White storks, roe deer and redstart

This video is called Redstart Female on The Isles of Scilly.

Yesterday, 18 August 2017 from the train just before Zwolle, two white storks in a meadow.

Later, in Drenthe province, three white storks.

As we arrived in Losdorp in Groningen province, green-veined butterflies in the garden. A roe deer passed.

This morning, great tits at the feeders. And a female redstart sitting on a garden chair.


Roe deer swimming

This 4 August 2017 is about a male roe deer swimming. A bit later, the deer landed and disappeared into bushes.

Marja Sjouw made this video near Groningen city in the Netherlands.

Young pallid harriers doing well

Four young pallid harriers

This 25 July 2017 photo from Groningen province in the Netherlands is by Thijs Glastra. It shows four young female pallid harriers. They fledged recently from the first west European nest ever of these rare eastern European and Asian birds.

Now that they can fly, these young birds are preparing for their fall migration to Africa.

Buzzard in backyard

Buzzard, July 2017

This July 2017 photo shows a buzzard with a ring.

Crows had harassed this bird, which resulted in the buzzard colliding against a window in Losdorp village in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

After a long time of recovering from the impact, the buzzard flew away; like had happened a year ago with a nuthatch.

Rare pallid harrier, first nest in western Europe

This 14 July 2017 video is about a pallid harrier nest in Groningen province in the Netherlands. There are only about 10,000 couples worldwide of this globally near-threatened species; most of them in Asia.

In Europe, so far they only nested in Russia and Finland. So, this Groningen nest is a unique first. There were five chicks in the nest. Four of them, all female, survived and fledged. They have all been ringed.

This video is about measuring and weighing the young birds.

See also here.

This is special for the Netherlands, after the 2013 first ever Dutch shag nest and the 2016 first ever osprey nest.

A few pallid harriers had been seen in the Netherlands before, but not as breeding birds.

Eared grebes and their youngsters

This 6 June 2017 video shows an eared grebe couple, feeding their youngsters.

Maria Woortman made this video in Oostpolder – Zuidlaardermeer nature reserve in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

Cuckoo calls, video

In this 30 May 2017 video, a cuckoo calls.

Maria Woortman made this video from the Diependal hide in Drenthe province in the Netherlands.