Diatoms, microscope video

This 8 July 2016 microscope video shows diatoms from a ditch in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Rolf Vossen made the video.

Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dutch Amsterdam

Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dutch Amsterdam, photo Anna Pruis/NOS

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Several hundred protesters have gathered this afternoon for a Black Lives Matter protest on the Dam in Amsterdam. The group protested against police violence. The immediate cause of the demonstration was, according to initiator Anna, the continuing police brutality against African Americans in the United States. The protest was peaceful.

The initiator of the protest emphasized on Facebook that it was a peaceful protest, which was conducted in silence. With texts on signs and their clothing the demonstrators wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the violence in the US. They carried signs saying “Don’t shoot” and pictures of victims of police violence.

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Young wreathed hornbill bird born, video

This video from Artis zoo in Amsterdam in the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

May 10, 2016

For the first time in twenty years a wreathed hornbill (Rhyticeros undulatus) egg has hatched in the zoo. In 1996 a chick hatched for the last time. Wreathed hornbills make a nest in a special way. The couple builds a nest in a hollow tree where the female is completely immured [for protection against predators] with only a small hole to the outside world. The male during breeding feeds the female through this hole.

If there’s a chick, the male’s task of bringing food doubles. After more than three months the chick and mother together will break out of the nest. It therefore takes a while before the chick will be flying in the Birdhouse in Artis. Until then the public from Friday, May 13th, on will be able to follow the progress of the young wreathed hornbill through a camera on a screen at the birds’ compound.

Singing starling imitates other birds, video

This video shows a starling imitating other birds in its song; including white-fronted goose and great spotted woodpecker.

Leen Pauwels made this video on an Amsterdam, the Netherlands balcony.

Dutch Pegida fuehrer arrested for nazi banner

German cartoon on Pegida

This cartoon from Germany shows the racist Pegida organisation as a nazi skinhead (aka ‘bonehead‘), with nazi SS and swastika tattoos and a baseball bat for attacking people. The Pegida nazi uses a female and a male sock puppet. The female sock puppet claims: ‘I don’t really hate foreigners, but …’. The male sock puppet claims: ‘I really am not a nazi, but …’.

Dutch NOS TV reports that during a demonstration in Amsterdam today by the originally German Islamophobic anti-refugee organisation Pegida, police have arrested the leader of the Dutch Pegida branch, Edwin Wagensveld. Police did that because Edwin Wagensveld carried a nazi swastika banner (illegal in the Netherlands) and refused to hide it from public sight.

Young giant anteater born in Amsterdam zoo

On 5 February 2016, a young giant anteater, shown in this video, was born in Artis zoo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This is the fifth baby giant anteater born in Artis since 2008. Artis plays a role in an international program to conserve this rare species. As it is still cold outside, the anteater mother and her young will stay inside for the time being.

On 16 February, a young vicuña was born in the same South American animals compound in Artis. The vicuña was born outside, as these mountain animals are more used to cold than anteaters are.