Refugees help German flood disaster victims

This video says about itself:

Refugees spent Halloween night at Austrian-German border

1 November 2015

Hundreds of refugees waited at the Austrian-German border at the bridge between Braunau and Simbach am Inn last night ready to cross into Germany.

That was then. Today, refugee news from Simbach, similar to when there was flooding in England.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Refugees bailing out cellars in Germany

Today, 17:29

In Germany, refugees help with clearing debris in collapsed buildings, bailing out basements and cleaning streets and houses. Eg in the southern German town of Simbach am Inn in Bavaria, dozens of refugees offered their help after the high water had wreaked havoc.

The help is gladly accepted, says Mayor Klaus Schmid. “We can use every helping hand. Without volunteers we would not be able to get it done.”

Among the helping refugees are many Syrians. One of them, Mouath, says he is happy that he can do something in return. “We have received so much help from the people in Simbach. We can now give something in return, which is good.”

“We mourn along”

Feallou Diob [from Africa] followed the news about the flooding on the radio. “It’s a major disaster. We heard that there are seven deaths. We mourn along, and therefore we decided to help.

The municipality receives all requests for aid and coordinates assistance. In minivans volunteers are brought to where the need is greatest.

Incidentally, there is also help from neighboring Austria. Three women from nearby Braunau have crossed the border. “We can not stay at home and let our neighbors drown.” They have helped in clearing a basement of a printing business which was flooded.

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau. Good to read that today, people from there are better than Hitler, or than present day extreme right German politicians who want to shoot refugee women and children.

From DPA news agency today:

Naja Al Hassa, a 30-year-old Syrian, was one of 25 refugees helping to clean up the small town of Simbach am Inn after floods ravaged large parts of southern Germany on Wednesday.

“We have received so much help from the people of Simbach am Inn, now we can give something back,” Al Hassa said. “That feels good.”

Simbach am Inn was one of several Bavarian cities hit hard by torrential downpours and flooding that left six people dead, with rescue teams still searching for at least three missing people.

The refugees said they want to be a part of the community and feel closer to this goal shoveling dirt alongside city residents. “We know what it means to live in a war zone and what it’s like to lose your home,” Al Hassa said.

Jana Kirchner, whose arcade was completely destroyed by the floods, said she thinks this is the best way for these refugees to integrate. “They can even learn a few words of German in the process,” Kirchner said.

Despite being sore and covered from head to toe in mud, the refugees remain in high spirits. Kirchner said the refugees’ cheerful mood keeps her spirits up. It’s an impressive feat when surveying the damage and work needed to rid the streets of ankle-deep mud.

Meanwhile in the small city of Braunsbach, at least 46 refugees, both men and women, have stepped up to help volunteer staff and residents clean or unload relief supplies, according to council member Danica Goehler.

The mass deaths of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea has reached a new, grim record over the first five months of 2016. According to the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR), at least 2,510 refugees drowned between January and May during their attempts to cross to Europe. The European governments and European Union bear full responsibility for turning the Mediterranean into a mass graveyard for refugees: here.

10 thoughts on “Refugees help German flood disaster victims

  1. Friday 3rd June 21016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    EUROPEAN states have collectively shirked their responsibilities towards refugees in the most disgusting, cowardly, self-interested way.

    Not content with whipping up, supporting and often directly participating in the conflicts and crises that have forced so many to make the nightmare decision to flee their homes in order to save their lives and those of their children, Europe has treated those who survive the dangerous journey with utter contempt.

    Occasionally laudable early efforts have given way to razor-wire border fences, police brutality and, in Denmark, outright robbery of the poorest and most desperate.

    The Tory government has been very fortunate to have 20 miles of water and the French police to save it from getting its hands dirty — restricting its attacks on refugees to callous policies drawn up by multi-millionaires in plush Westminster offices while Calais cops beat and tear gas those huddled on the opposite shore.

    This utter lack of compassion, a total absence of human solidarity, extends naturally to those European countries which, by accident of geography, are the first stop for those who make it across the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean.

    This is no surprise. As the European Union continues to destroy Greece, wielding the weapon of hunger against its people, why would fellow EU member states help it look after thousands of refugees?

    Ultimately the treatment of refugees reflects how the wealthy elite which holds the political and economic levers across Europe treats the rest of the population.

    Snatching lifeline support from disabled people, heating money from pensioners, education from children, healthcare from everyone — condemning refugees to squalor and death is very much in keeping with the rest.

    The EU’s dodgy deal with Turkey to chuck out refugees who have survived the hazardous journey to Europe is grotesque.

    Not only that but it is illegal in its own terms, as Amnesty International has found.

    Uncared for here in Europe, refugees face continued hardship in Turkey. Amnesty reports two destitute Afghan families who, after losing three children trying to cross the sea, were forced to sleep under a bridge in Istanbul.

    It condemns as “a fiction the idea that Turkey is able to respect the rights and meet the needs of over three million asylum-seekers and refugees.”

    It falls short at three legal hurdles: to promptly assess people’s situation, provide full refugee status and the necessities of life to those just clinging on.

    Of the three parties to this deal, refugees get stuffed while Europe can wash its hands of them and Turkey receives much-desired foreign support, particularly as it yet again massacres its Kurdish citizens in the south-east — with Western backing.

    The countries rich enough, and blatantly with the responsibility, to look after the refugees pouring out of the Middle East and central Asia are here in Europe.

    In a sane world the vast resources of our continent would be taken out of the hands of the rich few and deployed to ensure all can live well and in peace — the socialist future for which this paper strives.

    But in the short term, we must not let the Tories off the hook and cut off their claims to nobility as they act with utter barbarism towards those most in need.


  2. Saturday 4th June 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    AT LEAST 116 refugees drowned yesterday when two people-traffickers’ boats sank in the Mediterranean between Libya and Crete.

    One overloaded vessel went down near the Libyan city of Zwara.

    Libyan Red Crescent spokesman Mohammed al-Mosrati said yesterday afternoon that the death toll had reached 107, including 40 women and five children. Most were from African nations.

    Libyan navy spokesman Colonel Ayoub Gassim blamed Europe for “doing nothing but counting bodies” to stop the flow of refugees from Libya.

    Meanwhile, the Greek coastguard plucked 340 refugees from the sea 86 miles south of Crete after a boat foundered there. Nine people drowned.

    Most of the survivors were taken to Italy, while others were transported to Malta, Egypt and Turkey.

    In a separate incident, the Egyptian army’s search and rescue centre dispatched vessels and helicopters to an area 165 miles north-west of the Egyptian town of al-Sallom after receiving a distress call.


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