Flemish neonazi Dewinter supports Greek Golden Dawn neonazis

Vlaams Belang MPs meet Greek Golden Dawn nazis

This photo from Greece shows MPs of the racist Belgian political party Vlaams Belang meeting with Greek Golden Dawn nazis at a Golden Dawn office.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Dewinter criticized because of speech at Golden Dawn‘s

Today, 17:19

The Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang MP Filip Dewinter has been reprimanded for his speech for the far-right Greek party Golden Dawn. …

Two fellow Vlaams Belang MPs who were also at the Golden Dawn meeting, Anke Van dermeersch and Jan Penris were also reprimanded. Van dermeersch was also expelled from the party executive. …

According to party chairman Van Grieken the MPs had gone to Greece to see the effects of mass immigration, he said to the Flemish broadcaster VRT. The politicians visited the islands of Lesvos, Kos and Chios, where many refugees arrive.

The party chairman claims, however, not to have known that Dewinter on Chios would do the speech at a meeting of Golden Dawn. …

The Belgian media have published photos in which the prominent members of Vlaams Belang pose at the headquarters of Golden Dawn. Also on social media one could see that the Vlaams Belang MPs had a meeting with members of the Golden Dawn party, which is strongly opposed to immigration.

Of the delegation that traveled to Greece Van dermeersch was the only member of the party executive. She remains a member of the Flemish Parliament. Penris and Dewinter remain parliamentarians as well. The party can not deprive them of their jobs.

So, apparently party Chairman Van Grieken now prefers dog-whistle fascism, as better public relations and less likelihood of problems with anti-discrimination laws in Belgium, to the open fascism of Vandermeersch, Dewinter, Penris and Golden Dawn (though Van Grieken himself a few years ago established links with the German NPD neonazis). Will ex-Vlaams Belang party leader Dewinter now split the party into two?

Hungary’s Orbán thanks Greek far-right Golden Dawn for its support: here.

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