Belgian racist violence against Turkish women

This English language video says about itself (translated from Dutch):

[Belgian racist party] Vlaams Belang honours war criminals

16 July 2010

Vlaams Belang MEP Philip Claeys together with other European far-right and fascist parties visited a Japanese monument (and graveyard) which is a tribute to many convicted war criminals under the Emperor Hirohito regime. That regime rallied to the side of the Nazis [in World War II] and was responsible for rape, torture, and hundreds of thousands [rather: millions] of deaths.

That was then. Today, a consequence of Vlaams Belang Islamophobic propaganda.

Translated from Belgian (right wing) daily Het Laatste Nieuws:

He spat at us and shouted, “Take that rag off your animal head”


1/09/16 – 05u00

A school in Leopoldsburg has given a pupil’s father an entry ban because he attacked three women of Turkish origin during the enrolment of new pupils. He pushed a disabled woman to the ground, to her sister with a headscarf on he screamed “that she had to get that rag off her animal head.” “We don’t tolerate racism here”, says the headmistress.

“Take that rag off your animal head! And if you do not speak Dutch, then go back to Turkey.” 31 year old told Hilal was told that by another parent, when she went to enroll her son Muhammad (6) in his new school in Leopoldsburg.

That father also pushed Hilal’s disabled sister to the ground, spat on them and kicked anyone who tried to help them. The headmistress, who saw everything happen, intervenes decisively: “This is pure racism. That man is no longer welcome in our school until further notice.”

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