Amsterdam pro-climate students strike today

Amsterdam pro-climate demonstrators today

This photo shows pro-climate demonstrators, striking university and high school students, today on the Dam square, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Translated from Amsterdam local broadcaster AT5 today:

High school and university students rally at the Dam for a better climate

Hundreds of high school students and university students are protesting at Dam Square this afternoon for a better climate policy. Just like the high school students who were at the Malieveld in The Hague last week, they left school to demand attention for the climate.

The action is organized by the Dutch branch of Students for Climate. This organization has organized protests in many more countries around the world. They were also involved in the organization of the high school student protest on the Malieveld.

The students gathered at 12:00 on the Dam. After some speeches there they will march over the Rokin, the Vijzelgracht and the Weteringsschans to the Leidseplein.

Striking students on the Dam today, Hollandse Hoogte photo


Starling imitates trolley case

This 13 April 2018 video is about a starling near Amsterdam central station in the Netherlands. The bird imitates the sound of trolley cases rolling along on the pavement near the station.

Ingeborg Seelemann made this video.

Stop repression in Catalonia, Amsterdam demonstration 14 April

This video says about itself:

Police brutality on Catalonia independence referendum (01/10/2017)

Images of police repression today in Sant Iscle de Vallalta, a tiny 1200 people village close to Barcelona.

From Facebook, about a demonstration, Saturday 14 April, 2 pm at the Dam square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Stand up for democracy and human rights! Solidarity with the Catalans!

The Spanish repression of Catalans gets worse by the day. In the meantime, nine Catalan MPs and activists have already been arrested. Without ever using violence, they are accused of ‘violent revolt’. On the weekend of the demonstration, two leaders of the Catalan movement will have been jailed for no reason already for six months.

In recent months more than 1,500 people were injured by the Spanish authorities and the only crime was that they wanted to vote, 150 fascist attacks took place in Catalonia, 140 websites were taken off the Internet, police attacked journalists, critical rappers were sentenced to prison and committees in which local residents gather to defend their right of self-determination are being criminalized. Whether you are against or for independence, this undermining of democracy and human rights must stop!

Member states of the EU refuse to condemn the Spanish state and are cooperating in the extradition of political prisoners. Earlier, the EU also put democracy aside in Greece by pushing through its draconian austerity policy. From Barcelona to Athens and Amsterdam we speak out this weekend in solidarity with the Catalans.

Defend democracy and human rights!
Freedom for the Catalan political prisoners!
For the right of self-determination!

The extradition case of former Catalan Education Minister, Clara Ponsatí, comes to court today in Edinburgh, Scotland for a preliminary hearing: here.

Catalonia rocked by a week of strikes against austerity: here.

Wildlife in Amsterdam city, film review

This December 2017 video is the trailer of Dutch film De wilde stad.

The Internet Movie Data Basa says about it:

The city [Amsterdam] from the unique perspective of the many wild animals and plants that inhabit it. Seen through the eyes of the adventurous urban cat, Abatutu.

I went to see that film on 25 March 2018.

The movie shows, eg, red squirrels in parks. They can cross dangerous streets between parks by wildlife bridges. When the squirrels eat nuts, some nuts fall down from the trees. We then see how a wood mouse eats such nuts.

Many swifts nest in Amsterdam. Swift couples nest together for life. The film records how a male and a female swift meet again at the nest after migration from Africa, and warmly greet each other.

We also see young ring-necked parakeets at their nest in a hole in a tree.

And young Egyptian geese. And coots, building nests in the Amsterdam canals with twigs, plastic and flowers. And peregrine falcons nesting on high rise buildings.

And red swamp crayfish, invasive animals from North America.

Red foxes, rats and gulls profit from garbage. So do grey herons, which have a big colony in local Artis zoo.

There are many bees in Amsterdam, as there are more flowers now in the city than in ‘agribusiness’ countryside.