Dutch football club welcomes refugees

This video shows highlights of the Dutch football cup final 2015, won by FC Groningen 2-PEC Zwolle 0.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that Groningen football club has invited 800 refugees in the Bellingwolde and Onnen camps to its Dutch soccer cup match against FC Twente, on Wednesday 23 September.

Buses will take the refugees to the Groningen stadium where they will get a meal as well.

A much-needed change after getting food thrown at them like at pigs by Hungarian police, for the refugees

FACEBOOK, GOOGLE MAPS KEEPING MIGRANTS OUT OF TRAFFICKERS’ HANDS “In the past, people in these situations had no choice but to put their money and faith in the hands of traffickers who are known to jack up prices and force passengers to pay in human organs if they can’t come up with the cash, Business Insider reported. But now that they have access to smartphones, they can pretty much bypass traffickers and make the trek to Europe safely, on their own.” [HuffPost]

New nature reserve near Dutch Groningen city

This 12 June 2015 Dutch regional TV video is about a new nature reserve, Kardinge; meadowland just east of Groningen City.

Conservation organisation Natuurmonumenten wrote about this, on 11 June 2015:

Hartog [of Natuurmonumenten] will, together with farmer Hendrik Jan Elzinga, make the area better, particularly for grassland birds. “We would like to raise the water level so that the soil wildlife will increase. That is good for many species of birds, such as black-tailed godwits, curlews, lapwings and oystercatchers. And we want maybe in the future to make the banks of the ditches more environmentally friendly, by flattening them. Visitors to the area will soon have a more varied landscape experience.”

Grey heron eats eel, video

In this video, a grey heron manages, with some difficulty, to eat an eel.

Jacques Westerveen made this video in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Three rare broad-billed sandpipers in Dutch nature reserve

Broad-billed sandpiper. Photo by Sreedev Puthur, at Chavakkad Beach, Kerala, India

Andre Boven reports about birds in the Breebaartpolder nature reserve in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

Today, he saw three adult broad-billed sandpipers. This Eurasian Arctic bird species is rare in the Netherlands.

Dutch corncrake news

This is a video about a singing corncrake (with chiffchaff sound in the background).

Translated from the Dutch Sovon ornithologists:

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

To hear the raspy sound of the mysterious corncrake, this spring you had to go primarily to Groningen province. Nearly three-quarters of the birds counted are in this province, especially in the vast grain and alfalfa fields of the Oldambt region. This is evident from the special census Sovon has been organizing since 2000.

Seal pups live on webcam

This video from the USA says about itself:

A harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) mother giving birth to a pup and their first swim. Footage was taken at a harbor seal rookery in southern Puget Sound, Washington during observations in 2004 under NMFS MMPA research permit # 782-1702. Video by Dyanna Lambourn, edited by Caitlin McIntyre, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Dutch conservation organisation Het Groninger Landschap reports today about harbour seals living in the Dollard estuary.

At the moment, there are about fifty seal mothers with pups there. You can see them full screen on a webcam, here.

Cuckoo calling, video

This video shows a cuckoo calling in Kardinge nature reserve in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

Maria Woortman made this video, hiding behind trees from her shy subject.