Jo Cox murdered by English nazi, American nazis applaud

This video says about itself:

Jo Cox’s Suspected Killer Connected to Hate Groups

17 June 2016

After the June 16 shooting of British MP Jo Cox, several sources uncovered connections between her suspected killer and hate groups like National Alliance.

From the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in Britain:

It’s time to call the killing of Jo Cox what it is: ‘an act of far-Right terrorism

Juliet Samuel

17 June 2016 • 5:38pm

Since the shocking murder of Jo Cox, Britain has been trying to process this horrible event. The killing of a serving MP who had so much to contribute to our democracy has triggered a national period of sorrow, sobriety and reflection.

There is also a growing discussion about what this murder means, how to refer to it and what conclusions we can draw from it. …

It should be said that we still don’t know for sure all the details of the attack. But it’s now more than a day since it happened and the evidence that Thomas Mair, Ms Cox’s suspected  killer, had a longstanding and continuing interest in neo-Nazism looks very compelling. There are records going back to 1999 showing that he bought books from a US neo-Nazi group called National Alliance and three witnesses have stated he shouted “Britain first” when carrying out his attack. …

Why is it important how we refer to this wicked act?

Because calling it by its name shakes us out of our complacency and it helps us to understand how we should react. There’s a tendency to think of Britain as a moderate, sensible, reasonable place. …

But our society is not immune from extremist hatred, whether it’s Islamist or fascist. There is an ongoing and energetic discussion about Islamic extremism. There is very little discussion of our enduring fascist heritage. Yet Britain has been home to fascist groups for decades. There was a strong vein of support for Adolf Hitler in this country before the Second World War.  …

Mr Mair might be a mentally ill loner. But he is also a loner who took inspiration from neo-Nazism, just as other mentally ill loners have been inspired by Isil [ISIS] propaganda. It seems increasingly clear that Mr Mair belongs to a vile tradition of the murderous far-Right that includes Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh. …

This awful week does show, however, that we have to be more vigilant in our political life about the growth or toleration of extreme nationalist ideas. We might not have such mainstream racists in the spotlight as Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen. But we have to think more critically about where the line is between dangerous incitement and acceptable expressions of rage or alienation.

British nazi Thomas Mair, murderer of Jo Cox

This photo was described on Twitter on 18 June 2016 as:

Thomas Mair. The man news outlets describe as a “loner” & “timid gardener”. In reality, he’s a neo-Nazi terrorist.

If Mair would have been a Muslim who killed an MP, then the corporate media would not have been so reluctant to use the ‘t-word‘.

From the Daily Mail in Britain, a conservative paper, like the Telegraph:

‘She put a target on her back’: Sickening words of US neo-Nazi group leader ‘supported’ by Jo Cox’s accused killer

In a vile, hate-filled outburst Will Williams said he felt ‘no guilt’ about death

Williams, 69, is the leader of the white-supremacist group National Alliance

He said Jo Cox ‘put a target on her back’ with stance on ‘Muslim refugees

Thomas Mair bought £430 of books from group on how to build weapons

By Caroline Graham in Los Angeles for The Mail On Sunday

Published: 22:34 GMT, 18 June 2016 | Updated: 23:52 GMT, 18 June 2016

The leader of a US neo-Nazi group ‘supported’ by Jo Cox’s accused killer last night launched a sickening attack on the murdered MP saying: ‘She put a target on her back.’

In a vile, hate-filled outburst Will Williams said he felt ‘no guilt’ about the killing.

Williams, 69, is the leader of the white-supremacist National Alliance, from which Thomas Mair bought £430 worth of books in 1999 and 2003, including texts on how to build homemade guns and explosives.

Williams said: ‘I hear that she loves the idea of bringing a bunch of Muslim refugees from Syria or wherever.

‘You can see how people would be opposed to that. So she put a target on her back. He [Mair] is the effect.

‘The cause is clear to him and he’s reacting. That’s how I look at it.’

The National Alliance was founded by William Pierce in 1974.

Pierce’s book The Turner Diaries is said to have inspired US terrorist Timothy McVeigh to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma in 1995, killing 168 people.

Pages torn from Pierce’s book were found in McVeigh’s truck.

16 thoughts on “Jo Cox murdered by English nazi, American nazis applaud

  1. Saturday 18th June 2016

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    Man held over Jo Cox’s murder had nazi links

    THE man who allegedly murdered Labour MP Jo Cox had links to far-right organisations in Britain and the US — where he bought bomb and home-made gun building manuals, it was claimed yesterday.

    A civil rights organisation based in Alabama in the US has published a receipt which it says proves that 17 years ago Thomas Mair, now 52 years old, bought the manuals from the National Alliance (NA), which was once the US’s leading neonazi organisation.

    The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) produced the document bearing Mair’s name and address in Batley, West Yorkshire — in Ms Cox’s constituency.

    He spent $630 (£440) on the manuals, according to the receipt, issued by NA’s publishing arm National Vanguard Books.

    His purchases included the Chemistry of Powder and Explosives, Incendiaries, the Improvised Munitions Handbook — and instructions for making a “pipe pistol for .38 caliber ammunition.”

    Mair has also been reported as being a subscriber to SA Patriot, a South African pro-apartheid magazine published by the extremist White Rhino Club.

    Ms Cox was a campaigner against racism, supported migrants …

    Mair, who allegedly fatally shot and stabbed Ms Cox in the street in her Batley and Spen constituency, reportedly shouted: “Britain First” or “put Britain first” repeatedly as he carried out the attack.

    Sheffield Trade Union Council (TUC) said it was of “great concern” that Mair allegedly shouted “Britain First.”

    “The police investigation must take its course but we urgently need to know if this was a political assassination by a far-right extremist and whether Jo was targeted for these views,” said Sheffield TUC in a statement.

    A joint statement by Unite Against Fascism secretaries and Stand up to Racism co-conveners Sabby Dhalu and Weyman Bennett said: “Batley and Spen has a history of fascist and racist activity.

    “Six years ago Terrance Gavan, who was linked to the BNP, was sentenced to 11 years in prison after 54 explosive devices were found in his home in Batley.

    “There is no doubt that Jo Cox was targeted because of her positive views on immigration, her humanitarian work helping refugees and her excellent relations with the local Muslim community.”

    Mair’s house was sealed off by police yesterday, who were guarding the property as forensic officers worked in the garden.


  2. Saturday 18th June 2018

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THE man who tackled Jo Cox’s killer is believed to be ex-miner and former mines rescue worker Bernard Kenny, 77.

    Mr Kenny, who lives in Birstall where the attack took place, saw alleged murderer Thomas Mair verbally abusing Ms Cox as she left her Birstall constituency office, where she had been conducting a regular advice surgery.

    As the assault began Mr Kenny grappled with the assailant.

    He was either shot or stabbed, but his injuries are not life-threatening.

    Local sources said Mr Kenny is an ex-miner from Shawcross colliery, in the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire.

    He later went on to join the Mines Rescue Service — elite teams of miners called in to accidents or disasters at Yorkshire coalmines.

    One source said that he was involved in the pit rescue operation at Lofthouse colliery in West Yorkshire in 1973, when an inrush of water killed seven people.


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