founder and leader Lutz Bachmann too thinks he can come and spread his racist ideas in Utrecht. He has always been controversial because of his criminal background [5] and because he thinks it is appropriate to pose as a fascist mass murderer. [6]

And then there is Edwin Wagensveld, who is trying to set up Pegida in the Netherlands. The controversial trader in illegal weapons is known as a Nazi friend and he is the one who tries to organize the demonstration in Utrecht. [7]

Despite all this the group still tries to present itself as a moderate, non-violent group of concerned citizens. On their Facebook page they claim to be against violence, but that’s an attempt to keep up appearances for the media. Even though the organisers claim not to accept hateful language, their Facebook page turns out to be an open platform for outright racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

*No fascists in Utrecht!*

Pegida is a typical extreme right attempt to create an image of fear of migrants and Muslims. In reality it is groups like Pegida who are the real danger for an open and inclusive society. In Germany, where Pegida has manifested itself successfully, racist and xenophobe violence has become a common thing: this year alone there has been an attack on migrants almost each day, ranging from graffiti texts to arson and physical attacks on persons. [8]

We will not let this happen here! We accept no fascists in Utrecht! We stand for a city where people are welcome regardless of their skin colour, ethnic background or religion. This means a city where the extreme right will not be accepted. To prevent Pegida from gaining but a centimeter of space, we will block the Neude square from 12 o’clock! For this we need your help! Invite your friends and join in the blockade. Together we will make a strong stance against racism, Islamophobia and extreme right violence.

*Practical stuff*

During the day ACU (Voorstraat 71) will be opened as an info point, from 11:00 am, all day long. If things get chaotic, if you get lost, you can always return to the ACU.

Beware: there is the possibility of violent extreme right people showing up. It is wise to chose one or more buddies to team up with at the blockade. Make sure you are not on your own on your way there, and also leave together afterwards.

Check out this Facebook event regularly for more info.

Belgian police arrest Muslim student for joking

Mohamed Ouaamari

Translated from Nathalie De Bisschop in Belgium:

Student who was arrested for tweet: “People are so afraid of Islam that they don’t see humour”

October 1, 2015

“I still really do not good feel good about it,” says Mohamed Ouaamari to newsmonkey. The 24-year-old student Digital Design was arrested in Antwerp yesterday because he was suspected of terrorism after a tweet that was meant to be funny. “I regret that it has caused so much rumour and that people became scared, but my tweet really had nothing to do with terrorism”, says the young Muslim. “Sometimes we need a bit more perspective.”

A practical joke with hidden cameras, it seemed at first sight. “I did not quite understand what was happening. I really thought it was a joke,” Mohamed Ouaamari tells newsmonkey. “At the moment they handcuff you, you realize quickly that it is not a joke.”

It all began with a playful remark on Twitter. The young Muslim of Moroccan ancestry was at a student event about networking and started to tweet. He asked for some advice from his followers: “Has anyone any networking tips? To call loudly “Allahu akbar” probably is not a good way to break the ice” he joked.

“Allahu akbar” (God is the greatest) is a phrase often used by all kinds of Muslims. It has nothing to do with terrorism. Just like if people from Christian backgrounds uses phrases like “Good Lord” or “God bless you” that does not make them terrorists.

Also, Mohamed Ouaamari’s tweet did not advocate using “Allahu akbar”.

One of his followers challenged the young man, all smiling and joking, to try. “Tomorrow in the news: 25 dead and 93 injured after mass hysteria in the ING building,” Ouaamari tweeted back.

Some concerned citizens called the emergency services, which caused police intervention to evacuate the building. Ouaamari had to come to the police station where he was interrogated for hours and then he was allowed to leave without charges.

Context and regret

A joke can be misinterpreted, the student fully understands. Quite apart from the fact that the tweet was humorous, there is, according to the student also nothing wrong with that. “When I posted my tweet, I did not suspect for a second that it could be interpreted as a terrorist attack,” responds Ouaamari. “I actually had Mecca in mind, where this year many pilgrims died.”

“I regret that it has caused so much fuss,” Ouaamari adds. ” … I wish I could have avoided that.” The ambitious Antwerp young man has still not completely recovered from what happened to him. “It seems like a cool story, but that it is absolutely not.”


Meanwhile, the hashtag #JeSuisMohamed is eagerly used on social media to express support for the young Muslim. “I think that’s far too focused on sensation and my situation has absolutely nothing to do with that of Charlie Hebdo“, he emphasized.

Yet there is some irony in the hashtag. “Once people talked about complete freedom of opinion and it was said that any humour should be allowed. It appears now that there surely are limits,” Ouaamari explains. “Do not get me wrong, of course I understand that limits must exist, but sometimes we need a bit more perspective. People are so fearful when it comes to Islam that they lose sight of humour,” he says to newsmonkey.

