Extreme right violence, theory and practice

This video from the USA says about itself:

Is America A Terrorist Nation Exporting White Supremacy?

18 June 2016

A British white supremacy supporter was aided by American white supremacists in his ideology and weapons building. Thomas Mair killed female British politician Jo Cox for her political and social views. As he killed her, he is reported to have shouted a nationalistic slogan. Remind you of anyone?

The recent murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox by neonazi Thomas Mair; the massacres in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik; the attempted murder of five human beings, including Ms Henriette Reker, then mayoral candidate, now mayor of Cologne in Germany: what is the theory behind this, and other extreme right violence?

In the case of Thomas Mair, it seems to be decades of reading pro-South African apartheid writings, and the nazi books which he had bought from the United States National Alliance. The Islamophobic witch hunts by the British corporate media seem to have done the rest.

Breivik mentioned lots of ‘inspiration’ for his crimes on the Internet, including writings of Islamophobes like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

The refugee-hating would be knife murderer of Ms Reker and others had a decades long experience in extreme right outfits, commemorating Adolf Hitler’s deputy fuehrer Rudolf Hess and similar things.

While the officially proclaimed targets of the far right are ‘dangerous’ Muslims, ‘dangerous’ communist revolutionaries and ‘dangerous’ anarchist revolutionaries, in these three cases the victims of the violence did not fit into these target categories.

Jo Cox was no red revolutionary, but a ‘center left’ Labour party reformist. Nevertheless, in the eyes of Thomas Mair and his ilk, she was a ‘commie’ for opposing hatred against Muslims and refugees.

Most of the people murdered by Breivik were teenage supporters of the Norwegian ‘center left’ social democratic party. Again, in the eyes of Breivik and his ilk, ‘race traitors’ for not doing enough to stop refugees and other immigrants.

Ms Reker in Cologne was not even ‘center left’, rather ‘center right’. However, she refused to go along with anti-refugee lies; it almost cost her her life.

To understand a bit about how the extreme right see people with different views, I will translate some lines of songs by the racist political party Vlaams Blok (VB. They had to change their name after being convicted of racism, and are now called Vlaams Belang. A policeman, ex Vlaams Belang member, says that Vlaams Belang MPs still every year celebrate Hitler’s birthday in the Belgian parliament building).

This is the translation of lines from their song Ter Dood (Kill them), as published in the VB paper Branding:

Blood is flowing through the streets
Rats perish miserably in the gutter
But we won’t be satisfied with that
All leftists should die.

Kill them, kill them, all those leftists into the gutter,
Not words, but action. All those lefties in the streets,
All these red subhumans should go to the slaughterhouse
Beat them to death, beat them to death
All these leftists into the grave.

This is the translation of lines from the official song of the Vlaams Blok youth movement, written by Vlaams Belang MP Pieter Huybregts:

A Workers’ Party of Belgium member, a Moroccan
A Trot and a Nigerian nigger,
A communist, an oddball,
We will put all of them into coffins,
A big-mouthed red dog,
We will bury it under the ground!

A dirty Jew, a Maoist,
A French-speaking Belgian, a social democrat

would all suffer the same bloody fate according to Mr Pieter Huybregts then. And according to Mr Thomas Nair now.

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