German Pegida Hitler copycat falsely accuses refugee of murder

The image of Lutz Bachmann styled as Adolf Hitler was published by the Dresden Morgenpost after a reader spotted it on Facebook

This image of Lutz Bachmann, fuehrer of the racist Pegida organisation in Germany, who had styled himself as Adolf Hitler, was published by the Dresden Morgenpost.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Police investigates possibly hatemongering tweets by Pegida founder

The German police are investigating whether Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann is guilty of hate speech when he falsely accused a man of murdering a 14-year-old girl on Twitter. Last Wednesday, the girl was killed in her home in Berlin by knife stabbing.

Extreme right-wing groups reacted furiously to her death on social media. According to them, the authorities covered up the identity of the perpetrator, because it supposedly was an immigrant. Members of the right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland

Dear NOS: Once again, neo-fascist organisations like the AfD are not ‘populist’. They are racist.

, the largest opposition party of parliament, also shared these messages on Twitter and Facebook.

Bachmann actively participated in spreading the accusations. He wrote on Twitter that a Chechen man, whom he called an “ex-refugee and the beast of the Caucasus”, was the perpetrator. He also placed two photos with a link to the personal Facebook page of the Chechen.

The man turned out to have nothing to do with the murder. The German police arrested a 15-year-old classmate of the girl on suspicion of the murder. …

The Pegida founder is controversial in Germany. For example, he has been convicted several times for burglaries, violence and drug possession. He is now suspected of hate speech, for which he was also condemned in 2016 after he had abused refugees on social media. He then had to pay a fine of 9600 euros.


Islamophobic violence in Germany

This video from Germany says about itself:

Germany: Berlin mosque set ablaze in alleged arson attack

11 March 2018

People gathered outside the burnt out DITIB [Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs] Koca Sinan Camii mosque in northern Berlin on Sunday morning, after a fire broke out at the venue earlier that day.

Berlin’s Interior Senator Andreas Geisel visited the scene. Standing outside the mosque he said, “I can only call on people to live with each other peacefully, here in Berlin.”

Chair of the Alliance for Innovation and Justice Haluk Yildiz maintained that this was an act of terror, rather than an arson attack. He said, “This is a terror attack on the largest Turkish community in Europe.”

Yildiz went on to criticise German politicians for not visiting the site of the fire. He said: “I’d also wished that the CDU leader, the SPD leader, all those so-called democrats were here, so that they can also say that they distance themselves from this. It’s not enough that just the Interior Senator is here.”

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 11 March 2018:

Turkish mosques and clubhouses set on fire in Germany

In several places in Germany the past few days there has been arson of Turkish buildings, including mosques. …

In Berlin, a mosque and an association building of the same mosque were set on fire. The police assume it was an attack with a political background.

There were also fire attacks in Sauerland and in the town of Itzehoe north of Hamburg. In Sauerland three Molotov cocktails were thrown at a home and in Itzehoe a window of a mosque was smashed and fire set at a Turkish greengrocer’s shop. A passerby warned the residents in the building above the store that there was a fire ….

On Friday there had already been arson in a mosque in Baden-Württemberg. The chairman of the representative organization Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland called this a terrorist attack. The police deal with that case as attempted murder and is looking for five suspects.

More German, French neocolonial wars

This video says about itself:

Germany sends second batch of Afghan refugees to Kabul

24 January 2017

Deported after years of living in Germany, 26 young Afghans arrived in Kabul with only one thought in mind: fleeing this war-torn country.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

Germany: Grand coalition expands foreign operations in Afghanistan and Iraq

8 March 2018

The incoming grand coalition government is preparing a massive expansion of Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan. No sooner had the membership of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) voted for the continuation of the government alliance with the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) than the expansion plans were announced.

On Wednesday the caretaker government decided to increase the previous upper troop limit in Afghanistan by about one-third, and send up to 1,300 soldiers to the central Asian country in future. According to reports, the Bundestag (parliament) should agree to this by the end of March.

