Music abuse by Dutch xenophobic PVV party

This video, recorded in the Netherlands, says about itself:

23 March 2014

Thousands of people have protested in Amsterdam against Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders over his anti-Moroccan comments at an election rally last week.

Not only in the USA there is a problem of right-wing politicians using music by musicians who don’t want their music to be abused.

In the Netherlands, the band Het Goede Doel wants to stop Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party from playing their music at their meetings.

The Goede Doel singer said also to Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad yesterday:

Once we were offered lots of money by a nasty Flemish party. We have not accepted that as well.

Very probably, that ‘nasty Flemish party’ is the racist Vlaams Belang.

5 thoughts on “Music abuse by Dutch xenophobic PVV party

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