8 thoughts on “NXIVM cult, sex slavery, Holocaust denial, Libya war and Betsy DeVos

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    • Hi, thanks for the link to your interesting blog!

      Unfortunately, I am not really an expert on the NXIVM/Amway connection. I just know the Wikipedia information about it 🙂


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  3. Here is a simple truth — no one in our country should be sitting in jail just because they are poor.

    Unfortunately, that is not the case.

    Right now, there are over 700,000 people in county or city jails — sixty-five percent of them, more than 400,000 people, have not been convicted of a crime. Many are locked up simply because they cannot afford bail.

    Let me be clear. The United States of America has criminalized poverty and that is not acceptable.

    That is why this week I introduced the No Money Bail Act in the Senate to stop this horrific practice.

    Will you join me and sign up as a Citizen Cosponsor of the No Money Bail Act?

    The United States has a broken criminal justice system. We have over 2 million people in jail, more than any other nation on earth, and they are disproportionately African-American, Latino, and Native American. We spend $80 billion a year keeping people behind bars, money which could be used for education, job creation and affordable housing.

    The decision to put someone behind bars should never be decided based on how much money a person has, or what kind of mood the judge is in on a given day, or even what judge the case happens to come before. In a country where we pride ourselves on the principle “innocent until proven guilty,” we should not be keeping hundreds of thousands of people locked up before they have actually been convicted of a crime simply because they can’t afford bail.

    Those who can’t afford bail, even when they are innocent, face punishments that could impact them for the rest of their lives. After spending weeks in jail, many lose their jobs and have trouble finding new work after they are released. With a loss of income, they aren’t able to pay their rent and may find themselves homeless. They may even lose custody of their children. And they were not guilty of any crime other than being poor.

    The No Money Bail Act is simple. It ends the use of cash bail in federal courts. At the same time, it works with state and local governments to end this broken and destructive system in every area of the country.

    The time has come to end “debtors’ prisons” in the United States.

    Will you join me and sign up as a Citizen Cosponsor of the No Money Bail Act?

    Four words are engraved on the front of the Supreme Court: Equal Justice Under Law.

    We are very far from that ideal today. Let’s fight for this legislation to bring us one step closer.

    Let’s get to work.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


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