Facebook bans Dutch anarchist, welcomes nazis

This 9 February 2016 video says about itself:

Zuckerberg slammed after Facebook censors posts

Many are furious with CEO Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook censored an iconic photograph from the Vietnam War.

On 11 September 2020, Dutch anarchist Peter Storm reported on his blog that Facebook corporation had banned his Facebook account forever.

Why did Facebook censor me? Peter Storm wanted to know. He got the vague reply that he had supposedly violated ‘Facebook guidelines’. WHICH guidelines?

Facebook did not reply. But Peter very strongly suspects that it is because he is an anarchist and an anti-fascist. He mentions other anarchists banned by Facebook. Like CrimethInc and Its Going Down and many others.

Many Facebook bans of anti-fascist, otherwise leftist or simply artistic or scientific accounts preceded billionaire Facebook boss Zuckerberg‘s banning of Peter Storm now.

Facebook welcomes neo-nazis, and censors leftists and famous painters.

Facebook censors Thai critics of the absolute monarchy in their country.

Facebook censors the Dutch photography museum.

Facebook censors information on war crimes whistleblowers.

Facebook censors a leftist artist for being against Donald Trump.

Facebook censors posts against Trump’s attempted far-right coup in Venezuela.

Facebook has the extreme right censor the left.

Facebook censors the leftist United States Young Turks site.

The same United States neo-nazis who had murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville planned to march in Washington. Anti-fascists announced a counter-demonstration on Facebook. Facebook then banned the anti-fascists and opponents of Trump’s xenophobia for being supposedly (don’t laugh) ‘Russian propaganda‘.

Facebook censorship helped corporate Democrat politicians against leftist candidate Bernie Sanders in the primary elections in the USA.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Whom does Facebook NOT censor? Denialists of Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust. The Nederlandse Volksunie, an Adolf Hitler worshipping violent neonazi criminal gang, has been welcome on Facebook for years and still is today.

BARR: KNIVES OUT FOR ‘ANARCHIST’ DEM CITIES With just weeks to go before the 2020 presidential election, the Justice Department is once again attacking elected Democratic officials, this time by designating New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, as “anarchist jurisdictions” and suggesting their federal funding may be in question. The Justice Department, responding to a memo from Trump that attacked all three cities, said the cities have “permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities.” [HuffPost]

New York Times echoes Trump’s attacks on “violent anarchists”. Times editorial board member Farah Stockman attacks supposed anarchist: here.

6 thoughts on “Facebook bans Dutch anarchist, welcomes nazis

  1. Face book is killing itself. If you don’t like a post move on, if you really don’t like posts, block the person, unfriend, do whatever it takes. My son was banned for posting a picture of the Sistine chapel. Ridiculous.


  2. Like

  3. Sheryl Sandberg tells women to “lean in.”

    But what happens on Facebook to women leaders that dare to speak out?

    Right-wing extremists use Facebook to spread disinformation and harass women leaders. Representatives Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other women of color leaders have been reporting death threats and abuse on Facebook for years.1 The assaults are escalating–from the attacks in Kenosha, Wisconsin,2 to the recent plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer,3 Facebook is powering violence that harms women, especially women of color.

    Now, the election of our lifetime is underway, and Facebook is undermining our democracy. Conspiracy theories and disinformation are circulating on the platform, causing chaos and confusion about the election.4

    Thousands of UltraViolet members campaigned to get Sandberg on the board of Facebook in 2012. Today, we’re calling on Sandberg to lean in and take action to protect democracy and women’s safety. Will you join us?

    Tell Sheryl Sandberg: Shut down all Facebook hate groups, pages, and events that spread disinformation and call for violence.
    Sign the petition

    Facebook doesn’t just tolerate misogyny and white supremacy, it actually recommends it. An internal report revealed that 64% of the time when people join extremist groups, it’s because Facebook recommended it to them.5 Facebook executives know this and still choose to harbor and promote hate on their platform.

    The company recently admitted that Facebook algorithms favor rightwing extremists–the platform is designed to promote inflammatory content, like racist conspiracy theories and deadly disinformation.6

    Under public pressure from people like us, the company rolled out selective, soft policies to clean up its image.7 We aren’t falling for it–we need Facebook to take urgent, sweeping action to shut down all hate groups and violent event pages.

    Tell Sheryl Sandberg: Shut down all Facebook hate groups, pages, and events that spread disinformation and call for violence.

    Thanks for fighting with us!

    –Shaunna, Kathy, Sonja, Melody, Lindsay, Iris, KD, Maria, Kimberly, Elisa, KaeLyn, Bridget, and Katie, the UltraViolet Action team


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