Israeli cartoonist sacked for ‘Orwellian’ Netanyahu cartoon

Avi Katz' Orwell-Netanyahu cartoon

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Cartoonist fired for pig image of Netanyahu

The Israeli cartoonist Avi Katz has been fired because of a drawing in which he depicts Prime Minister Netanyahu and other members of the Likud Party as pigs. At the top of the cartoon is George Orwell‘s famous phrase from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

The cartoon appeared in the weekly journal Jerusalem Report and is a reference to the decision of the Israeli parliament last week to legally establish that Israel is a Jewish nation state.

Among other things, it stipulates that Hebrew exclusively becomes the official language. From now on Arabic is a language with a special status. The Arab minority and other critics in Israel call the law discriminatory and racist. Arab Israelis thus feel relegated to second-class citizenship.

Katz made the drawing modeling it on a selfie by the Likud deputy Oren Chasan, who after the adoption of the law took pictures with Netanyahu and other Likud politicians.

Selfie by Likud politician Oren Chasan

Animal Farm was written during the Second World War and published in 1945. It describes a revolution on a farm, where people are chased away. The pigs seize power whereby life gradually becomes harder for the other animals.

Jerusalem Report Cartoonist, Fired Over Nation-State Caricature, Tells Us What Happened: here.

Trump’s anti-immigrant ICE, by comedian Michelle Wolf

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Break with Michelle Wolf | ICE IS | Netflix

20 July 2018

Michelle Wolf takes a provocative look at immigration policy with a new recruitment video explaining what ICE IS. The Break with Michelle Wolf streaming now, with new episodes every Sunday.

By Andy McDonald in the USA:

07/21/2018 06:23 pm ET

Michelle Wolf’s ‘ICE’ Recruitment Video Borders On Brilliant

The host of Netflix’s “The Break” has an interesting take on what ICE is.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better know as ICE, has been under fire for aggressively rounding up immigrants for deportation, many of whom have committed no crime.

However, like any organization, it still needs people to make it work.

Michelle Wolf, host of Netflix’s “The Break,” created this video to entice potential recruits, especially those with little education or experience ― even people with previously diagnosed anger issues.

It all adds up to a pretty ruthless take on what ICE is.

Trump blimp, its Moluccan Dutch roots

This music video says about itself:

Baby Trump Blimp Song

13 July 2018

The Baby Trump Blimp flies over London today protesting the American president’s racism, xenophobia, and climate change denial. Fly Fly Baby Trump Blimp!

Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad of 18 July 2018 reports about the Trump blimp.

They interviewed Ms Nona Hurkmans. She is of Moluccan Dutch ancestry (Nona is a Moluccan name). She is the spokeswoman of the Trump blimp campaign.

She says (translated):

“We have already made contact with Australia to fly the baby blimp there in November when Trump will come.” …

“We sincerely believe that Donald Trump and the rightward movement of politics are very dangerous.”

The successful Trump Baby project, conceived in March, has a downside. “We get threats, are treated in a racist way“, says Hurkmans, who for that reason can not be found with a personal account on social media. Opponents go very far, she notes. “We have received requests to bring the balloon to the USA. Only, then they will have to take into account that it may be shot from the air. That is serious, not a joke.”

Hurkmans nevertheless looks back with satisfaction on an extremely hectic week. “Our goal was to make people who suffer from Trump’s hostile policy, think of immigrants and refugees, notice that they are not alone and do not have to give up hope. That worked.”

Protesters in San Francisco are sailing a “Trump Chicken” balloon around Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

Amid silence from Democrats on attacks on immigrants. Trump moves to restrict asylum: here.

Claiming that the war on poverty has been won, Trump administration works to gut social programs: here.

Trump still separating families, animated cartoon

This 12 July 2018 animated cartoon by Mark Fiore from the USA says about itself:

Pablo: A Family Separation Theme Song

Just a little reminder that Trump’s “government-sanctioned child abuse” is STILL happening. More info here.

At A Border Town In Mexico, Mothers Separated From Their Children Wait — And Wait: here.

Only 57 of 3,000 immigrant children have been reunited with parents: here.

MIGRANT CHILDREN ARE NOT BEING RETURNED TO THEIR FAMILIES A total of 565 migrant children, including 24 who are younger than 5, remain in government-contracted shelters, separated from their parents, according to a status update from the Trump administration. [HuffPost]

Melania Trump not caring about separated children, parody song

This parody music video from Britain is called Flying FLOTUS – Never Catch Me Caring.

This is a parody of the song by Flying Lotus: Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar).

The video says about itself:

22 June 2018

Flying FLOTUS is Melania Trump‘s electronic side project – here’s her new single, featuring Kendrick Lamelania.


I can see the darkness in me and it’s quite amazing
Couldn’t give the smallest of shits about kids in cages
Step inside of my mind and you’ll find
Animosity, grandiosity and ferocity to the progeny of these vagrants
Go to visit the kids and wish them all good luck
No attempt to conceal the fact I don’t give a fuck
You know this jacket only set me back thirty bucks
It’s no accident that I’m wearing it on this trip
I just don’t care, do you?
Analyse my attire, I’ve even got “fuck you” shoes
Just for triggering, virtue-signalling boo hoo hoos
Democrats, you can kiss my ass, you were born to lose
Make some room in the cages, now we’ve got border queues
Looking down on my soul now
Tell me I’m in control now
Tell me I am your queen and I can be mean and I can wear jeans
With something obscene written on my butt just to be seen
By all of you cucks so you can go “reee” because you all suck
It’s illegal immigration, it’s a real threat to our nation
It’s a need for separation, put their children in the cages
Prosecute their parents, remove their presence
And keep them there for ages
Maybe bomb their nation so there’s no retaliation
Have we bombed them before? I lose track of all the war
Even if they’ve got freedom, we could bequeath them even more
Let’s go spread democracy with our mighty military
We’re okay with God on our side
We don’t care that Rachel Maddow cried
She’s a wuss

No, no
See, you’re never gonna catch me caring

TRUMP TROUSERED PHOTO CASH First lady Melania Trump earned somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million in 2017 from news organizations using family photos that were authorized only for use in positive stories. [HuffPost]

Football, Korea-Germany 2-0, Hitler reacts

This satiric video says about itself:

Hitler reacts to Germany’s defeat to South Korea and elimination from the 2018 World Cup

27 June 2018

(Note the film Downfall goes to the respectful owners)

After hearing the news that Germany failed to advance to the knock out stages after a 2-0 defeat to South Korea, Dolfy goes to rant town.

Meanwhile, Hitler’s political heirs in Germany, the AfD party, blame the defeat on players of African and Turkish ancestry in the team.