Dutch nazis’ mass murder of Soviet Jews

This video is an Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust.

Translated from the Dutch historical magazine Historisch Nieuwsblad:

Dutch Waffen-SS men took part in the Holocaust

Dutch who during the Second World War fought in the German Waffen-SS were involved in the murder of Jews in the Soviet Union. Historian Evertjan van Roekel has found evidence for this in their diaries. In Historisch Nieuwsblad (3 /2010),

Later in this article, number 2/2010 is mentioned, which very probably is the correct number.

Van Roekel demolishes the claims of Dutch eastern front veterans that they were just ordinary soldiers.

In the Dutch Institute for War Documentation (NIOD), Van Roekel studied diaries of Dutch people who fought in the SS-DivisionWiking“. In three of them he found shocking descriptions of massacres of Jews in the Soviet republic Ukraine. In and around the city of Tarnopol, Dutch soldiers participated on 4 and July 5, 1941, in torturing, shooting and burying Jews.

The Dutch SS men took the killings for granted. One of them wrote in his diary: “It will be obvious to everyone that we SS men act ruthlessly against the Jews.” Another one recalled: “How beautiful it was to see in Tarnopol a chief rabbi hanging from the tower of his synagogue, and then set fire to the synagogue. ” Also in Mariupol city, the SS went into a murderous frenzy. “Mariupol fell into our hands and the finest booty we had dreamed of was to get the 13,000 Jews who were living there into our fingers alive, but of course they did not come out of them alive.”

According to Van Roekel, the diaries shed new light on the Dutch eastern front soldiers’ share of the Holocaust. The claims of veterans, who say that they had heard only after the Second World War about the German crimes against the Jews and that those crimes then supposedly scared them, is invalidated by the diaries.

That historians are new to this evidence against Dutch SS soldiers is blamed by Van Roekel on the poor legibility of the diaries. “They were extremely difficult to decipher,” he says. “I’ve worked at that for months. This will probably be the reason why everyone, including renowned researchers, has not mentioned the passages about the gruesome murder of the Jews previously.”

For the complete article by Evertjan van Roekel, see Historisch Nieuwsblad No. 2, 2010, which appears on Thursday, February 25.

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46 thoughts on “Dutch nazis’ mass murder of Soviet Jews

  1. Holocaust Survivor Evicted From Brooklyn Home

    HuffPost Citizen Reporting | Clare O’Connor, Laura Kusisto & Thorsten Schier

    First Posted: 02-25-10 12:39 PM | Updated: 02-25-10 02:12 PM

    Produced by HuffPost Eyes&Ears Citizen Journalism Unit in collaboration with The Brooklyn Ink at the Columbia Journalism School.

    Eta Eckstein’s furniture sits haphazardly outside the apartment where she has lived for 40 years. The red notice on the door claims that the 92-year-old Holocaust survivor does not live there anymore, but her family is fighting to prove that her eviction was unlawful.

    Eckstein was forced to leave her rent-stabilized apartment 18 months ago for the Shore View Rehabilitation Center in Brighton Beach, where she is a patient. Her son, Zvi Eckstein, went to check on the apartment Sun., Feb. 14. The landlord of her Bensonhurst apartment, Moshe Piller, served the eviction notice on Jan. 27, and the apartment was gutted for renovations.

    He claims Eckstein hasn’t lived in the apartment for almost two years. The family, however, says she has been unable to move back in, in part, because the apartment is in disrepair.

    “Your client is flirting with danger,” said Judge Candy Gonzales in Kings County Housing Court. “I’m astounded at the audacity. Your client stood here and told me the tenant was no longer in possession of the apartment, and accepted checks and continued to accept them.”

    Piller’s original attorney was removed from the case this week, and has been replaced by the law firm of Wenig Saltiel. The judge adjourned the case until March 2 to give the new attorney time to prepare.

    Piller’s attorneys did not respond to multiple requests for comment.


  2. Exhibit honours murdered Jews

    UKRAINE: An exhibition focusing on the massacre of 1.4 million Jewish people in nazi-occupied Soviet Ukraine opened in Kiev on Thursday, featuring a display of nazi bullets, photographs of bones and witness testimonies.

    The exhibit is based on the work of French Catholic priest Patrick Desbois.

    Opening the exhibition he said: “Each person deserves to be buried and reintegrated into humanity — we cannot live like predators next to mass graves, building modern societies on the graves of people we assassinated.”

    Some 1.4 million of Soviet Ukraine’s 2.4 million Jewish citizens were executed, starved to death or died of disease during World War II.


  3. Jewish survivor marks massacre

    ISRAEL: Holocaust survivor Michael Sidko led a wreath-laying ceremony at the country’s Holocaust memorial on Thursday to mark 70 years since the Babi Yar massacre.

    Mr Sidko was taken with his family to the site outside Kiev, Ukraine, in 1941 by invading nazi soldiers who confiscated their valuables, stripped them naked and then machine-gunned them into a ravine.

    In two days 33,771 Jews were slaughtered.

    He and his older brother managed to escape but his mother and two other siblings were killed.


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