Dutch ex-Geert Wilders acolyte suspected of paedophilia

Ex-PVV politician Daniël van der Stoep

Translated from Telstar TV in Pijnacker, the Netherlands:

Politician from Pijnacker suspected of grooming underage girls

Wednesday 11 November 2015, 16:19

Pijnacker – The justice department suspects former MEP Daniël van der Stoep (35) from Pijnacker of attempts to induce underage girls into having sex with him. A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor confirmed this on Wednesday to the ANP news agency.

The politician, born and bred in Pijnacker, is said to have tried this with at least three girls by promising them gifts. Van der Stoep is said to have promised the girls, inter alia, money and cocaine and to have abused his status, so write national media. This happened in the years 2012 until the beginning of 2014. The alleged victims in the early attempts were only fifteen or sixteen years [or fourteen years] old. Van der Stoep has to appear in court on November 24.

Van der Stoep was from July 2009 to July 2014 for two periods in the European Parliament. First for the PVV [of Geert Wilders], where he gave up his seat after he caused a traffic accident under the influence of liquor, then from December 2011 on as an independent member.

While busy with his paedophile grooming, Daniël van der Stoep on Facebook hypocritically attacked his European Parliament (Green party) colleague Daniel Cohn-Bendit as a ‘piece of shit’ for paedophilia.

Buddhist clerical sexual abuse in the Netherlands, new hotline

Buddhist temple in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, photo: Michael de Smit / NOS

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Independent hotline for abused Buddhists

Today, 06:02

From today on there is an independent hotline for victims of sexual abuse within the Buddhist community. It was founded by the foundation managing the Reporting Child Pornography on the Internet site, which every year gets 30,000 messages.

One of the donors is the Thai Buddharama Temple in Waalwijk. Another one is the Buddhist Union, the contact for the government of the 50,000 to 65,000 Buddhists in the Netherlands.


According to director Arda Gerkens of the foundation’s new digital reporting center this is a response to the reports on sexual abuse among Buddhists. “First, we want to offer victims and their surroundings a place to tell their stories. On the basis of the reports that come, we will identify the nature and extent of the problem. If that is clear, then we have the experience and expertise to give good advice to those involved. The ultimate aim is of course to prevent further abuse as much as possible.”

Victims can make an appointment via the website or the telephone hotline to report abuse via a web form. Gerkens: “Then there are several possibilities. We can refer you to the right persons or authorities, but also provide information about reporting the crime to the police.”

According to Gerkens this is the first contact point worldwide for Buddhists who have suffered from abuse. There have also been in the USA and in Thailand many scandals involving Buddhist teachers and monks.


Last May the NOS published on sexual abuse in Buddhist circles. This involved, among others, the Thai monk Mettavihari who was guilty at the Waalwijk temple in the 70s and 80s of abuse of young male students. Several victims were minors. Also a man reported to the NOS about having been abused by Mettavihari in that period as a 12-year-old neighbour boy.

After the monk had been dismissed from the temple, he continued at least until 1995 elsewhere in the country harassing his students. Altogether now between twenty and thirty victims have reported in several places. There are still new cases emerging. Eg, Toine van Beek, president of the temple in Waalwijk, heard a report by a man who was at the time of the abuse 14 or 15.


After the news about the abuse by Mettavihari had come out, Van Beek apologized on behalf of the temple. Later he organized at the request of the victim involved a meeting in the temple, which was attended by five people.

The temple administration has several reasons to financially support the hotline, says Van Beek. “Probably there are still many people around who have been abused by Mettavihari or other Buddhist leaders. Those people need to be helped with the trauma they have suffered.”

See also here.

Dutch clerical sexual abuse survivors get compensation

Sculpture in Maastricht church, photo: ANP

This photo shows a sculpture about clerical sexual abuse in the Basilica of Our Lady, in Maastricht city in the Netherlands.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Damages for 250 unrecognized abuse victims of the Roman Catholic Church

Today, 00:12

The Roman Catholic Church recognizes a group of about 250 victims of sexual abuse whose complaints were rejected earlier. They will be given compensation.

These are people whose complaints originally were not upheld as there was no supporting evidence for their statements. Their complaints
were quite credible, but other victims of the suspects had not reported the abuse. Therefore there was insufficient evidence.

Compensation scheme

In June it was announced that there would be a compensation scheme for the group. 150 of them have meanwhile through revision, mediation or a settlement received compensation.

The remaining group of 100 victims will now receive compensation, which is between 1,000 and 17,500 euros. That will cost the church nearly a million.

The church has paid some 16 million euros to the victims. More than 1800 complaints had been submitted by January 1, 2015. Nearly 400 complaints still have to be dealt with.

English priest charged with making 3,100 child porn images

This video series says about itself:

Abuse of Trust

31 July 2009

Documentary about Catholic Clerical Child Abuse in Ireland. This documentary focuses on the Dublin Diocese and has interviews from survivors who describe their horrendous experiences of sexual abuse as children, Andrew Madden and Marie Collins. This also interviews the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Catholic priest Paul Clarke charged with making 3,100 indecent images of children

Police said there was no evidence of local children being involved

Lizzie Dearden

Thursday 8 October 2015 13:15 BST

A 71-year-old Roman Catholic priest has been charged with making 3,100 indecent images of children.

Father Paul Clarke, of Redclyffe Road in Urmston, but formerly of Rye in East Sussex, is due to appear at Brighton Magistrates Court today.

He has been charged with possessing an indecent image of a child, possessing prohibited images, and making a total of 3,100 indecent images of children.

Police searched his former residence at the presbytery of St Anthony of Padua church in Rye on 13 November last year, seizing computers and other alleged evidence.

The Rye News reported that Father Clarke resigned “suddenly” in February, having been at the church since 2009.

British bishop convicted for child abuse

This video from Britain says about itself:

Church Inquiry Into Bishop Peter Ball Abuse Cover Up

The Church of England has announced an independent inquiry into allegations of a cover up of sexual abuse in the church, looking at whether the behaviour of a former Bishop of Gloucester, Peter Ball, was overlooked because of his connections within the church and the establishment.

Originally broadcast on the BBC on October 5th, 2015.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Years in prison for Anglican bishop because of abuse

Today, 16:53

A former bishop of the Anglican Church in Britain has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for abuse of boys and young men. The 83-year-old Peter Ball has admitted that he abused eighteen victims in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

The judge said the bishop abused his position. His victims have stated that he was sadistic and mentally abused them as well. One of the victims committed suicide.


In 1993 already a 16-year-old victim went to the police. During the investigation that followed, Ball was supported by parliamentarians, ministers and a member of the royal family, reports The Guardian. Ball eventually got only a warning and he resigned.

In 2012 the police started a new investigation. Ball first tried to evade persecution by saying that his health was too ill to stand trial. The judge did not agree with that. Last month the former bishop admitted the abuse.

Prince Charles denies using influence to protect bishop from sex crimes prosecution. Unnamed member of the Royal Family sent a letter of support for Peter Ball as prosecutors considered putting him on trial: here.

The inertia plaguing historic child sexual abuse investigations of Establishment figures does not bode well for any final resolution, writes Steven Walker: here.