Swedish lesbian bishop drives nazis out of church

El Greco, Jesus drives the money-changers out of the temple

6 October 2010.

According to Christian tradition, nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ made history by driving the money-changers and other businessmen out of the temple in Jerusalem.

Bishop Eva BrunneTwo years ago, Swedish Lutheran clergywoman Eva Brunne made headlines by becoming the world’s first lesbian bishop.

Yesterday, the Right Reverend Ms Brunne, somewhat similarly to Jesus Christ, made history by driving unsavoury people out of a place of worship; Stockholm cathedral, in her case.

There are some differences with Jesus Christ’s case, however. According to the Bible, Jesus used violence to drive the traders out. He also named and shamed them. While all Ms Brunne did was sermonizing, during the traditional church service before the new season of parliament. In her sermon, the bishop did not name the neo-nazis of the “Sweden Democrats” party, which elected 20 MP’s in the recent election. She did not name nazi leader Jimmie Åkesson.

She just objected to racism. And, apparently, that shoe fits Jimmie Åkesson and his Sweden “Democrats”. As they indignantly left the church service. Disproving their own propaganda talk of supposedly not being racist, just “racially realist” blah blah blah …

From The Local in Sweden:

Press reacts to Sweden Democrat ‘spectacle’

Published: 6 Oct 10 09:06 CET

Leader pages across Sweden condemned as petty and immature the Sweden Democrats’ walking out on a bishop’s speech about racism on Tuesday, while others took aim at Fredrik Reinfeldt’s new government.

Most newspapers who addressed the subject believe the decision by Jimmie Åkessson and his fellow Sweden Democrats to leave in the middle of Bishop Eva Brunne’s speech reveals the party’s true colours and exposes them for the racists that they so strenuously deny that they are.

“An odd reaction by a party leader who energetically claims that his party doesn’t harbor any racist opinions,” writes the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper.

The social democratic leaning Arbetarbladet writes that the polish has been rubbed off and the party’s message stood openly exposed to the public gathered outside the church.

According to the liberal Gefle Dagblad (GD) newspaper, the Sweden Democrats’ “spectacle” clarified the party’s politics “in a painful way”.

“If the bishop’s sermon about respecting all peoples’ equal value and against racism is an agitation against the politics of the Sweden Democrats, it means that the party’s politics stand opposed to her message,” writes the newspaper.

Leader writer Peter Wolodarski of the independently liberal Dagens Nyheter (DN), points out that other parties’ attempts to freeze out the Sweden Democrats, which included demands for separate queues in the Riksdag canteen, are not only childish but also counterproductive.

“They strengthen the Sweden Democrats feeling of isolation and complicate constructive parliamentary work. And it helps people nod in agreement when Jimmie Åkesson speaks of a political buffoonery,” writes Wolodarski, while concluding that the walk out says more about the Sweden Democrats than the bishop.

Other newspapers addressed the challenges facing Fredrik Reinfeldt in his decision to move forward with a minority government, with most agreeing that the prime minister must have had a difficult time putting his team together.

This video says about itself:

On September 20, 2010 — the day after the Swedish general election — 10,000 people in Stockholm protested against the far-right Swedish Democrats party.

The right-wing Alliance led by Frederick Reinfeldt is attempting to continue in government despite failing to achieve an outright majority in last month’s parliamentary elections: here.

Following the success in September elections of a far-right populist party in the country, a Swedish immigrant has formed a party working to protect immigrants’ interests. The new party is being founded amidst a wave of violent crime against foreigners in the southern city of Malmö last week: here.

England: A demonstration by the English Defence League in Leicester ended in violence and arrests on Saturday after members of the far-right group attacked police and damaged property: here.

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