By Francis Dubois in France:

After Burkina Faso bombing, France pledges to step up war in Sahel

8 March 2018 …

GSIM [Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims] was created by a merger in March 2017 between several Islamist movements including Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Ansar Dine and Al Mourabitoun, which were able to spread across the Sahel region after NATO backed Islamist militias in its 2011 war in Libya to topple Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. This war devastated the oil-rich country and divided it into zones dominated by rival warlords in shifting alliances with on various imperialist powers. Its consequences went on to destabilize the entire Sahel.

Libya now has become an internment zone for countless thousands of refugees who are locked up in European Union-sponsored camps in horrific conditions, tortured or even sold as slaves.

Macron’s reaction makes quite clear that Paris is preparing a new intensification of the war it has been waging across its former colonial empire with conditional assistance from Washington. This region, whose surface is as large as Europe’s, is rich in mineral and energy resources that Paris and the EU consider to be essential to the profits of European transnational corporations. This war policy led to street protests against Macron’s visit in Ouagadougou on November 27, the day before the Abidjan summit announced an intensification of France’s war in the region.

Like the other European powers, Paris sees the militarization of the Sahel was an important way to stop the flood of refugees who want to cross the Mediterranean. In January, the German parliament voted to increase from 350 to 1,000 the number of German soldiers deployed to the region, making Mali the largest foreign deployment of the German army.


German extreme right terrorists convicted

This video says about itself:

7 March 2018

A court in Germany has found 8 people guilty of being members of a right-wing terror organization. The verdict was handed down Wednesday after a yearlong trial of members of the so-called “Freital Group”. The ringleader was sentenced to ten years, the others are also serving prison terms, the shortest being four years. The terror cell was founded in eastern Germany and has been accused of firebombing two refugee homes and an office and car belonging to the left-wing, pro immigration Die Linke party. The aim of the attacks was to “generate a climate of fear and repression”. More than one million asylum seekers and refugees arrived in Germany in 2015 alone, many of them fleeing war in Syria.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

German terrorist group convicted of attacks on asylum seekers and politicians

Today, 4:30 PM

Members of the German right-wing extremist ‘Gruppe Freital’ have been sentenced to long prison terms for a series of attacks on asylum seekers and political targets. The seven men and a woman have received sentences ranging from four to ten years, including for forming a terrorist association and attempted murder.

The convicts are responsible for five attacks, in Freital and nearby Dresden. The targets were two residences where asylum seekers lived, a car of a left-wing politician, a party bureau of the Left party and a left-wing residential group. Two people were wounded.

The members (aged between 20 and 40) met each other in 2015 at demonstrations against the arrival of asylum seekers. The region around Dresden, where Freital is close by, was at that time a center of resistance against Chancellor Merkel and her asylum policy. The group is said to have wanted to silence dissenters and would like asylum seekers to leave the country by creating a “climate of fear”.

In addition, according to the justice department, they took killing people for granted. “It is very good luck that no people have been killed by the actions of the group.”

There was a lot of criticism of the police and the judiciary in this case. Particularly because the police quickly found out about the group, but the justice department did not seem to see the seriousness of the case. The case is said to have been neglected for too long. And when the justice department did decide to prosecute the group, it was not for terrorism, but for lesser offenses. The federal public prosecutor, who deals with terror cases, then took over the case.

The justice department is still investigating ten other suspects, among them allegedly three partners of the individuals now sentenced and a politician of the extreme right NPD party.

He didn’t know it yet, but the bombing was the first attack of a small group of local thugs and Nazi sympathizers known as the Freital Group. According to prosecutors, what started out as a loose association of far-right activists, football hooligans, and hate-filled anti-migrant Facebook groups soon spawned a terror organization. Its goal was clear: to drive out the few hundred refugees who’d recently settled in town, many of them fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, at any cost: here.


German racist knife attack on war refugees

This video from Germany says about itself:

“There is no proper housing, no good life,” a Syrian refugee named Farouk told VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson in Berlin. “There is no good food, no work. Some people have to wait for a year to start learning German. People say it’s our fault, no.”

