Governments against refugees

Pro-refugee demonstration

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Belgium restricts residence rights of refugees

Today, 15:08

Recognised refugees will no longer have permanent residents’ rights in Belgium. They may be returned to their homeland in the future if the situation improves there.

According to the theory of NATO governments, the situation in, eg, Afghanistan, supposedly ‘improves’ when NATO soldiers invade that country. No matter what the practice of these NATO armed forces in Afghanistan etc. is.

For the first five years the refugees will get a temporary status. They will get an unlimited residency status when the situation in their home country within five years will not have changed.

Until now, recognized refugees were given permanent status in Belgium. That meant they no longer had to return to their countries of origin.

New statement

Newcomers now also have to sign a ‘Declaration to respect the European rights, duties, values and freedoms’. Anyone who refuses this loses immediately the possibility to become Belgian.

In the statement are included fundamental rights such as equality between men and women and freedom of speech.

Belgian bosses, with the complicity of the Belgian government, again and again violate equality between men and women by paying women less than men. But I don’t expect the Belgian government politicians will now deprive these bosses, or themselves, of their Belgian passports.

Belgian racist party Vlaams Belang propagates anti-women sexism. However, probably the government will not take Vlaams Belang people‘s Belgian passports away from them.

The Belgian government violates free speech by arresting hundreds of anti-nuclear weapons demonstrators near NATO headquarters or military bases. Again, don’t expect these politicians to deprive themselves of their passports.

Refugees living in tents in the Maximilianpark in Brussels, Belgium, photo: AFP

According to Dutch NOS TV today, the Swedish government has decided to make the situation worse for refugees as well. A cowardly reaction to pressure by racists; like the school sword murderer of Trollhättan.

By Martin Kreikenbaum and Andre Damon:

Germany to deport refugees in military cargo planes

23 October 2015

As growing numbers of refugees seek asylum from the wars raging in Syria and Iraq, governments throughout Europe are moving to seal their borders, slash social assistance for migrants, and carry out mass deportations.

This week, the Bild newspaper reported that the German government plans to use military aircraft to deport tens of thousands of refugees whose requests for asylum have been denied. According to the newspaper, the government is planning to use C-160 military transport planes to deport nearly 200,000 people who have been declared by the German state to be “economic migrants” and ineligible for asylum.

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