Swedish racist murders teacher, student with sword

This video from Sweden says about itself:

Sweden school attack in Trollhättan, horror as sword attacker kills teacher and pupil

22 October 2015

School attack in Trollhättan, Sweden

Sweden school attack: horror as sword attacker kills teacher and pupil

Sweden has reacted with shock and horror after a teacher and pupil were stabbed to death in a school with a high number of immigrants by a masked man who was reported to have far-right sympathies. The man, who posed with students before starting his killing spree, was shot dead by police.

He was named in Swedish media as 21-year-old Anton Lundin Pettersson.

There were scenes of panic in Trollhättan, an industrial city near Gothenburg, on Thursday as parents and pupils crowded outside Kronan school in the aftermath of the killings among large numbers of police and ambulances.

“It is a black day for Sweden,” said the prime minister, Stefan Löfven, before rushing to the city.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

School attacker in Sweden had racist motive

Today, 08:41

The man who yesterday stabbed two people to death at a school in Trolhättan had a racist motive. The 21-year-old perpetrator, who himself lived in the town, deliberately chose victims of foreign origin, Swedish police reports. Also, based on unnamed discoveries in the house of the man and his manner of dress and action, police call this a “hate crime”.

According to the Swedish anti-racism magazine Expo the culprit last month showed sympathy for far-right and anti-immigration movements. A few weeks ago he watched, eg, a German Nazi propaganda film on YouTube.


The masked man yesterday invaded a school in Trollhättan town with a sword with which he stabbed pupils and teachers. A teacher and a student were killed. A student and another teacher were seriously injured. The police shot the 21-year-old perpetrator dead.

The students first thought it was a joke when the man entered the building. He wore black clothes and had a Star Wars mask on. Only when he started waving his arms, they realised how dangerous the situation was. Just before his deed the man posed for a picture with two students.


The attacker grew up in Trollhättan and went to a technical school. After he graduated, he moved into an apartment a few kilometers from the school. There is no known connection between him and the school where he committed the murders.

Most students of the affected school are of foreign origin. They are between 6 and 16 years old.

The attacker entered the school through the lobby café, which is open to everyone. Then he knocked on the door of two classrooms.

Swedish police shared details on Friday about a 21-year-old Hitler admirer with far-right sympathies who killed a teacher and teenager at an immigrant-heavy Trollhättan school: here.

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