Greek Golden Dawn nazis deny Holocaust

This video from Greece says about itself:

About the Holocaust and Golden Dawn

June 3, 2013

The film “The Holocaust of Memory” of journalist Stelios Kouloglou was part of the official programme of the 15th anniversary edition of the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.

Golden Dawn MP Christos Pappas revealed the truth behind the party’s ideology, last Wednesday during a parliamentary session. Christos Pappas wrote a text praising Hitler and claimed it to be “the writing of our youth” and then added that nationalism is “the future of the world”: here.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has welcomed statements by famous Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis, which have strongly condemned Holocaust denial in the country: here.

On August 8, three Golden Dawn members of the Greek parliament visited the Perama ship repair yard to supposedly engage with workers on the issues they face. They came along with a handful of black-shirt clad party thugs: here.

More than 30 criminal cases involving Golden Dawn MPs and members are to be investigated by the judiciary, possibly under stricter laws relating to criminal organizations, as the government seeks to place a legal stranglehold around the far-right party in the wake of the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas by one of its supporters: here. See also here.

Neonazi provocations in Giannitsa (Northern Greece): here.

Bertell Ollman, a professor of politics at New York University, appeals for solidarity on behalf of a Greek scholar facing legal threats from the fascist Golden Dawn party: here.

List with the most significant fascist attacks across Greece the last months: here.

A “hardcore” Golden-Dawner with strong presence in public nationalist gatherings of the party’s youth is the 26-year-old former personal driver and bodyguard of the party’s General Secretary Nikos Mihaloliakos: here.

Billionaire venture capitalist ridiculed after comparing the treatment of rich Americans to the Holocaust: here.

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