Armed neonazis caught in Germany

This video from Germany says about itself:

20 April 2016

Clashes erupted as thousands of antifa descended on a far-right ‘Thugida’ march in Jena, Wednesday, as the nationalist group gathered on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Some 150 Thugida protesters, Pegida’s Thuringia affiliate, were met by around 4,000 anti-racist demonstrators, with a heavy police presence in place to prevent altercations. Despite strong policing, antifa threw bottles at Thugida activists, many bearing Nazi-inspired tattoos and German national flags used during the Third Reich.

Permission for the Thugida demonstration was at first rejected by Jena’s local police, with officials calling for the organisers to schedule the demo on another day that did not coincide with Hitler’s birthday.

A court overthrew this decision based on the organiser’s claim that the demonstration was not orchestrated to celebrate Hitler’s birthday, but to fight against so-called ‘leftist terror’.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Arrests after raids on the extreme right in Germany

Today, 18:34

In Germany, the justice department has raided twelve places in the country in connection with an investigation into right-wing extremists. Two people were arrested, including a 62-year-old man who calls himself a druid. Police think that they with four others have formed a group to prepare for attacks on Jews, asylum seekers and police.

During the raids weapons, ammunition and explosives were found. 200 officers were involved.


According to sources at the German intelligence, the defendants are Reichsbürger. That’s a group of people who do not recognize the current state system in Germany because it was imposed by the Allies after World War II. They want to return to the situation before the war [of Adolf Hitler‘s Third Reich].

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