Far-right politicians waste European Union gravy train money on champagne

This video from the European Parliament says about itself:

4000 bottles of champagne to celebrate the squandering of taxpayers money – Jonathan Bullock MEP

European Parliament, Strasbourg, 24 October 2017

The video shows a speech by a British UKIP party member. However, contrary to the impression one might get from it, the issue is not confined to the European Commission.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Right-wing populist caucus in Brussels wasted half a million euros’

How many times will I again have to point out that far-right parties like the French National Front, the German AfD etc. are not ‘populist’ but racist, neo-fascist, etc?

The group in the European Parliament which includes the Dutch PVV party declared almost half a million euros unjustifiably in 2016. The … right-wing populist group Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) spent this on bottles of champagne, gifts and dinners that are more expensive than the European Union allows.

This is shown by a report by accountancy firm EY and a letter from the Budget Committee of the EU, led by Klaus Welle. The group will have one last chance to justify the expenses, otherwise the amount must be repaid.

“There have been problems with reporting declarations from MEPs for some time, but it seldom happens that these sums have to be repaid, Brussels standards are rather generous and not every receipt needs to be submitted. Spending their budgets like this, the ENF really went too far. ”

European Union correspondent Arjan Noorlander

The EY report mentions 546.382 euros of incorrect invoices or costs for which the receipts are missing. …

PVV MEP Auke Zijlstra also appears on the list. …

The ENF has 36 seats in the European Parliament. The group includes the PVV (4 seats), the French National Front, the Belgian Vlaams Belang, the Italian Lega [Northern League] and the German AfD.

Dinners of 400 euros per person

The list of ‘excessive declarations’ in the report includes champagne and bottles of wine, as well as other luxury goods such as sets of bath products and 99 sets of cufflinks that have cost 4237 euros including production. 11,000 euros was also spent on 110 Christmas packages.

That is not the intention according to EU rules. A dinner declared in Brussels can not cost more than 75 euros per person.

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