Honduran students celebrate victory

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Honduras: National University Students To Have Cultural Celebrations

22 July 2016

National University students are preparing several cultural activities as a celebration after the announcement of the University board who cancelled criminal accusations on student leaders. Our Correspondent, Gerardo Torres with details.

Honduran students demonstrate against government

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Honduras: Massive On-going Student Protests in Tegucigalpa

19 July 2016

The board of Directors of Honduras’ National University has announced the cancellation of the academic period after massive on-going student protests. Thousands of students took to the streets in Tegucigalpa again on Friday, after the announcement. Our correspondent from Tegucigalpa, Gerardo Torres with more.

Another indigenous environmentalist murdered in Honduras


Lesbia Yaneth Urquía

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Granma
July 7 2016

by: Cubadebate | internet@granma.cu

Her name was Lesbia Yaneth Urquía and she was a member of The Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh)

Lesbia Yaneth Urquía honduras environmentalist murdered.jpg

Lesbia Yaneth Urquía was a Honduran environmental activist. Photo: TELESUR

Her name was Lesbia Yaneth Urquía and she was a member of The Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh).

While the memory of the murder of Bertha Cáceres is still fresh in our minds – a crime which remains unpunished – Urquía was found dead on Wednesday afternoon, July 6, in a place known as Mata Mulas close to the Marcala municipal dump in La Paz.

Some press reports claim that the victim sustained a head injury which could have been caused by a sharp object, although others suggest that she was shot to death. Her body was sent directly to the head office…

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Hondurans protest against coup regime

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1 July 2016

Thousands marched on the anniversary of the 2009 Honduran coup to protest the repressive government and worsening conditions.

Hillary Clinton and the bloody Honduras coup

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Hillary’s Links to 2009 Honduras Coup

28 June 2016

Seven years ago today a military coup in Honduras resulted in the ouster of democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya. Coup-backers accused Zelaya of trying to manipulate the Honduran constitution in order to extend his presidency, but it wasn’t just the right-wing elites who wanted him out — it was also the U.S., and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Special Report: Despite neocon-instigated chaos and bloodshed across the Mideast (and now into Europe), Hillary Clinton continues to advocate more “regime change” wars with almost no fear from a marginalized anti-war movement, writes Robert Parry.

Murdered Honduran environmentalist on army hit list

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US-Funded Honduran Army Unit Had Caceres on Hit List

22 June 2016

A U.S.-trained army’s hit list included Berta Caceres and other Honduran leaders and activists.

Months before her death, Caceres was already targeted by groups who saw her as a threat.