British historian banned in Ukraine for mentioning anti-Semitic massacre

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Savchenko called Jews … in Ukrainejudes” on air – English subtitles

29 March 2017

Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko said that she doesn’t identify herself as antisemite, however she doesn’t like “judes”. Savchenko told that on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel on March 25 during her interview with Dmitry Gordon.

Right-wing Ms Savchenko used to participate in the war in eastern Ukraine as a member of the neofascist Aidar batallion. She names as her heroes Chilean dictator Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Ukraine prohibits book by prominent British historian Antony Beevor

Today, 13:41

The British writer and historian Antony Beevor has reacted indignantly to a ban on one of his books in Ukraine. The country has blacklisted the Russian translation of his world-famous book on the Battle of Stalingrad, because it contains a passage about a Ukrainian [nationalist allies of nazi Germany] crime during the Second World War. 30,000 books have been banned from entering the country.

According to the director of the Ukrainian authority on the media, the book is banned because Beevor tells how a Ukrainian militia killed ninety Jewish children. “That’s a provocation,” said director Oliyinyk against Radio Free Europe.

According to Oliyinyk, people have never been convicted for that act of war. “When we looked at his sources, we discovered that he had used the Ministry of the Interior of the Soviet Union as a source.” This was reason enough for the regulator to submit the book to a panel of experts, which confirmed the legality of the ban. “We are very pleased with that”, says the director.

In 2016, Ukraine adopted a law restricting the import of books from Russia if they contain ‘anti-Ukrainian’ texts. A team of ‘experts’ assesses which books may and may not be imported.

The historian himself denies to the radio station that he used Soviet sources for his book. He states that the source was a book by the highly respected German anti-Nazi officer Helmuth Groscurth. “He wrote to his wife at that time about this crime, so shocked was he about what he had seen”, says Beevor, who demands apologies from Oliyinyk.

The writer still wants his book to be on Ukrainian shelves.

“It’s utterly outrageous that this is happening. … This ban is pretty depressing from the point of view of Ukraine itself – they want to show themselves as being so much more democratic than Russians to the north and then they’re doing this”, he told The Guardian



British Conservatives, Macron plan more wars in Africa

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‘Sh*t Show’: Obama blames Cameron & Sarkozy for ‘mess’ in post-Gaddafi Libya

11 March 2016

US President Barack Obama has blamed UK Prime Minister David Cameron and other European leaders for the current chaos in Libya, saying he had ‘more faith’ in them being invested in the follow-up, given Libya’s proximity.

Meanwhile, Trump has replaced Obama, Theresa May has replaced fellow Conservative Cameron, and in France Macron has replaced fellow right-winger Sarkozy.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Anglo-French summit plans new imperialist wars in Africa

YESTERDAY, PM Theresa May met with French President Macron in a UK-France Summit that was, however, no ordinary summit.

Firstly, it took place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, an unusual place to hold a summit. Secondly, as the ‘2018 United Kingdom-France Summit Communique’, published by Downing Street confirms, ‘In advance of the Summit, and to deepen our strong ongoing cooperation, the heads of the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, the Security Service, and the Government Communications Headquarters met with the French counterparts, the heads of the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure and the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure.’

As the Communique points out: ‘This was the first time in our history that these five intelligence chiefs have all been brought together in a single meeting.’ The summit was also attended by British cabinet ministers and their French counterparts.

This meeting was not only about the UK and France signing ‘the first joint treaty on the Calais border in 15 years’, as billed. It is true that at the summit May committed to hand the French £44.5m for the ‘Le Touquet’ border agreement in Calais to ‘support the reinforcement of security measures in and around the ports of Calais, Dunkirk, Ouistreham and Le Havre, Eurotunnel premises.’

And it is also true that construction work is well underway of a UK-funded £22m, 13ft high, three quarters of a mile long concrete wall dubbed the ‘Great Wall of Calais’, in an attempt to stop refugees and asylum seekers climbing into the back of trucks heading for Britain.

But what was made clear at this extraordinary summit was that the rulers of France and Britain are under no illusions that a wall, no matter how tall and no matter how long, will stop refugees and asylum seekers trying to cross the channel. What this summit was about was stopping ‘the migration problem at source’.

