German neonazi murder attempt on leftist

This video says about itself:

Far-Wrong: Germany alarmed over violent neo-Nazi groups

Worries of violent activity by neo-nazi groups in recent years are also troubling the country that saw the worst face of fascism – Germany.

Translated from the Left Party in Schwerin, Germany, 5 January 2016:

Knife murder attack on politician stopped

On Monday, the member of the board of the Schwerin county Left Party, Julian Kinzel, in Wismar became a victim of a knife attack. The three perpetrators beat him down and stabbed their victim, according to testimony of the doctors, with a knife about 17 times. He was accused of being a “faggot communist swine”. This, and the clothing of a perpetrator, typical extreme right clothes (Thor Steinar) nourish the suspicion that it is a right-wing extremist motivated crime. The county party board wishes its member a speedy recovery. …

This is a German video against the neonazi clothes brand Thor Steinar.

Concerning far-right extremist ideas and violence, there must be no tolerance in our society. To everyone it should be clear that people who follow the NPD or other far-right parties in demonstrations as spiritual arsonists help such despicable acts of violence.

Julian Kinzel, who is one of the spokespersons of the socialist youth organisation solid, said after his release from the hospital: “We must not respond with radicalization to such attacks. Our answer to hatred must be love, to stupidity, reason and to violence, solidarity. Thus hatred is out of place here. Let us take the opportunity of this event to prevent such ideologies by more humanity. After my recovery I will hopefully soon be involved in strengthening that.”

See also here.

Neonazi anti-refugee arson in Kirchhellen, Germany: here.

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