Dutch nazis applaud Wilders-Le Pen collaboration

This video, recorded in the Netherlands, says about itself:

13 November 2013

Clashes between the police and left-wing protesters took place outside the Dutch parliament in The Hague on Wednesday. Demonstrators protested against the arrival of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen who met with the Dutch Party for Freedom’s (PVV) leader, Geert Wilders.

Approximately 60 activists banged drums and sounded horns in protest against Le Pen. Three people were injured and two were arrested when clashes erupted between riot police and left-wing activists.

Translated from Dutch weekly HP/De Tijd:

Extreme right-wing Nederlandse Volksunie praises cooperation of [Geert Wilders’] PVV party with [French] National Front

HP/De Tijd might have been more detailed about what makes the Nederlandse Volksunie so extreme right. They are open neo-nazis. They are Holocaust deniers. They celebrate Hitler’s birthday, and Hitler’s 1923 coup attempt in Munich, the Beer Hall Putsch.

December 27, 2013

by Frank Verhoef

The PVV will cooperate at European level with the National Front of Marine Le Pen and her anti-Semitic father Jean Marie. That’s good news, Constant Kusters of the far-right Dutch People’s Union NVU says.

Geert Wilders’ flirting with the National Front and Vlaams Belang is not equally well received everywhere else (one after the other resigning PVV supporter is not happy with that move), but in [Kusters’] Gelderland province [NVU supporters] are eagerly looking forward to the coming collaboration between the parties.

Kusters, the leader of the Arnhem-based extreme right political party NVU, which will participate next year in the elections in three municipalities, is completely in his element. He praises the PVV because the party has moved to the right. In a special Christmas video the far-right politician looks ahead expectantly to 2014.

Contrary to HP/De Tijd, this blog will not post that NVU nazi propaganda video. It will also not reproduce HP/De Tijd‘s links to the NVU site.

“You can see in the move by Geert Wilders towards the National Front and Vlaams Belang that the PVV has moved to the right. Our people have handed out NVU leaflets during the latest demonstration by the PVV in The Hague. Thus, you can see that the parties are joining hands peacefully.” Kusters, who recently authored a real political autobiography, believes that Wilders has changed in recent years.

“Earlier on, Wilders always used to bash the National Front and Vlaams Belang. Those, he used to say, were extremist parties. You can see now that the PVV realizes that they have no other coalition partners in Europe”, said the NVU boss in his Christmas message. Kusters is not alone in this. Visitors to the NVU site also stand behind Wilders’ plans to work together with the National Front: 75 percent of the visitors like that cooperation, according to a poll on the NVU Internet site.

Quarrel in PVV party: here.

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