… “Our rooms are very cramped,” aid. “No money, nothing that Farouk swe can build a life with. There is nothing that gives us hope for tomorrow.”

This segment originally aired Nov. 14, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

German man attacks three immigrants with knife ‘because he was angry about Merkel’s refugee policy

Afghan teenager seriously wounded in the city of Heilbronn

Jon Sharman

Tuesday 20 February 2018

A drunk pensioner attacked and wounded three migrants with a knife because he was angry about the German government’s refugee policy, officials believe.

Prosecutors in southwest Germany said the 70-year-old man wanted to send a message with the assault over the weekend.

The man, who has German and Russian citizenship, seriously wounded a 17-year-old Afghan in the attack near a church in the city of Heilbronn.

A 25-year-old Iraqi and a 19-year-old Syrian were also lightly injured.

German and Russian citizenship? That looks like the perpetrator is himself an immigrant from Russia. There are more examples of people who used to belong to vulnerable groups, who after becoming less vulnerable ‘pull up the ladder‘ against still vulnerable people. However, most of these do not go as far as this violent crime against refugees from the bloody Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian wars.

Bettina Joerg, spokeswoman for Heilbronn prosecutors, said that the suspect was drunk and wanted to send a signal “about the current refugee policy.”

Germany has seen a rise in anti-migrant violence following the arrival of more than a million refugees in recent years. …

“I am deeply troubled by this revolting crime and my thoughts are with the victims”, Heilbronn’s mayor, Harry Mergel said. I hope they won’t suffer lasting consequences.

“I call on people to treat refugees with humanity and be prepared to help them.”

The attacker has been released from custody following the assault outside St Kilian‘s Church, the site said.

Dear Ms Bettina Joerg, spokeswoman for Heilbronn prosecutors: let us suppose the perpetrator would not have German and Russian nationality, but citizenship from a mostly Muslim country. And that his three victims would not have been refugees from the Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi wars, but ‘ethnic Germans’. And suppose that he would not have said anti-refugee things, but ‘Allahu akbar!‘ And that everything else would have been the same. In that case, Ms Joerg, would the knifeman have been released from custody as well?


Destroy Holocaust monuments, German AfD neonazi says

Stolperstein monuments in Berlin, AFP photo

This photo shows Stolperstein Holocaust monuments in Berlin, Germany. The one at the right commemorates Jewish woman Ruth Hirsch, who used to live there. She was born in 1919. From 1940-1943, she was a forced labourer at Siemens and IG Farben corporations. In 1943, she was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp; where she was murdered.

Björn Hocke, a prominent politician of the German extreme right AfD party, has spoken out against Holocaust monuments and commemorations.

Translated from the German Tagesschau TV show today:

Outraged, the International Auschwitz Committee reacted to the demand of an AfD politician to end the stumbling block [Stolperstein] campaign in memory of Nazi victims. This was an attack on the basic democratic consensus.

Since 1992, stumbling blocks have been put as a reminder of those persecuted by the Nazi regime. More than 60,000 of the gold plaques are now present in more than 20 European countries.

Attack on democratic basic consensus

After the AfD politician Wolfgang Gedeon had demanded the abolition of this “forced culture of remembrance”, the International Auschwitz Committee reacted outragedly: “The AfD fights ever more brutally and unscrupulously what the survivors of Auschwitz as contemporary witnesses have reached in German society”, said the vice-chairman of the committee, Christoph Heubner. The statement is an attempt to push the survivors and their memories out of society.

The criticism by the International Auschwitz Committee explicitly does not only refer to Gedeon: rather, the AfD “consciously destroys the fundamental democratic consensus that is repeatedly invoked in German society after dealing with the murderous Nazi system as the common property of the Republic.” Heubner warned the society to “this time stop [anti-Semitism] at the beginning”.

Gedeon is an AfD member of the state parliament in Baden-Württemberg. He already had a reputation as an anti-Semite before this scandal.

German anti-AfD sticker

AfD getting closer to NPD open neonazis: here.


