Bumblebee covered by sunflower pollen, video

This 28 August 2019 video shows a bumblebee covered by pollen on a sunflower.

Tjitske Wijzenbeek made this video in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Glasshouse leafhopper, new species in the Netherlands

Glasshouse leafhopper, photo by Weia Reinboud

Translated from Dutch Vroege Vogels radio, 19 July 2019:

It was discovered at the beginning of April this year: a new species of leafhopper (Cicadellidae) for the Netherlands. Maarten Reinboud from Amsterdam found the three-millimetre-small animal in his garden, just over 500 meters from Amsterdam Central Station.


After extensive research, it appears that this is the “Hauptidia maroccana“, a species that occurs up to the middle of France and in southern England. In England, this leafhopper is called: glasshouse leafhopper. The animal is mainly found there on tomato plants in greenhouses and on all kinds of garden plants. This leafhopper is therefore seen as a pest insect. …

There are currently 410 species of cicadas in our country and six of them are from outside Europe. Four of these belong to the leafhoppers (Cicadellidae), one to the Delphacidae and the sixth one is a treehopper (Membracidae).


Many leafhoppers are monophagous or oligophagous, which means that they are specialized in one plant species or one plant family respectively; they often prefer to die rather than eat from another plant. The Hauptidia maroccana is special because it is a polyphage species, so it likes all kinds of plants.

Kill LGBTQ people preacher unwelcome in Amsterdam

This 30 July 2018 BBC video from Britain says about itself:

The American Preacher Spreading Hate

Director Hannah Livingston spends six months tracking two of America’s most radical Christian hate groups – a notorious pastor from Arizona who has been banned from the UK and a network of preachers who take their extremist message directly to the streets.

This film shows how America’s constitutional right to free speech allows these groups to spread homophobia and Islamophobia in an increasingly polarised and divided political climate. Drawing on a literal interpretation of the Bible, the pastor opens new churches in America and influences people around the world by broadcasting his sermons over the internet.

On 24 April 2019, NOS TV reported that the majority of the Dutch parliament want the government to ban United States homophobic Baptist preacher Steven Anderson from coming to the Netherlands to preach in Amsterdam.

An MP of the right-wing VVD party tweeted, translated:

This dangerous ‘preacher’ thinks, eg, that gays should burn

According to Anderson, LGBT should mean Let God Burn Them.

He is also vehemently anti-abortion, anti-condoms and advocates killing ex-president Obama.

and that the bloody attack on a gay bar in Orlando was ‘good news’. …

GroenLinks MP Buitenweg tweets that while freedom of expression is an important right, the line is crossed when calling for hatred, violence and intimidation.

Dutch LGBTQ organisation COC calls on the State Secretary to deny Anderson access to our country as an unwanted alien. Anderson has previously been refused entry or has been deported by, eg, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Botswana and Jamaica.

“He calls for hatred. He wants governments to kill LGBT people and wants LGBT people to shoot themselves through the head“, said Philip Tijsma of COC Netherlands this morning in the NOS Radio 1 Journal.


The Center for Documentation and Information on Israel agrees with the COC call. According to Anderson, Jews lied about the Holocaust … . The CIDI points out that denying the Holocaust is punishable in the Netherlands.

Anderson intends to preach in Amsterdam on 23 May. He keeps the location a secret, as he does not want LGBTQ people to protest against him there.

Egyptian feminist against Islamophobia

Egyptian feminist Mona Eltahawy, EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Egyptian is a well-known feminist, who wrote several books about patriarchy, the rule of men, in the Islamic world. She is also a well-known critic of racism in the US, where she lives.

Eltahawy also played an important role on social media in the commotion surrounding the Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed who fled Saudi Arabia from her family. She was en route to Australia, but stranded in Thailand. Eltahawy, with more than 300,000 followers on Twitter, committed to her cause. …

Eltahawy explains that she is not only fighting against patriarchy, but that feminism is also about fighting other forms of intolerance such as white supremacy, racism, fascism and Islamophobia. “This is a time when hatred is growing in Europe, including the Netherlands. Two months ago a white extremist Islamophobic man slaughtered 51 Muslims. In the US we have a president who introduced a Muslim ban and continuously attacks one of the first Muslim women in the Congress.” She calls it dangerous times.