‘Dutch xenophobic politician Wilders wants dictatorship’

Geert Wilders and his followers, cartoon

This Dutch cartoon shows Islamophobic politician Geert Wilders claiming he fights non-violently against ‘Islamisation’ of Dutch society, while his supporters threaten and practice violence.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Roemer: One expects plans like Wilders‘ in a dictatorship

Today, 17:28

Dutch socialist party SP leader Roemer has lashed out sharply at a party congress in Amersfoort against PVV [xenophobic party] leader Wilders. Roemer spoke especially against the plan to detain all male asylum seekers in refugee centers. “One expects this type of proposal in a dictatorship and not from a party that is supposedly fighting for freedom [as the PVV party name suggests].”

Roemer wondered whether the proposal also means that if one MP of the PVV pees in someone’s mailbox, then all PVV MPs should be behind bars. He was referring thereby to former PVV MP Lucassen, who was accused of violence and intimidation.

‘Radicalized VVD politician’

Roemer called Wilders “a radicalized VVD politician.”

The VVD is the biggest party in the Dutch coalition government. It is a pro ‘free market’ pro Big Business party. They are usually not as openly racist as the PVV. Wilders used to be a VVD member before founding the PVV.

“The only thing that distinguishes him from [VVD Prime Minister] Rutte is a sauce of hatred on his right-wing program.”

He also said that the PVV politician is responsible for inciting against each other victims of right-wing policies on the one hand and asylum seekers on the other hand. He refers for instance to people who have been waiting for six years for a house and then wonders why refugees get housing quickly. “They should be aware that the same Geert Wilders was first in line to sell off as much social housing as possible.”

Dutch feminists have today demonstrated in Spijkenisse against Geert Wilders; especially against his pseudo-feminism, trying to abuse the crimes in Cologne for racism. The women shouted ‘Wilders is a racist, not a feminist’. Police arrested these women.

Dutch anti-Wilders demonstration

The sign on the right of this photo says: ‘PVV and Pegida are themselves anti-women.’

Other people accepted cans of so-called ‘anti abuse’ spray, handed out by Wilders in Spijkenisse; and said they would sell those cans, and give to money to pro-refugee organisations.

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