British Conservative government’s coronavirus response, musical parody

This 21 March 2020 musical video is a satire about the British Conservative government‘s coronavirus response.

It is parody of the song Ghost Town by The Specials.

It says about itself:

The Special Interests – Ghost Town

The UK government‘s Specials tribute band release a song for the coronavirus outbreak.


This town
Let’s make it slightly like a ghost town
Try your best not to go the pub
This place
We’re considering a lockdown
But please don’t horde pasta
Too much fighting in the Asda

Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?
We’d dance and sing and point at A&Es and have them shut down
(That one there!)

This town
Let’s brief imminent lockdown
People leave town and the virus spreads
Probably shouldn’t have scrapped all those hospital beds
This place
Let’s make it slightly like a ghost town
Tests only for celebrities
Mortgage holidays
The renters getting hungry

Do you remember the behavioural science at the Nudgestock?
I made some notes, just let me program them into Matt Hancock

This town
Let’s make it partially like a ghost town
Unenforced, so insurers don’t scream
This place
Let’s dither on a clampdown
Herd immunity
Situation getting shitty

British Conservative Patel’s deportations, parody song

This 21 February satiric song from Britain is called Priti Patel – Goodbye Muddah, Goodbye Fadduh.

It is a parody of the song Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp).

It says about itself:

Home secretary Priti Patel travels back in time and deports her parents to Kampala, Uganda.


Goodbye muddah
Goodbye fadduh
Off you go to
Kampala, Uganda
Idi Amin
Is rampagin’
And he said he wants to clear out all the Asians

Though I’d really
Like to aid ya
I’m afraid you’re
Unskilled labour
You work hard for
Your retirement
But I’m afraid that you don’t meet our points requirement

Got eight million
Folks inactive
I can make ‘em
More proactive
Students, carers
Folks in prison
Who I threw in there for counter-terrorism

Civil servants
Said I’m crackers
So I kicked ‘em
In the knackers
Now off you go to
Potential slaughter
Truly yours, your dearest ever-lovin’ daughter

Home Office is ‘institutionally racist’! The way to end the ‘hostile environment’ is to bring down the Tories: here.

The move to appoint Andrew Sabisky as an adviser to the British government confirms the emergence of a fascist element in the Conservative Party. In blog posts and comments, Sabisky has said, “[V]ery real racial differences in intelligence are significantly—even mostly—genetic in origin” and that “it would be nice” if politicians paid attention “from the standpoint of immigration control …” He has argued, “One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception”. here.

Hillary Clinton attacks Sanders, rap music parody

When Hillary Clinton lost the 2008 United States Democratic party primary elections to Barack Obama, somewhat more to the left than her, she did 12 meetings supporting the winner of the nomination.

When Bernie Sanders lost the 2016 United States Democratic party nomination to Hillary Clinton, after the party establishment had used dirty tricks, Sanders did many more meetings, 41, all over the USA asking voters to vote not for Trump, and not to stay home, but to vote for Clinton; even though the opposition to him had been much dirtier and the political differences were much bigger than after the Clinton-Obama primaries.

Now, it looks like Ms Clinton would rather have four more years of Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders being elected president.

This 3 February 2020 rap music video from Britain, a parody of the song Insane in the brain, by Cypress Hill, says about itself:

Cypress Hillary – Insane in the Dem Brain

Hillary Clinton‘s Cypress Hill tribute act.


Listen up, DNC:
It’s looking rough
We can’t let Bernie win the primary
How can we make the nominee me?
Or Bloomberg or John Kerry?
Rig the convention selections
To kill momentum in time for the General Election
Damn! The gap just widened on Biden
And Liz Warren
Gotta come out fightin’
Oh! Can someone wake up Joe?
We need a good show for the Bernie Bros
They’re booing my name
It’s got Hillary Clinton going insane

Insane in the Dem brain
(Insane in the brain!)
Insane in the Dem brain
(Insane in the brain!)
Insane in the Dem brain
(Galaxy brain! Got no shame!)
Insane in the Dem brain
(Insane in the brain!)

Do my shit undercover, drone strike like Obama
Oughta take out the whole of Iowa
I’ll take a donation from any nation
Just make it out to the Clinton Foundation
Nobody in Congress likes Bernie S
He’s basically Trump for the left
And you’re all deplorable, frankly
You don’t believe I’m a fan of the Yankees
Or that I was attacked on the tarmacIn Bosnia with Sinbad and a press pack
Get on the galaxy brain thought train!
‘Cause Hillary Clinton’s going insane

Insane in the Dem brain
(Insane in the brain!)
Insane in the Dem brain
(Insane in the brain!)
Insane in the Dem brain
(Galaxy brain! Got no shame!)
Insane in the Dem brain
(Insane in the brain!)

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards exhibition

Elephant seal and king penguin on South Georgia, photo by Thomas-Mangelsen

This comical photo shows a king penguin quarrelling with a southern elephant seal. It is one of the finalists of the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The Brabant Natural History Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands writes about it (translated):

Recognizable! That’s what you think when you look at the photos of the international Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. A nosey seal with a weak smile, two sea otters where it seems that one is trying to save the other, or a marital fight between two exotic birds [European bee-eaters], one of which seems to think his or her own thoughts about it.


At least you have to smile about it. And that is precisely the power of the photos: humour to draw attention to – international – nature conservation. Even better when you see them all together.

Dancing bears and lions, a philosophizing monkey and a dreamy squirrel. The prize-winning photos of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, prizes for the most comical animal photos of the year, are coming to Tilburg! The irresistible images can be seen in the sperm whale hall from November 14 on. Also special, because the photos can only be seen in a few places in the world in exhibition form. A great opportunity to show how nice nature can be. The museum immediately seized the opportunity to bring the exhibition to the Netherlands for several years.

With the photo competition, Comedy Wildlife Awards supports the Born Free organization, which is committed to animal protection and welfare. With the competition they call attention to wild animals and the preservation of their living environment. And with the sale of the photos via an auction, they raise money for the Born Free Foundation and the local project Natuur om de Hoek. This allows children to get to know nature in their own neighbourhood on the basis of questions, research and experiment.

Cartoon on Trump jailing children wins prize

Trump jails immigrant children, cartoon by Gorilla

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Inkspot Prize for the best political drawing of the year has been won by the cartoonist collective Gorilla for a drawing about Donald Trump’s immigration policy. The drawing shows the letters TRUMP in the form of bars surrounded by hands.

According to the jury, the drawing is a “visual play on words” about Latin American migrant children who were arrested on the southern border of the United States, separated from their parents and locked up … ”

The Gorilla drawing collective consists of Herman van Bostelen, Richard van der Laken, Pepijn Zurburg, Alex Clay and Karin van den Brandt. The winning drawing was made by Van Bostelen and appeared in De Groene Amsterdammer weekly in June 2018.

FLORIDA CHILD DETENTION FACILITY TO CLOSE  The Trump administration is shutting down one of the largest U.S. facilities for child migrants, which had come under intense criticism because of its regimented conditions and the contractor’s ties to a freshly departed White House official. [AP]

US detains record number of child migrants at the southwestern border: here.