Flemish racists celebrate Hitler’s birthday in parliament

This video says about itself:

The Hidden Face Of The Vlaams Belang (1/8)

Nov 18, 2007

A Belgian documentary on the Flemish far-right party Vlaams Belang and its disturbing past and present.

Translated from an interview by Michael Lescroart with Bart Debie, ex-police commissioner and ex-Member of Parliament of the extreme Right political party Vlaams Belang; in the (conservative) Belgian daily Gazet van Antwerpen, paper edition, 9 March 2013:

“On Hitler‘s birthday, Vlaams Belang representatives celebrate in the parliament’s restaurant”

Yes, there are people in Vlaams Belang with hardline nazi sympathies. That includes members of parliament. After they had some drinks, I have seen them make the Hitler salute.

I have also filmed them doing that. …

Eg, on Hitler’s birthday it was their custom to have a little party in the restaurant of the Flemish parliament. Then, they drank to the health of “uncle Marcel”. A code name for the Führer. I have always really had problems with this.

48 thoughts on “Flemish racists celebrate Hitler’s birthday in parliament

  1. 80 years ago today…

    Sunday 12 May 2013

    by Graham Stevenson

    Exploring our online archive of the Star’s early years

    The Worker reported the speech from the dock of Charles Heckster, fined £2 for using insulting words and behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace.

    He’d been arrested during a protest against “murder” staged at Claridge’s, a luxury hotel much favoured by monarchy.

    The occasion was the visit to Britain of Alfred Rosenberg, the self-styled ideologue of nazism. In 1933 he was in charge of German foreign policy and during the war became minister for the occupied eastern territories.

    In his defence, Heckster declared: “I went there as a representative of the working class to protest against Fascism in general … (it) has to be protested against by everybody, whatever their political viewpoints.

    “I wanted to protest against the murder and persecution that has taken place of Socialists and Communists and people even of Liberal tendencies … Down with Fascism!”



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