Wolf in the Netherlands, video

This 23 February 2018 video by Vera Schouten shows a wolf near Putten village in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

Wolves were exterminated in the Netherlands in the 19th century. But recently, some of them come back from Germany.


Wolf attacks ravens, video

This video from Sweden is about a wolf attacking ravens.

Book on wolves wins prize

This video is called Wolves In The Wild.

Today, the winner of the Jan Wolkers Prize for the best Dutch wildlife book of the year was announced. The jury decided that the winner was De kinderen van de nacht (The children of the night), by Dik van der Meulen.

The subject of the book is the relationship between wolves and humans, from prehistory to today.

Wolves in the Netherlands: here.

Wolves hunt bison, video

This video, recorded in northern Canada, says about itself:

Pack Of Wolves Hunt a BisonFrozen PlanetBBC Earth

30 August 2017

The largest wolves on earth hunt down North America’s largest land animal.

Eight bison — four calves and their mothers — were released in mid-March on public lands in northern Colorado. A 10-month-old calf known as IVF 1 was among the newcomers: here.

Wolves hunt hare, video

This video says about itself:

Wolf Pack Hunts A Hare – The Hunt – BBC Earth

28 June 2017

A diet of leverets will not be enough to sustain a growing pup or feed an entire wolf pack, so bigger prey is needed. The problem is bigger prey like the hare are incredibly agile and can run up to speeds of 60 km per hour. If this wolf pack are not going to go hungry, they will need to hunt as a unit.

Wolf killed by car in the Netherlands

This video shows a wolf in Groningen province in the Netherlands in 2015.

Translated from RTV Noord in Groningen province in the Netherlands today:

This Friday morning a dead wolf was brought to Fauna Vision Foundation Wildcare in Westernieland.

Pim Lollinga of the rehab centre: “It is a male of more than fifty kilos, a huge animal. The animal was killed on the A28 motorway between Hoogeveen and Meppel [in Drenthe province]. …

The wolf has been transferred for investigation to the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre (DWHC), which is affiliated with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Utrecht. Lollinga: “They will create a DNA profile of the wolf. Subsequently, it will be checked whether he matches with a wild population in Germany.”

Wolves are at present not a resident species in the Netherlands. After hunters exterminated them in the nineteenth century, recently rarely vagrant wolves arrive from Germany.