YouTube censors German anti-fascist video

This 3 February 2018 German video by Analyse der Politik (Political Analysis) is called Aktuell: #120db: Das “Politikum”, was der AfD aber auch den Altparteien nutzen soll – Lobbyismus.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

YouTube censors video opposing far-right Alternative for Germany

10 February 2018

One week ago, YouTube blocked a video opposing the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The anti-AfD video by the left-wing, socialist channel “Political Analysis” remained blocked for a number of hours. The video shows how right-wing groups exploited the murder of a young German girl by an Afghani youth at the end of last year to whip up a pogrom-type sentiment against refugees. The video ends with the words: “For over two years you have been agitating against refugees day and night, as if there was nothing else going on. This is as miserable as the political consensus today…”

The video was evidently censored following appeals by far-right circles to YouTube. In a message, the editor of the channel, Andreas Niess, told his audience: “YouTube sent me its stupid STANDARD message, so much for community rules. They did not even check the video, but blocked it. Just because the right-wing trolls have fun reporting my videos in response to their content. YouTube has become an anti-social platform where racists and fascists spread their trash every day.”

Niess told the World Socialist Web Site that right-wing activists had declared they would report his videos to YouTube shortly before the suspension came into effect. Niess could not confirm that the recently passed Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) was used to censor his video. “But it could be that it played a role.” Typically, there was “no information” about who or what was behind the decision. The blocking of the video was justified under the rubric “bullying and stalking” and originally was due “to run for three months.”

The fact that YouTube has censored a channel that sharply attacks the witch-hunts of right-wing extremists confirms the warnings made by the World Socialist Web Site. Under the pretext of combating “fake news”, “hate speech” or “bullying and stalking” on the Internet, it is mainly leftist and socialist anti-war websites which are being suppressed. Since the end of April, Google (the parent company of YouTube), in close coordination with German government circles, has been censoring leftist and progressive websites, including the World Socialist Web Site.

The ruling class is pursuing the same goal with its NetzDG law, which was drafted by Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (Social Democratic Party, SPD) and passed by the grand coalition government. It has been in force since January 1. In recent weeks, left-wing sites and material have been repeatedly censored, including Twitter messages from the satirical magazine Titanic directed against the AfD, and anti-fascist posts by the well-known Berlin street artist Barbara.

“Political Analysis” is a YouTube channel with over 7,000 subscribers that campaigns against war and in favour of socialism. The current logo of the channel is a graphic with the inscription “No war on Syria.” The top of the page shows the three last presidents of the United States, George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, each labeled with the words “war” and “world war.” It also states: “There is a worldwide crisis of capitalism. Cause: Capitalism. Solution: Socialist Revolution. Duty: Independent working class. Duty: Fall of capitalism.”

“Political Analysis” regularly posts articles from the World Socialist Web Site and provides information about its activities. In recent days, there have been links to WSWS articles on the growing strike wave in Germany and the appeal by the Socialist Equality Party (SGP) “For the expansion of the strike and new elections.” In mid-January, Andreas Niess also promoted the webinar on internet censorship, featuring journalist Chris Hedges and WSWS Chairman David North.

Against a background of growing popular resistance to war and austerity, the ruling class is desperately trying to suppress political views that reject the official political line of the government, military, and intelligence services. The next federal government has already announced it will intensify censorship of the internet.

The SPD and CDU/CSU expressly support the NetztDG in their draft program for a new edition of a grand coalition. The document describes the law as a “real and important step in combating hate crime and criminal social media.” It is already clear that the law will increasingly be used to censure left-wing and socialist content on the internet. The NetzDG falls under the jurisdiction of the legal committee of the Bundestag, which—with the support of all the parliamentary parties—is headed by a member of the AfD.

These dangerous developments underline the importance of the appeal by the WSWS for an international coalition against internet censorship. Opposition must be mobilised against the alliance of the political establishment, multibillion-dollar internet corporations and extreme right-wing circles that is determined to abolish the right to freedom of expression on the internet and erect a capitalist police state in the 21st century.

USA: YouTube Won’t Ban Neo-Nazi Group Linked To Blaze Bernstein’s Murder: here.