Chinese wine cups in Dutch Rijksmuseum

This 3 April 2020 video from Amsterdam in the Netherlands says about itself:

Like to drink in style? Curatorial assistant Denise Campbell shows us this amazing set of twelve Chinese wine cups in a new episode of #Rijksmuseumfromhome. 🏠 Each ‘month cup’ represents the flower of the month. Cheers! 🍷

Ancient ship model in Dutch Rijksmuseum

This 27 March 2020 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

In the third episode of our series #Rijksmuseumfromhome 🏠 our Ship Model Conservator Tirza Mol talks about all the secrets of the William Rex, our biggest ship model on display. And she shows us how she cleans the majestic vessel! ⚓️⛵️

This 2013 video shows how the William Rex was moved to its exhibition hall.

Japanese screens in Dutch Rijksmuseum

This 24 March 2020 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Our curators are working from home, now that the [Rijks]museum is temporarily closed. 🏠

In the second episode of #Rijksmuseumfromhome our Head of Asian Arts Menno Fitski is shining his light on two painted screens of Mount Fuji made by Yoshida Hiroshi. 🗻 🇯🇵

Peregrine falcons on Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

Peregrine falcon on Amsterdam, the Netherlands Rijksmuseum, photo by Rob Buiter

This photo by Rob Buiter shows a peregrine falcon on the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Recently, a peregrine couple showed they intended to nest on this building.

The museum welcomes the birds. They have put two nest boxes on the building.

Rijksmuseum, photo by Rob Buiter

On this photo by Rob Buiter, one of these nest boxes is under the clock on the left tower.

Iranian exiles demonstrate against Trump’s war

Iranian exile Roya Moayyed in Amsterdam

Translated from Amsterdam, the Netherlands local AT5 TV today:

Amsterdam Iranians afraid of escalation: ‘Two nights without sleep’

It is a nerve-racking week for Amsterdam Iranians. Since the liquidation of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani on 3 January and the subsequent airstrike on a US American basis, the tension between the two countries has risen to unprecedented levels. “I didn’t sleep for the first two nights.”

Tensions between Iran and the USA have been around for much longer, but since Soleimani died in the American rocket attack in Baghdad, the fear of an escalation has increased considerably. …

Moayyed finds America’s strategy thoughtless and irresponsible. “President Trump is really different from other presidents, such as Obama. Obama focused more on peace, Trump focuses on escalation. ”

Nikita Shahbazi agrees. ‘What he does is not predictable at all. He has been calculating completely wrongly. He makes premature decisions without consulting others. This also happened with the liquidation of Soleimani. It is a disaster for the region.” …

Both Moayyed and Shahbazi were present at the Spui [in Amsterdam] this afternoon at a demonstration against war on Iran. … According to the demonstrators, the Netherlands should also not support the USA , since further escalation in Iran must be prevented.