Will British nazis be considered terrorists?

British National Action nazi march

By Charlotte England in Britain today:

British neo-Nazi group ‘to be classed as terror organisation and banned’ in unprecedented move

Fascist group tweeted picture in support of terrorist who killed MP Jo Cox

A British neo-Nazi group is expected to be labelled a terror organisation and banned in a landmark first for the UK.

An order proscribing fascist group National Action is due to be laid before Parliament on Monday. It will be the first time membership of a far-right group has been outlawed in the UK.

The self-styled “nationalist youth movement” has praised and glorified Thomas Mair, the white supremacist who murdered Labour MP Jo Cox in what a court described as a terrorism offence, and employs anti-Semitic language lifted direct from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party.

The group’s Yorkshire branch, which is believed to consist of about 100 fascists, also encourages ‘lone wolf activism’ on its website, a phrase which usually refers to acts of terrorism committed by individuals.

Proscribing organisations is difficult because groups “often skirt around the law”, a senior government source told The Sunday TimesNational Action, however, has been deemed to have “crossed the line and glorified terrorism”.

One tweet by the group reportedly showed a picture of Mair with the message: “ … Jo Cox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhumans!”

Another read: “only 649 MPs to go.”

The group has also altered its listing on Google to read: “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain!”, a slogan which echoes the phrase Mair said in court when asked to give his name soon after being charged with Ms Cox’s murder.

Mair received a life sentence for the killing when he was convicted last month. The 53-year-old was revealed to have a Third Reich eagle monument, embellished with a swastika, and other Nazi paraphernalia in his bedroom, along with information on white supremacist neo-Nazi movements in the UK and abroad.

The Yorkshire branch of National Action has been accused of seeking to incite the murder of Jewish people, tweeting a derogatory term used by the Nazis to describe Jews during the holocaust: “Tykes gassin K#kes is our motto, #Yorkshire needs you #AntiCommunism #ProNationalSocialism #DefendBritain.”

The groups Twitter account has now been suspended.

National Action is not unique in the UK. The North West Infidels said on social media the group believes Ms Cox “got what she deserved” because of her liberal views and … urged supporters to “fight extremism with extremism”.

The British government appears to be taking the threat posed by the far-right more seriously than in the past, leading to speculation other groups could be banned in the near future.

Speaking after Mair’s conviction, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “I am determined that we challenge extremism in all its forms, including the evil of far right extremism.”

People at risk from far-right indoctrination now account for 25 per cent of all cases receiving help from Channel, the official scheme for those deemed likely to engage in violent extremism, The Times reported.

National Action’s monthly update for November, posted on the group’s website, dismissed reports it could be proscribed as “below discussion on grounds of extreme ignorance”.

“We neither sanction or endorse terrorism,” it said.

MPs and Peers, however, are reportedly expected to have approved the order banning the group by the end of the week.

Anyone joining or drumming up support for proscribed organisations faces criminal prosecution. Groups can also have their assets frozen.

The Home Office said: “As a matter of routine, we do not comment on whether an organisation is or is not under consideration for proscription.”

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  2. Tuesday 13th December 2013

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    Tiny but vicious National Action mob outlawed

    MINISTERS banned far-right splinter group National Action (NA) yesterday, the first gang of fascists to be outlawed under the 2000 Terrorism Act.

    The banning order will take effect from Friday. People could be jailed for 10 years for being a member of NA, arranging meetings or drumming up support for the group, or sporting items in public linked to it.

    NA originally grew out of the British National Party’s youth wing.

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd called it a “racist, anti-semitic and homophobic organisation which stirs up hatred, glorifies violence and promotes a vile ideology.”

    She said last month that fascists were gaining traction after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by neonazi Thomas Mair.

    NA in particular was known for relatively sophisticated use of social media.

    Anti-fascist organisation Hope not Hate “cautiously welcomed” the ban but said the use of the Terrorism Act was unnecessary.

    “We feel the authorities could have dealt with NA sooner and quicker under existing laws,” said research director Matthew Collins.

    “We have long warned about the danger posed by far-right extremists such as this group, seeking to sow discord and enticing others to violent action.”

    NA often stages “very small actions” which are “blown out of all proportion by a gullible media,” Mr Collins said.

    “Many of these stunts would be laughable, were it not for those prepared to act on NA’s violent message.”

    The government decided to ban NA before the start of Ms Cox’s murder trial. Mr Mair was jailed for life for killing her outside a constituency surgery in June.

    The NA adopted his words: “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain” to show support for his murder of Ms Cox.

    Campaign Against Anti-semitism chairman Gideon Falter said the ban on NA sent “a strong message that the far-right is in the government’s sights and will not be permitted to continue its incitement and violence.”

    Previously, in October 2014, 21-year-old NA member Garron Helm was jailed for four weeks for sending thousands of abusive tweets to Jewish politicians, mainly Labour MP Luciana Berger.

    And last year 26-year-old NA supporter Zack Davies was given a life sentence for trying to cut the head off 25-year-old trainee dentist Sarandev Bhambra, a Sikh, in a Tesco in north Wales.

    He almost cut Mr Bhambra’s hand off.

    “It has been clear to us and other observers that in the last 18 to 24 months this group has been preparing to step up its campaign, which we feel would have more tragic and violent consequences,” said Mr Collins.

    The government says a quarter of the cases dealt with by its Channel counter-extremism programme, part of the much-derided Prevent, involve rightwingers.



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  4. Saturday 17th December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A NEONAZI group that became illegal yesterday has seen 22 of its members or associates arrested since the start of the year.

    Police disclosed the figure as an order outlawing National Action under the Terrorism Act 2000 came into effect.

    Under the order, anyone found to be a member or inviting support for National Action faces up to 10 years in prison.

    The arrests were for a range of offences including hate crimes and public order breaches.

    “Officers have been briefed about the proscription and, going forward, will apply the legislation to this group as they would any other terrorist organisation,” said Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

    “This includes taking action against their online activities.”

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced proposals to ban National Action earlier this week after an assessment concluded that it was “concerned in terrorism.”

    An entry for National Action in the official list of proscribed groups says it is a “racist neonazi group” that was established in 2013 and has branches across Britain.



  5. Thursday 12th
    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    COUNTERTERROR police arrested a 21-year-old Blackpool man yesterday for inciting racial hatred.

    The man was arrested for two public order offences after allegedly using threatening, abusive and insulting words likely to stir up racial hatred.

    One charge relates to remarks on social media, the other to words spoken at an event in Blackpool in March last year organised by the North West Infidels, a far-right group associated with the English Defence League and banned neonazi group National Action.

    At the event, supporters cheered as Jews were described as “parasites” and Hitler was praised amid claims Britain “took the wrong side” in the second world war.

    A police spokeswoman said: “The man will be interviewed at a police station in Lancashire during the course of the day.”

    Support or membership of National Action was outlawed under the Terrorism Act last month, making it the first far-right movement to be prohibited as a terror group.

    The group says it wants to fight the “disease” of “international Jewry” and admires Adolf Hitler. It is understood to have grown out of splinter groups of other far-right organisations and its membership numbers are not known publicly.

    Hate crimes can be reported to police on 101 or via the True Vision website http://www.report-it.org.uk.



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