Premature reopening causes more COVID-19 deaths

This 16 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

We Need A Safe Workplace! Tesla Worker Carlos Gabriel Speaks Out For Safety At Elon Musk‘s Tesla Plant

Tesla assembly line worker. Carlos Gabriel spoke out a press conference on 6/15/20 about the lack of information of infected workers at the plant, proper. testing and health and safety at the Elon Musk owned assembly plant in Fremont California.

Governor Gavin Newsom has refused to have proper. staffing at California-OSHA [health inspectorate] with less than 200 inspectors no physical inspection of the plant. has. been made.

AS SUMMER HEATS UP, MIGRANT WORKERS FACE COMPOUND RISK Migrant farmworkers are particularly susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. They tend to live together in packed trailers or apartments due to their low wages, or in dormitories on the farms themselves. They often share kitchens and other common areas and take crowded buses and vans to and from the fields each day. They work inside packing houses where they stand shoulder to shoulder. And many lack access to health care and face language barriers that can make outreach and education more difficult. Without precautions, farming communities may see a spike in cases. [HuffPost]

A woman’s fight to save her brother from a Covid-plagued ICE jail.

PENCE PEDDLES SKETCHY STORY ABOUT VIRUS SURGES Vice President Mike Pence urged the nation’s governors to share misleading claims about resurgent coronavirus outbreaks in some states during a private call. Pence, who leads the White House coronavirus task force, downplayed increases in COVID-19 diagnoses in some regions, claiming they were simply “intermittent” spikes of the virus. He pushed the administration talking point touted by President Donald Trump — but not supported by statistics — that higher figures were due to an increase in testing, not higher rates of infection. [HuffPost]

TRUMP: STOPPING COVID TEST WOULD LEAD TO FEWER CASES During a roundtable on “Fighting for America’s Seniors,” Trump suggested that not testing for the coronavirus could be one way of reducing reported cases. “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” he said. It’s an argument he has made before. Not testing people for COVID-19 would reduce the number of new cases being reported, but wouldn’t reduce the number of people who actually have the disease. Vice President Mike Pence supported the president’s statement, which Trump may have meant as a PR tactic rather than literal scientific evidence. [HuffPost]

‘TRUMP RALLY NOT WELCOME HERE’ A plain-speaking editorial in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s, largest newspaper declared that Trump’s planned rally on Saturday will bring no benefit to the city — and will risk Oklahomans’ lives. “This is the wrong time and Tulsa is the wrong place for a Trump rally,” the Tulsa World editorial stated. Trump’s appearance could trigger dire health consequences, the paper warned, echoing health experts. Fox News host Laura Ingraham, meanwhile, told Trump to ignore the warnings. This comes as the Oklahoma governor invited Trump to visit the site of the Tulsa Race Massacre. [HuffPost]

FDA yanks approval for drug Trump touts for coronavirus because there’s no evidence it works.

REP. ILHAN OMAR’S FATHER DIES OF COVID-19 COMPLICATIONS Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said her father had died from complications of the coronavirus. “It is with tremendous sadness and pain that I share that my father, Nur Omar Mohamed, passed away today due to complications from COVID-19,” Omar said in a statement. “No words can describe what he meant to me and all who knew him.” “My family and I ask for your respect and privacy during this time,” she said. [HuffPost]

Oscars postpone ceremony and extend eligibility period due to COVID-19.

Boris Johnson desperately needs his lockdown gamble to pay off.

Germany is often called a country with ‘good’ anti-COVID-19 policies. Compared to Trump’s USA and Boris Johnson‘s Britain, that is true. But that is a very low standard. There were recent outbreaks in German slaughterhouses, a German church and a German restaurant.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Hundreds of Berlin households quarantined after outbreak

In the Neukölln district of Berlin, hundreds of tenants have been quarantined in an apartment complex after a coronavirus outbreak. As far as is known, at least 57 people have been infected with the virus, children and adults.

According to German media, it is the first time in the corona crisis that an entire apartment building in the German capital has been quarantined. As a precaution, residents of 369 households are no longer allowed to leave their homes.

… The source of the outbreak is still under investigation.

The authorities point out that many households in the multicultural district are large families, or groups of up to ten people. They often live in small rental homes.

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