Less posts on this blog

Blogging, cartoon

During the next weeks, I will be on the Internet far less often than usually, if at all.

Don’t despair, as I expect blog posts on beautiful wildlife and interesting photos.

So, see all of you again!

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Nigerian governmental homophobia, satiric video

This video says about itself:

17 Jan 2014

Nigeria’s anti-gay lobby thinks homosexuality is a sickness. No wonder they’re celebrating Goodluck Jonathan‘s newly signed Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act. But Ikenna has other ideas about the future of Naija‘s health…

What’s Up Africa is a video blog created and presented by Ikenna Azuike and filmed and edited by Sandesh Bhugaloo about creative Africa.

From AMERICAblog about this today:

Nigerian-British comedian Ikenna Azuike does a cute video about how Nigeria’s draconian new anti-gay law is going to end up turning all the straight people gay. …

“So you see, if this jail the gays law stays in force, the economy will collapse. Everyhone who calls in sick for pretending to be gay will be arrested for wanting to be gay. Jails will be full of people who claim to be gay, making jail a ‘gay institution.’ Therefore jails will be illegal, and the only solution will be to let the gay people out, and lock up all the straight people, so jail can be legal again.”

British rich homophobe: A former donor to UKIP has inexplicably responded to a Times columnist’s article condemning a Russian anti-gay law, by taking out an advert in the Telegraph and claiming that homophobia does not exist: here.

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British cartoonist’s limericks, about Byron, Baudelaire, etc.

This video from Britain says about itself:

Martin Rowson – The Power of the Political Cartoon

10 March 2010

As Parliament reconvenes, controversial political cartoonist Martin Rowson looks at political satire.

A book review in verse, by James Eagle in Britain:

Wednesday 4th November 2013

Panegyric on the genius uncanny of Mr Rowson’s poetical hat-trick

The Limerickiad Volume III: Byron To Baudelaire

by Martin Rowson
(Smokestack Books, £9.99)

When our cartoonist tires of satire, he —
A bizarre form, you may say, of flattery —
Boils the great works of lit
Down to five lines of wit
Less a tribute, more assault and battery
On the icons of literary fiction.
But Rowson has ducked a conviction
For his versified crimes, al-
though some of his rhymes are
More barbarous than crucifixion.

On its journey to Baudelaire from Byron
This, the third in a series aspirin’
To go merrily trolling
From Homer to Rowling,
Runs no risk of its author acquirin’

The name of a mere poetaster
For this is the work of a master
Though his rhyming’s coerced
And his scansion’s the worst
That you’ve heard since The Tay Bridge Disaster.

(No McGonagall crops up in these verses;
Perhaps there’s no way to make worse his
Tin-eared abuse
Of the poetic muse
Or provoke half the volume of curses.)

He makes “Bronte sore arse” puns, quite shameless,
Reckons Thoreau’s an old ignoramus
Takes in Shelley — what larks! —
Plus old Engels and Marx
As a nod to proles both chained and chainless.

In short, it’s a real tour de force —
If oft’ner than not far too coarse
To read to your granny —
It’s of genius uncanny.
So buy it! I heartily endorse.

75,000 comments milestone at this blog

Internet cartoon

Today, my blog passed the 75,000 comments milestone, according to WordPress statistics.

Meanwhile, the counter says 75,023, so I don’t know who the milestone commenter was.

Thank you, everyone!

Butterfly and bumblebee on flower, video

On this video, a grizzled skipper butterfly and a bumblebee on a flower. There hardly seems to be space enough for both.

Rob Zweers from the Netherlands made this video.