The Communique spells it out in black and white: ‘Upstream in the migration route, we will seek to support and empower host governments and communities to work across borders and address migration across the entire route through joint work in countries of origin and transit in regions such as North, East and West Africa.’

So the cat is truly out of the bag. This summit was to plan new imperialist military interventions in Africa, to stop the ‘migration problem upstream’. For this, Britain has pledged immediate support for France’s imperialist occupation of Mali. The Communique states: ‘Therefore, following French requests for additional support for Operation BARKHANE, the United Kingdom has decided to deploy three CH-47 Chinook heavy lift helicopters to Mali to provide logistical support to the French operation.’

In return for the UK joining France’s imperialist adventure in Mali, France will join the UK-led battlegroup in Estonia. However, this is just for starters. A ‘Combined Joint Expeditionary Force’ is to be assembled. It is to have ‘A programme of work that will deliver a force that could number over 10,000 with Full Operating Capability in crisis management operation involving early entry in a potentially hostile territory by 2020.’

The Communique adds: ‘The United Kingdom and France commit to working together to bring greater peace, stability, resilience and security in the Sahel and southern Libya, north-eastern Nigeria and the Lake Chad basin; to continuing to support the international community’s efforts in the Horn of Africa.’

The UK, French and US imperialists used this approach to totally destroy Libya in 2011, bombing the infrastructure, arming terrorist groups, murdering the Libyan leader Gadaffi and allowing rival Islamic gangs and militias to ransack the country, opening the door to the mass fleeing of refugees and asylum seekers that we see today.

The UK rulers are now once again partnering with the French imperialists to launch a new assault on North Africa to attempt to occupy, plunder and control it, and prevent a flood of people leaving for a better life.

This is how the French and British imperialists intend to deal with the ‘migration problem’ at source or ‘upstream’, as they put it, in North Africa. This drive to new wars comes out of the desperate crisis of imperialism. It will be answered by the revolutionary mass movement of the workers of North and South Africa and Europe. It will put an end to imperialism with socialist revolutions and go forward to socialism!

They agreed on a series of reactionary measures, including stepped-up military spending, joint spying operations, and attacks on immigrants trying to reach Britain from the French port of Calais. They pledged to intensify cooperation on nuclear weapons programmes, aircraft carriers, and naval deployments to the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Caribbean sea. Also agreed were provisions for draconian Internet censorship: here.

Refugee loses both his legs attempting to cross to UK amid ‘increasingly desperate’ situation in northern France. Exclusive: Aram Sabah Xalid, known by many as Alan, was hit by a train near Dunkirk: here.

THE UK government ‘needs to pay much more attention to establishing safe and regular routes for people to reach safety and their loved ones in the UK,’ said the Refugee Council: here.

The Trump administration’s defense secretary, former Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, rolled out a new National Defense Strategy Friday that signals open preparations by US imperialism for direct military confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia and China: here.

Saudi monarchy killing Yemeni children

This video says about itself:

Yemen’s Crisis is Far Worse Than We’re Told

19 January 2018

UNICEF says the war in Yemen is killing or wounding five children every single day. But Shireen Al-Adeimi says the figure drastically under-counts the real toll of the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed bombing and blockade.

Trump starting war to disorient United States opposition?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Will President Donald Trump Start, or Allow War, so he can hold Political Power?

17 January 2018

Trump sees his political power in danger, he thinks that the 2018 election could cost his party dearly. He also sees a way out.
According to the Washington Post, Trump thinks that if terrorists attack, he’ll be able to ride the re-election wave. Is Trump more concerned about political power than democracy?

French Macron’s xenophobic plans

This video says about itself:

Court rules against Macron’s effort to deny refugees water

1 August 2017

Refugees in France must now be provided with water, following a court ruling which called it a “fundamental freedom”. The ruling comes on the heels of yet another damning report from a top NGO which has accused French police of routine brutality toward asylum-seekers. Ramin Mazaheri has more from Paris.

By Athiyan Silva in France:

Macron prepares draconian new French anti-immigrant law

19 January 2018

Last week, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that his government will present a final bill on refugees and immigrants in the Council of Ministers in February. The bill represents a drastic assault on the right to asylum, effectively handing police authorities the power to deport refugees en masse without any serious hearing whatsoever.

