British Daily Mail compares Muslim refugees to rats, like nazis did with Jews

This video says about itself:

14 January 2014

This is a clip from The Eternal Jew which was released in 1941 by the Nazi government of Germany. All German citizens were required to watch this film which was an apology by Nazis served up to the German people to excuse/make acceptable the wanton murder of over 6 million Jews (about 90% of the total Jewish population of Western Europe.) The voice in the background is the original narrator. …

Thus, the Jews were vilified in so many ways by the Nazis [to make] the people of Western Europe … object [less] to the Holocaust. Clearly, this is a very simplistic analysis of the Holocaust, but it is real. Think about how the white Christians of the American south believed in slavery, Jim Crow, and the idea that black people were inferior in almost every way to white people. You might want to find and watch some of the news footage of Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement.

In this clip from this nazi anti-Semitic propaganda film, at 3:30 the nazi comparison of Jews to rats starts.

Unfortunately, similar vile hate propaganda still exists today.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

MP calls for Mail apology over refugee rats cartoon

Friday 20th November 2015

LABOUR’S Richard Burgon called on the Daily Mail to apologise yesterday for publishing a cartoon likening Muslim immigrants to rats.

In a letter to editor Paul Dacre, the shadow Treasury minister said the cartoon fuelled Islamophobia at a time when British Muslims “feel under particular threat of demonisation” in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

In addition to a public apology, he called on Mr Dacre to make a “substantial” donation to anti-Islamophobia or anti-racism charity and reassess policy.

He added: “More widely, myself and hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of others would respectfully ask that the Daily Mail considers its general approach to the portrayal of immigrants and ethnic minorities and considers the consequences for our society of its portrayal.

“It is my belief that, all too often, the Daily Mail lets down its readers and the general public.”

47 thoughts on “British Daily Mail compares Muslim refugees to rats, like nazis did with Jews

  1. From the USA:

    BREAKING: Yesterday the House of Representatives–including 47 Democrats–approved an extreme measure to effectively shut down the refugee program for Syrians fleeing ISIS.1

    Three-fourths of Syrian refugees are women and children–and none of the identified terrorist attackers in Paris were Syrian refugees.2 This reeks of the reckless fear-mongering that led us into the war in Iraq.

    Twelve-year-old girls are being systematically raped by ISIS–it’s part of their strategy to terrorize the Syrian population.3 We won’t defeat extremism in Syria by turning our backs on families and survivors of rape and violence who are trying to flee the very terrorists we fear. We can still stop this horrible bill in the Senate, but we need to stand together strongly. Will you sign the petition?

    Tell the U.S. Senate: “We can’t turn our backs on thousands of women and children fleeing ISIS. Support refugees.”


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  3. From the USA:

    My father Eli immigrated to America from Poland in 1921 after World War I at the age of 17. He was not a refugee fleeing war, although much of his family later became victims of the Holocaust. He came to America looking to make a better life. He never made a lot of money, but it didn’t matter because he was able to start a family and send his two sons to college. That meant the world to him and he loved this country.

    While my father came here as an immigrant, many have also come as refugees fleeing war, oppression and violence. That’s why I opposed the call of some to turn away unaccompanied children who showed up on our borders from Latin America. We must not allow the horrific violence we have seen in France and elsewhere to turn us from our historic role as a haven for the oppressed.

    In terms of the Syrian refugee situation we are now facing, now is not the time for us to succumb to racism and bigotry. In this moment, it is particularly important that we not allow ourselves to be divided by the anti-immigrant hysteria that Republican presidential candidates are ginning up.

    When hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything and have nothing left but the shirts on their backs, we should not turn our backs on these refugees escaping violence in the Middle East. Of course we have to investigate the backgrounds of people coming into the country — and we will — but to suggest that we would even turn away orphans is incredible.

    Sign my petition to say you support continuing the refugee program that promises to resettle 10,000 Syrians, mostly women and children, who are escaping violence in their home country.

    The rhetoric and fear mongering about these refugees from some Republicans running for President is abhorrent and has no place in our political discourse.

    Donald Trump has not just called for keeping out Syrian refugees, he also said he thinks it’s a good idea to create a national database of all Muslims in America. Meanwhile, Ben Carson said some Syrian refugees are like “rabid dogs” and referred to the rest of Syrian refugees as just “dogs.” This disgusting rhetoric cannot be tolerated.

    Other Republicans have suggested rounding up existing refugees and deporting them. And yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted on a plan that would make it near impossible for the United States to continue our Syrian refugee program.

    This is not what America stands for.

    Syrians and other refugees from the Middle East are escaping unspeakable horrors. To get to our country, refugees already go through a vigorous vetting program by the FBI, National Counterterrorism Center, Homeland Security and the State Department. The process takes almost two years and refugees from Syria face additional scrutiny.

    We should continue our program to provide Syrians fleeing violence with the opportunity for a new life. I hope you’ll join me to stand together to admit Syrian refugees. Sign my petition here:

    Thank you for standing with me and making your voice heard on this important issue.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


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  5. Around 10,000 French people marched on Saturday in Toulouse in a rally “for civil rights and peace.”

    Participants in the largely silent event held banners condemning the “barbarism” of the attacks and warning against holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of a handful of extremists.

    Hundreds-strong demonstrations were organised by Italian Muslims in Rome and Milan against the “abuse” of Islam by those who carried out the attacks in Paris and Mali.

    They chanted: “No to terrorism” and carried banners reading: “Not in My Name,” “Stop Terrorism” and “Terrorism has No Religion.”


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