Kingfisher cleans himself in Amsterdam, video

A day aftyer the young kingfishers have fledged, their father cleans his feathers, in a park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Bram made this video.

2015, good year for Dutch kingfishers: here.

Forty kingfisher nests, bats in Amsterdam

This video is about a kingfisher nest.

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. Even in this urban environment, animals live.

This morning, Amsterdam ecologist Anneke Blokker talked about these animals on Dutch radio.

She said about forty kingfisher couples nest in Amsterdam. This Internet page says thirty couples, but may be outdated.

According to Ms Blokker, there are at least eight bat species in Amsterdam; the most frequent species being the common pipistrelle. Maybe there are more species, including the soprano pipistrelle.

Young long-eared owl in tree, video

This video shows a young long-eared owl in a tree in an allotment complex in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

George VanLente made the video.

Hundreds of great cormorants in Amsterdam, video

This video shows an unusually big flock of great cormorants.

Jenny Aukema made this video in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 10 June 2015, from the Schellingwoude bridge.