18 thoughts on “Deporting refugees to dangerous Kosovo

  1. Slovakia to pull Kosovo troops

    Slovakia: The Defence Ministry has announced proposals to end the country’s 140-strong troop deployment in the contested region of Kosovo in order to release troops for the faltering US-led campaign in Afghanistan.

    Spokesman Richard Sumeghy did not say how many more soldiers were expected to join the 300 Slovak troops who are currently fighting under Nato command in Afghanistan.

    On Thursday the Czech Defence Ministry revealed that it is planning to send another 200 troops to Afghanistan to join the 600 Czech soldiers already there.



  2. Troops to leave Kosovo this year

    Slovakia: MPs approved a government plan today to withdraw the country’s troops from the contested region of Kosovo.

    Parliament voted 136-0 to withdraw all 140 servicemen deployed in Kosovo by the end of this year. Slovak troops have been a part of the Nato-led force since 1999.

    Slovakia is one of several EU countries that does not recognise Kosovo’s independence.



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