According to the “Presentation of the provisions of the asylum-immigration bill”, the bill cuts the deadline for the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA) to examine an asylum application from 120 to 90 days. Crucially, it reduces the time for asylum seekers to appeal a negative decision to the National Asylum Court (CNDA) from 30 to 15 days. It raises the administrative detention for verification of the right to asylum from 16 to 24 hours, and allows a maximum detention of not 45, but 90 or even 115 days.

The new bill creates virtually impossible conditions for asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants trying to get the proper visas or minimum employment in order to live. Above all, with police prefectures taking on average a month to schedule hearings on appeals to the CNDA, the bill would effectively eliminate any recourse to the frequent initial negative decision from the OFPRA.

The bill does not allocate any further resources for the prefectures to process appeals to the CNDA inside the two-week deadline fixed by the bill. Police forces, among which there is broad support for the neo-fascist National Front (FN), are being issued a blank cheque to deport any refugee who, as is often the case, receives an initial negative decision from the OFPRA.

The purpose of the bill is politically criminal: it is to ensure that countless people will be forcibly deported from France back to war-torn and poverty-stricken Middle Eastern or African countries such as Afghanistan or Libya. Afghan Minister for refugees and repatriation, Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, has told the media it was initially expected that over a “hundred thousand Afghans were to be deported from the European countries in 2017.”

Last month, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb, in an interview with RTL Radio, stated that the situation with the growing numbers of refugees in Paris is explosive. “In Germany, about 300,000 people have been denied asylum, they want to come to France. Are we taking them all? No.” In order to block the flow of refugees, France, and all the major European countries, are preparing a wave of repressive laws paving the way for indiscriminate mass deportations.

President Emmanuel Macron’s attack on the democratic right to asylum is part of an assault on refugees waged by the entire European Union (EU). After decades of imperialist wars in Africa and the Middle East provoked the greatest refugee crisis since the end of World War II, with over 60 million people displaced, the EU is keeping them from coming to Europe by trampling their democratic rights.

EU countries, including France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and Belgium, have reintroduced border controls, even inside the Schengen zone where border controls were initially eliminated. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) intensified its border control on land and sea, deploying ships, aircraft, helicopters, high tech equipment and 1500 officials. At the same time, since 2014, 15,486 refugees have drowned at sea.

The European bourgeoisie is also working with the reactionary ruling classes in the Middle East and Africa to build a network of concentration camps in which hundreds of thousands of people are trapped.

Last month, Amnesty International published a report detailing how the EU is spending millions of euros to build up a network of detention camps in Libya, in which refugees are beaten, tortured, sexually assaulted, sold into slavery, and even murdered. Italian foreign minister Angelino Alfano met the UN-sponsored Libyan government’s Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in Tripoli last December to work out an agreement for Italian warships to aid the Libyan coastguard in blocking refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. Refugees are then sent back to these camps.

The EU Commission has already paid €100 million to the Sudanese government to mount army patrols on the borders with Libya and Egypt, and keep refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea on African soil. Sudanese forces are notorious for human rights violations.

Macron is also intensifying the war in former French colonies in Africa, with a 4,000-strong French force fighting in Ivory Coast, Mali, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso and across the entire Sahel region, alongside a 12,000-strong UN peacekeeping force as part of the “war on terror.” These French imperialist interventions will create millions more refugees.

These developments point above all to the political bankruptcy of arguments advanced last year, during the presidential elections, that workers and youth should vote for Macron against FN candidate Marine Le Pen in order to defend immigrants’ rights. …

These forces now stand exposed as political enemies of immigrants’ rights, as Macron and his government intensify attacks against refugees and immigrants, seeking support from far-right forces, including the FN.

Last Tuesday, Macron visited the northern coastal city Calais, where thousands of refugees are living in inhuman conditions in the “Jungle camp”, as they attempt to travel on to Britain. He insisted that refugees should not come to France, and threatened those in Calais: “To stay in Calais and build makeshift shelters and even set up squats is a dead end. The border is closed and Calais can no longer be a destination for migrants.”

Macron-May talks: UK and France must put a stop to ‘systematic violation’ of Calais refugees, warn charities: here.