Black Panther Albert Woodfox on trial again in the USA?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Longest-Serving U.S. Prisoner in Solitary Ordered Free Again, But State Obstruction Bars His Release

24 November 2014

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling ordering Louisiana to release Albert Woodfox, a former Black Panther who has spent more than 40 years in solitary confinement, longer than any prisoner in the United States. Woodfox and the late Herman Wallace, another prisoner of the “Angola 3,” were convicted of murdering a guard at Angola Prison.

The Angola 3 and their supporters say they were framed for their political activism. A federal judge ruled last year that Woodfox should be set free on the basis of racial discrimination in his retrial. It was the third time Woodfox’s conviction has been overturned, but prosecutors have negated the victories with a series of appeals.

Thursday’s ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the order for Woodfox’s release in a unanimous decision. But prosecutors could still delay its enforcement with more appeals to keep Woodfox behind bars. We are joined by two guests: Robert King, a member of the Angola 3 who spent 29 years in solitary confinement for a murder he did not commit; and Carine Williams, a lawyer for Albert Woodfox with the firm Squire Patton Boggs.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Black Panther faces third trial

Wednesday 11th October 2015

UNITED STATES: Angola Three inmate Albert Woodfox could face a third trial after an appeals court overturned a decision to free him.

Mr Woodfox has spent 43 years in solitary confinement — a form of torture.

He was convicted in 1973 of the murder of a prison guard on dodgy testimony. He believes he was framed because of his membership of the Black Panther Party. That conviction and another from 1993 were overturned last year.

British government helping Saudi torturers

This video from the USA says about itself:

Help Wanted: Saudi Arabia Is Looking For Executioners

19 May 2015

Saudi Arabia advertised vacancies for eight executioners Tuesday after beheading nearly as many people since the start of the year as it did in the whole of 2014.

The civil service ministry said that no qualifications were necessary and that applicants would be exempted from the usual entrance exams.

It said that as well as beheadings, the successful candidates would be expected to carry out amputations ordered by the courts under the kingdom’s strict version of Islamic sharia law.

Amputation of one or both hands is a routine penalty for theft. …

Most executions are carried out by beheading, but a few are carried out by firing squad, stoning or crucifixion.”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Government slated over Saudi jails contract bid

Friday 18th September 2015

HUMAN RIGHTS campaigners attacked the government yesterday after it announced that it would proceed with a bid to provide support to the Saudi Arabian prisons system, which plans to crucify a prisoner convicted as a child.

Ministers had to correct the parliamentary record after wrongly claiming they could not drop the bid due to the risk of “financial penalties.”

The only reason now given for continuing with the bid is that “withdrawing at this late stage would be detrimental to (the British government’s) wider interests.”

It emerged this week that Saudi Arabia has dismissed the final appeal of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, who was arrested aged 17 and sentenced to “death by crucifixion” for alleged offences relating to anti-government protests in 2012.

Human rights charity Reprieve director Maya Foa said: “The UK should have nothing to do with a so-called justice system responsible for atrocities such as this.

“It is extremely worrying to see the British government abdicating its basic human rights values in the interests of cosying up to the Saudis.”

83-year-old refugee on death bed chained for deportation

This video from England says about itself:

‘The Secret World of Yarl’s Wood’- BBC News

27 August 2015

Two weeks ago the prisons watchdog described Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre as a “place of national concern”,

There are 12 centres like it in the UK – Yarl’s Wood is the one for women. We – as media – are not allowed in at all. A charity called ‘Yarl’s Wood Befrienders‘ are given rare access – they go in and meet the women facing deportation. These people have shed light on one of the most secretive places in the UK for a new play called ‘The Scar Test’ – Catrin Nye reports.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

83-year-old on death bed hauled to detention centre

Friday 11th September 2011

A 83-YEAR-OLD “on his death bed” was handcuffed and chained before being taken to an immigration removal centre (IRC), MP John McDonnell told the Commons yesterday.

The immigration system is ineffective, unjust and degrading, especially of those who have fled persecution and war, 25 MPs unanimously agreed during the debate.

In making the case for closing down IRCs, the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington added: “There’ll be more self-harming, more suicides, hunger strikes and the riots [in IRCs] will come back again.

“This is no way to treat our fellow human beings.”

More than 30,000 people were held indefinitely by the Home Office in 11 IRCs last year at a cost of £164 million — £36,000 per person, MPs were told.

But 50 per cent of prisoners ended up returning to the communities they were snatched away from.

Children became severely distressed after being put in foster care for an average of 170 days even when their parents’ detention “served no purpose,” said Hornsey and Wood Green Labour MP Catherine West.

MPs agreed that immediate and drastic change to immigration procedure was necessary instead of “piecemeal tinkering.”

They renewed demands for a 28-day immigration detention time limit and for assurance that it is used “sparingly” and as a last resort.

Safeguards should be put in place to protect vulnerable women in detention who were victims of rape and trafficking, they added.

In the first quarter of this year 3,483 people were detained. Two-thirds were held for more than 28 days, 488 for more than six months, 153 for over a year, 25 for two years and one for five years.

The Movement for Justice (MFJ), which demonstrated outside Parliament on Wednesday, told the Star that it wanted IRCs to be shut down completely.

“Unchecked powers of the Home Office” allow it to imprison people in worse conditions than those of serious criminals who had the right of a fair trial, the MFJ said.

Only profiteers like Serco, which runs Yarl’s Wood IRC, benefit as they “literally profit from this misery,” said Ealing Central and Acton Labour MP Rupa Huq.

I recently met a former child detainee at Yarl’s Wood. She and her family came to Britain as asylum-seekers in 2004, and in 2005 their application was refused and they were detained and threatened with deportation. She was 12 years old. By resisting and screaming on the plane, she was able to delay and ultimately avoid being deported, giving her mother time to appeal their case. She talked to me about her experience in Yarl’s Wood as a child, seeking asylum in Britain, and living in London now as a black Asian woman. This interview was given on the condition of anonymity: here.

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning getting solitary confinement for toothpaste?

This video is about the United States military killing Iraqi civilians, exposed by Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Toothpaste puts Manning at risk of solitary confinement

Saturday 15th August 2015

US MILITARY whistleblower Chelsea Manning could be placed in solitary confinement for having a magazine and toothpaste in her cell.

Lawyer Nancy Hollander says her client faces a hearing on Tuesday for allegedly having the edition of Vanity Fair featuring transgender sports star Caitlyn Jenner on the cover and a date-expired tube of toothpaste.

Charges include possession of prohibited property in the form of books and magazines while under administrative segregation, medicine misuse over the toothpaste, disorderly conduct for sweeping food onto the floor and disrespect.

The maximum penalty is indefinite solitary confinement.

Ms Manning, a trans woman formerly known as Bradley Manning, is serving a 35-year sentence after being convicted of espionage for passing classified documents on US war crimes in Iraq to WikiLeaks.

See also here.

Update: here.

CHELSEA MANNING: MILITARY HAIRCUTS “You see, that evening I found out that the military was going to force me to keep my hair cut very short, to the “male” hair standard. I didn’t take the news well. I felt sick. I felt sad. I felt gross — like Frankenstein’s monster wandering around the countryside avoiding angry mobs with torches and pitch forks.” [HuffPost]