Stop Trump-Saudi royals killing Yemeni people

This video from the USA says about itself:

Representative Tulsi Gabbard: It is Outrageous that the US is Supporting a Genocidal War in Yemen

21 sep. 2018

Over 5 million children are facing starvation, a cholera outbreak is raging on in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and yet the US continues to support the Saudis to bomb and destroy Yemen says Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

German militarism kills wildlife, threatens health, homes

This March 2018 German video is about the German peatland nature reserve near the Dutch border.

This area is home to special flora and fauna; rare plants. 280 bird species live here. And moor frogs. And reptiles, like adders and common lizards. These are now burning to death because the German government wants to prepare colonial wars in Africa and elsewhere. So, the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, played war games there. Causing a wildfire disaster they are unable to control.

This 21 September 2018 video is about the big peat fire in Germany.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

State of emergency because of peat fire in Germany that has been going on for over two weeks

The regional authorities have declared a state of emergency in Germany because of a large peat fire in a nature reserve near Meppen, just across the Dutch border at Emmen. The fire department cannot manage to extinguish the fire.

The fire started on 3 September during a military war game, when missiles were fired from a helicopter. The fire is now raging over an area of ​​8 square kilometers, or more than a thousand football grounds. 1300 firefighters from all over North Germany have been deployed to extinguish the fire. The fear is that the fire will spread even further because of the strong wind.

Possible evacuation of 2 villages

According to regional administrator Reinhard Winter, people may have to be evacuated. It is about the villages Groß – and Klein Stavern, he said to the German broadcaster NDR.

According to the NDR report, a third village, Sögel, is threatened as well. 8,500 people may have to be evacuated.

Those places are located about 35 kilometers east of Emmen. Winter calls on people to prepare their important documents to take them out of their homes and on those who take medication to already have it at hand. Whether or not there will be really evacuation depends on the weather conditions and on how quickly the fire will spread.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of criticism of the army, because during a drought there was a military war game with missiles. The army is also said not to have communicated the seriousness of the fire well enough to the Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony state. As a result, help from outside only came later.

Eleven days too late, Dutch NOS TV said today.

The German Bundeswehr armed forces deny that the smoke of the fire is dangerous to human health. However, German doctors specialised in pulmonology say it is dangerous indeed.

In Hambacher Forest near Cologne, occupied by protesters seeking to prevent the forest being razed to the ground, a journalist was killed this week when a suspension bridge between two tree houses broke and he fell 15 metres to his death. The 33-year-old blogger died at the scene of the accident, although rescue workers had tried in vain to resuscitate him. According to activists, he was about to hand over a memory card to another journalist accompanied by the police when the disaster struck in a part of the forest already cleared by the police: here.

Air strike on Somali children, hospital

This 2015 music video is called Little Girl from Somalia.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

School and hospital hit by an air strike in Somalia

AT LEAST three children were killed in Somalia today when their school was hit by an air strike in the south of the country.

Their school in the town of Sakow was bombed, along with the main hospital which is said to have been destroyed. …

The area is subjected to regular bombing raids by the US and Kenya as part of the multinational African Union force.

The air force of Ethiopia attacks Somalia regularly as well.

German militarism destroys wildlife

This 13 September 2018 from Germany says about itself (translated):

The German Armed Forces [Bundeswehr] are unable to control the moor fire on their test site in Meppen and have now asked for assistance from the German Technical Relief Agency (THW). …

According to the Bundeswehr, this affects about six hectares of land. …

The moor fire had been triggered in a shooting war game with air-to-ground missiles. “Especially with an extreme drought like this summer, something like that can happen”, said a spokesman.

The Emsland Conservation League criticizes that the Bundeswehr has tested ammunition in such dry soil conditions. Small animals such as lizards, snakes and insects were bound to be killed by the resulting conflagration. In addition, the atmospheric aerosol particles pollution caused by the fire should not be underestimated.

The Bundeswehr admitted errors this week. Like, this time no aerial firefighting helicopter had been present. We underestimated the danger, said a spokesman. In addition, a special vehicle broke down. To make matters worse, a moorland fire is a special situation for the emergency services. Because the fire can eat deep into the lower layers of the bog. It was “a smoldering, a cooking of the vegetation”, a Bundeswehr spokesman formulated. …

The effects of the fire have been felt in recent days due to strong south-westerly winds, even at a greater distance. After initially people in Oldenburg had complained of smoke smell, the smoke has been smelled in the meantime also in Bremen and in 230 kilometers away Hamburg. On Tuesday afternoon, citizens in both Hanseatic cities had reported smoke smell to the control centers, the fire brigades reported.

Today, 18 September, it is five days later. No more ‘six hectares’ now: five hundred hectares, five square kilometers. Dutch NOS TV reports today (translated):

German peat fire caused by missile test difficult to fight

In a nature reserve near the German town Meppen, just across the Dutch border at Emmen, firefighters have been working for almost two weeks to extinguish a wildfire that has arisen during a missile test.

During the war game, soldiers fired missiles from a helicopter. The caterpillar vehicle that had to extinguish the resulting fire after the exercise broke down, while the replacement vehicle was in the workshop for repair. This allowed the smoldering fire to spread. …

From regional politics there is criticism of the military exercise in the area. “While civilians are told not to throw cigarette butts away during a dry period, the military is having weapons tests that cause wildfires“, said Christian Meyer, former minister of agriculture and current Vice President of the Green party in Lower Saxony.