Exxon, other US corporations, sponsor Flemish neo-nazis

This is a video from Belgium about nazis of the Vlaams Belang party. Vlaams Belang leaders Dewinter and Annemans are stopped by police from honouring members of Hitler’s SS.

Paul Beliën is a key figure in the extreme Right and Flemish separatist Belgian party Vlaams Belang (called Vlaams Blok until convicted in court as racist); especially for its contacts with US neo-conservatives.

He is the husband of Vlaams Belang MP Alexandra Colen.

He is also a contributor to US neoconservative magazine The Weekly Standard; and the founder of extreme Right think thank Center For The New Europe (CNE).

Translated from Belgian daily De Morgen:

The CNE, like similar think tanks, is sponsored liberally by corporations like pharma giant Pfizer, oil big cheese Exxon Mobil [see also here and here] and computer corporation Microsoft [see on them also here].

See also on this here.

In this way, US big business sponsors a party with its roots in collaboration of extremist Flemish nationalists with Adolf Hitler during his occupation of Belgium in World War II.

Still today, Vlaams Belang front organizations hold meetings in fond memory of World War II nazis like Cyriel Verschaeve and Irma Laplasse.

The Sint Maartensfonds, the organization of Flemish veterans of Hitler’s Waffen SS, had close connections with Vlaams Belang up to its recent dissolution because of old age of its membership.

Nevertheless, Vlaams Belang in its program still advocates general amnesty for 1940-1945 nazi criminals.

Roeland Raes, then vice president and senator of the Vlaams Blok, and still a senior Vlaams Belang member, on Dutch TV denied Hitler’s Holocaust, and the authenticity of Anne Frank‘s diary.

In the local council of Antwerp, Vlaams Blok councillors proposed to rename a big boulevard of Antwerp in “honour” of Ward Hermans, editor of the paper of the Flemish SS during World War II.

Talking about “honour”: in September, Belgian police arrested participants in violent plot plans by Blood and Honour, Flemish neonazis with links to both Vlaams Belang and to violent nazi groups in other countries with the same name.

A cousin of Beliën’s wife Alexandra Colen’s colleague as Vlaams Belang MP, Frieda van Themsche, recently murdered an African nurse and a little girl out of racism.

Let us not forget nazis already in 1940-1945 talked about a ‘New Europe’.

Another ExxonMobile issue: Exxon Valdez pollution in Alaska.


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