British women’s pay discrimination

This video is called Feminism F.A.Q.s: Is the Gender Wage Gap Real?

By Will Stone in Britain:

Women in 50s earn one-fifth less than men

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Women in their fifties earn nearly a fifth less than men – the widest gap of any age group, unions warned yesterday.

TUC research published ahead of today’s latest unemployment figures showed that despite the dramatic rise in the number of women working past 50, average full-time wages are just £11.99 an hour.

That’s 18 per cent less than a man of the same age, earning £14.69.

It’s nearly double the average gender pay gap of 10 per cent.

Shockingly, the analysis – taken from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2012 – revealed that women in their fifties also earn less than women in their thirties (£14.17) and forties (£12.93).

Half of all women over 50 are employed part-time where the majority earn less than £10,000 a year on an average hourly wage of just £8.53.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady warned that low pay has left many working women let down by the pension system struggling to save enough for their retirement.

She said: “As the workforce ages it’s essential that people are able to work part-time hours without having to give up decent pay.

“Most of us will have caring responsibilities at some point in our lives and it’s not right that looking after loved ones still has such as a damaging affect on women’s pay and career prospects.”

The analysis is the first in a series of reports for Age Immaterial, a TUC project looking at issues facing women aged over 50 in work, including pay, caring responsibilities, age and sex discrimination, and health issues.

See also here.

WOMEN will earn less than men for another 60 years if the government does not do more to narrow the pay gap, a senior Labour MP said yesterday. Shadow women and equalities minister Gloria de Piero has uncovered figures in the Commons library revealing that the pay gap rose in 2013 from 19.6 per cent to 19.7 per cent. The figure had previously fallen steadily from 27.5 per cent in 1997: here.

HUGE GENDER PAY GAP AT BBC The British broadcaster revealed that the top four male hosts on the network make four times as much as the top four female hosts. [HuffPost]

BBC EMPLOYEES DEMAND END TO WAGE GAP In an open letter to the British broadcaster’s director, 40 of its top female stars demanded the BBC reduce its gender pay disparity. A report revealed last week that the network’s top-earning female employees were paid significantly less than their male counterparts. [HuffPost]

Gender pay gap exposed at Financial Times: here.

Britain: THE gender pay gap for workers in PR and communications has grown despite a rising number of female bosses, industry insiders claimed yesterday: here.

USA: Women Face A Pay Gap In Every Single State. Here’s Where It’s Worst. Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the $840 billion women won’t earn this year: here.

BLACK workers are not paid as much as their white colleagues with the same qualifications, TUC research released today shows. The report reveals a shocking racial disparity, with a pay gap as high as 20 per cent for some black employees: here.

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