The young man does not let his head hang down. “I will continue to seize opportunities. I will continue to fight for my dreams and my ideals. We are young, we are the future and we must join in improving this country. I’m always going to keep doing my best,” he concludes.

Also here is his blog post after the recent events.

Arson at liberal London mosque

Morden mosque on fire

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Morden mosque fire: two teenage boys arrested on suspicion of arson

A 16-year-old and a 14-year-old have been detained for questioning over the fire at the mosque in south London

Caroline Mortimer

Sunday 27 September 2015 12:53 BST

Two boys have been arrested on suspicion of arson in connection with a huge fire at Britain’s largest mosque in south London on Saturday.

A 16-year-old and a 14-year-old have been held for questioning over the fire at the Baitul Futuh mosque in Morden, a spokeswoman for Scotland Yard has said.

The blaze began at around midday and was tackled by 70 firefighters.

According to the London Fire Brigade, the fire was confined to an administration building and the mosque itself was undamaged.

There were few worshippers in the mosque at the time of the fire but one man was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.

The fire is believed to have damaged half of the building’s ground floor.

The mosque was built for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, an Islamic sect founded in India in the late 19th century, and bears the sect’s motto “Love is for all, hatred is for none.”

It is the largest mosque in Western Europe and can house up to 10,000 worshippers.

Local councillor Imran Udding, whose ward includes the mosque, told the Evening Standard: “The really important thing to note is that the blaze took hold really quickly, but the hall where it started was also evacuated very quickly.

“We need to investigate what happened here. The mosque is very popular in the area. It has a very positive impact. It does a lot of community work.”

He said it “could have been a lot worse” if the fire had struck a day earlier when the mosque was full of worshippers celebrating Eid.

Fareed Ahmed, national secretary for external affairs for the Ahmadi Muslim Community UK, said: “It’s a very difficult time. This is a devastating accident to happen to any mosque.”

Ahmadiyya Islam is considered to be a liberal tendency.

Ahmadiyya Muslims sometimes are attacked by ultra orthodox Muslims.

Now in London apparently the violence is by teenagers who read too much corporate media Islamophobic propaganda which lyingly equates all Muslims with terrorists.

RECENTLY the popular BBC religious affairs programme Songs of Praise broadcast from the migrant and refugee camp in Calais. The outpouring of bile this provoked showed how ugly the debate on asylum and immigration has become in recent years, but the change in public mood in the weeks since then shows that progressives can win our arguments on issues relating to the need to welcome refugees and also to stop the scapegoating of both migrants and refugees for the problems facing “austerity Britain”: here.

President Obama invites 14-year-old ‘terrorist’ inventor to White House

This video from the USA says about itself:

Ahmed Mohamed: Student Arrested For Homemade Clock at Irving MacArthur High

16 September 2015

“He just wants to invent good things for mankind,” Ahmed’s father Mohamed told the News.

@IStandWithAhmed Twitter #IStandWithAhmed

This blog reported today about 14-year-old Texas boy Ahmed Mohamed, arrested as a ‘terrorist’ for inventing a clock. There is quite some xenophobia and bigotry in Texas.

Ahmed Mohamed told that he was now so scared that he would not dare to bring other inventions to school.

Then, by United States President Obama, on Twitter today:

Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, poses with some of his other electronics with his three-year-old sister, Fatima Mohamed, left, in their home in Irving, Texas, on Wednesday. Photograph: David Woo/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

One should hope this invitation of one person will have a positive effect for others, falsely and hysterically accused of ‘terrorism’ … from this six-year old girl to that famous Egyptologist to so many people.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

“I have lost my innocence. I can never look at the world in the same way,” the teenager – currently suspended from school – told The Independent.

“I like science, but I look like a threat because of my brown skin.”

The 14-year-old said he had assembled the clock from a piece of circuit board and other things he had found in father’s garage. It had taken him just 10 or 15 minutes.

Ahmed Mohamed is just one example of the bigotry American Muslims face, by Linda Sarsour. Children like the now-famous clock-maker are this country’s future. We can’t allow them to be irreparably damaged by Islamophobia: here.

Arrest of Muslim Teen for Bringing Clock to School ‘Inevitable Byproduct of Culture of Fear’. ACLU says arrest of student ‘raises serious concerns about racial profiling and the disciplinary system in Texas schools’: here.

OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT FOR MUSLIM BOY WHO BROUGHT CLOCK TO SCHOOL Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock to school to impress his teacher, but ended up in the principal’s office because school officials assumed it was a bomb. After Mohamed was handcuffed and interrogated, social media sprung to his defense. As of today, he has an invite to the White House and assurance from MIT that he’s the kind of student they like to see. [Andy Campbell, HuffPost]

Fraudulent US Islamophobe William Bradford resigns at West Point military academy

This video says about itself:

27 May 2015

In his book, The Islamophobia Industry, Nathan Lean explores the rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment in North America and Europe and what he refers to as the “minds of the manufacturers of Islamophobia.”

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

West Point law professor who called for attacks on ‘Islamic holy sites’ resigns

William C Bradford departs institution that hired him in August following report on his call for scholars to be treated as ‘enemy combatants’

Spencer Ackerman in New York

Monday 31 August 2015 19.51 BST

A law professor who published an inflammatory article urging attacks on law professors and “Islamic holy sites” and who has been dogged by accusations of misrepresenting his academic and military credentials has resigned from the US Military Academy at West Point, the Guardian has confirmed.

Although West Point hired William C Bradford on 1 August, a spokesman said the prestigious undergraduate institution where the US army educates its future officers parted ways with the controversial academic on Sunday, the day after the Guardian published an article highlighting Bradford’s proposals to treat US scholars as “enemy combatants”.

“Dr William Bradford resigned on Sunday,” army lieutenant colonel Christopher Kasker, a West Point spokesman, told the Guardian on Monday. Bradford had taught five lessons for cadets in a common-core law course, from 17 to 27 August.

The West Point resignation marks the most recent academic departure for the controversial Bradford, following a decade’s worth of apparent exaggeration of his service record and academic career.

It remains unclear how thoroughly West Point vetted Bradford before hiring him.

Bradford recently published an academic article titled, in translation, “The Treason of the Professors”. The lengthy paper, which has been repudiated by its journal editor as a “mistake”, accused a “clique of about 40” law professors of active collaboration with “Islamist” organizations and recommended targeting them as enemy combatants.

Supplementing military action, Bradford recommended that Congress investigate links between the professors and “Islamism” under “a renewed version of the House Un-American Activities Committee”, which was one of the vehicles for the discredited “Red Scare” hunts for Communists in the 1950s.

Treason prosecutions shore up national unity, deter disloyalty, and reflect the seriousness with which the nation regards betrayal in war,” Bradford wrote.

Bradford went on to argue that “total war” against terrorism ought to include military targeting of “Islamic holy sites”, in order to restore an American deterrent. He acknowledged “great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties and civilian collateral damage” were entailed in his proposal, and suggested that dissent ought to be curbed.

“[D]oubts and disputes about this war [should] be muted lest around them coalesce a new set of self-imposed restraints that prevent Western forces from waging war with sufficient ferocity and resolve so that either Islamism is discredited and the political will of Islamist peoples to prosecute a jihad collapses, or, if necessary, all who countenance or condone Islamism are dead,” Bradford wrote.

Bradford had represented himself in academic papers as an “assistant professor” at the Defense Department-run National Defense University. But he was not a professor there, nor even a staff employee, according to NDU representatives. He is said to have worked for a Waynesboro, Virginia-based translations and business consultant, Translang, which had a contract with the university.

Before referring further comment to an attorney, Beatrice Boutros, Translang’s president, told the Guardian Bradford was not an employee of NDU.

Bradford has had a checkered academic career. In 2004, he quit a job teaching at the Indiana University School of Law after allegations emerged that he had exaggerated his military service, portraying himself inaccurately as a Gulf War veteran, an infantryman and a recipient of the prestigious Silver Star, an award for gallantry in action.

The army provided Bradford’s releasable service history to the Guardian on Monday. Bradford was commissioned into the army as a second lieutenant – the same rank West Point cadets hold upon commissioning – in 1995 and served the majority of his six-year service in military intelligence in the army reserve. He neither deployed nor earned any awards.

In 2005, the Guardian has learned, Bradford took a visiting professorship at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, teaching property law. A former student who wished to remain anonymous said Bradford’s behavior included “doing push-ups in class [and] making students stand and give answers in a military-like manner”.

Bradford, the former student said, ended up leaving his class – and ultimately the college – without grading the final exam.

A William and Mary spokesperson, Suzanne Seurattan, confirmed Bradford’s visiting professorship lasted a single semester, which she described as not unusual. She would not address whether Bradford had left under a cloud or did not submit his final exam grades ahead of departing the school.

West Point is known for its honor code, by which every cadet is expected to abide: “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.” Its graduates are judged by it during their entire careers in uniform.

Bradford did not return phone calls and emails seeking comment. A man answered his desk phone on Friday and confirmed the accuracy of the number, but denied being Bradford.