US candidate Bloomberg’s forced labour presidential campaign

This 25 December 2019 video from the USA is called Mike Bloomberg Exploited Prisoners to Make 2020 Presidential Campaign Phone Calls.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Bloomberg hired prisoners for phone calls to voters

US American prisoners have approached potential voters by telephone on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. The billionaire and former mayor of New York City confirmed that on Twitter.

A call center was hired for the campaign, using prisoners locked up in New Jersey and Oklahoma. From at least one of those state prisons convicts called on behalf of that Democratic campaign, the US American news site The Intercept reported yesterday. …

From a women’s prison in Oklahoma, detainees are said to have called people in California. As a call center employee, they could earn $ 1.45 per hour, the BBC writes.

Some of Mr Bloomberg’s fellow billionaires would love it if not only these imprisoned women forced labourers, but all workers in the USA would make just $ 1.45 per hour.

It looks like billionaire Bloomberg is too stingy to pay campaign workers decent wages; and/or that not enough people in the USA are enthusiastic enough about Bloomberg’s pro-Big Business policies to volunteer to campaign for him.

Will Bloomberg now hire Beavis and Butthead to do propaganda phone calls for his presidential campaign?

At the end of November, Bloomberg officially applied for next year’s presidential election. He says he wants to invest $ 100 million in an online advertising campaign.

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