Martins in the sand

This video is about sand martins in Cornwall, Britain.

Image 1 sand martin Photo: Angel Cano

The first national survey of sand martins in Estonia was organized by the Estonian Ornithological Society in the summer of 2017. The study aimed to estimate the size of the breeding population, map their distribution and sample the breeding success in different types of colonies. In 2018 the project will introduce for the first time in the country management measures for sand martins in mineral extraction sites.

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Cornwall November birds, two hours video

This video from Britain says about itself:

27 November 2017

Videos for Cats to Watch – November Birds Extravaganza

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Coal tit, nuthatch and others.

Summer birds in Cornwall

This video from Britain says about itself:

Videos for Cats to Watch: Birds on A Summer Evening

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall. Filmed in 2017

Includes robin, coal tit, blue tit, dunnock and others.

Robin wishes Merry Christmas, video

This video from Britain says about itself:

Christmas Carols, Music and Birdsong 🎄 Featuring Robin Red Breast

9 November 2017

Christmas Carols and Bird Song 🎄 One hour of traditional instrumental Christmas songs and carols accompanied by the sound of gentle bird song. The bird in the video is the European robin. If you’re ever in Britain around Christmas time, you’ll find pictures of robin red breasts adorning Christmas cards, ornaments, stamps, chocolate boxes, shop windows and Christmas wrapping paper.


It’s all inspired by the robins who used to deliver the Christmas cards in 19th century Britain.

In the 1800s, British postmen wore bright red uniforms. They wore red in honor of the crown since red is considered both a Royal color and an important color on the English flag. (Incidentally, this may also be one of the reasons why British post boxes were eventually standardized to be red). The postmen in their red-breasted coats resembled the much-loved British bird, the robin red-breast, earning Victorian postmen the nick-name: Robins.

Around Christmas time, people would eagerly await the Robins’ delivery of Christmas cards from near and far. Some greeting card artists were inspired by this to illustrate their cards with the joyous delivery of letters, and instead of drawing a postman, one artist decided to draw the Robins’ namesake, the robin birds, delivering letters in their little beaks. The trend caught on and survives to this day despite the fact that the postmen’s red coat uniforms and the postmen’s Robin nickname have long been retired to the history books.

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Birds in Cornwall, one hour video

This video from Britain says about itself:

One Hour of Relaxing Bird Sounds and Video – Woodland Birds

1 November 2017

A very relaxing video featuring beautiful woodland birds and bird sounds. The birds in the video are robin, blue tit, nuthatch, coal tit, great tit and dunnock.

Video produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall.