Trump-Macron French cheese-Amazon trade war

This 30 July 2019 Euronews TV video says about itself:

France hits back over Trump‘s ‘moronic’ comments on French wine

The genie is out of the bottle as the French Farming Minister hits out at Donald Trump, calling his assertions regarding French wine ‘moronic’.

Read more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Roquefort cheese, Louis Vuitton bags, champagne and French wines are likely to become a lot more expensive for US Americans in the near future. The United States government is going to tax French products more heavily because the French are imposing a tax on internet companies. Big US American corporations such as Amazon and Facebook are particularly affected.

President Trump warned earlier about sanctions. …

France wants to prevent tax dodging with the levy for internet companies. Internet corporations prefer to settle in countries with a favourable tax climate so that they have to pay as little as possible. The tax is intended to provide the French government with half a billion euros annually. …

[Trump] wants to tax French products for 2 billion more, including wine. “I like American wine more than French wine anyway. Even though I don’t drink wine myself.”

Trump may not drink wine. But, as he owns vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia, this trade war helps his United States wine profits.

TRUMP WINERY FIRED UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS — AFTER HARVEST Trump Winery, a vineyard in rural Virginia run by President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, reportedly fired a group of undocumented workers on Monday. The employees, at least some of whom had worked at the winery for more than a decade, claimed the firings came at a strategic time for the vineyard — right after the labor-intensive annual harvesting and processing of grapes. [HuffPost]

In August, French president Macron said there was an agreement on the tech tax with the US president, but that does not seem to be the case.

Last month, the Washington Post profiled the suicide of farmer Chris Dykshorn in Platte, a rural farming town in South Dakota, in the context of the rising suicide rate among farmers in the US. With $300,000 in debt, Dykshorn and his family were unable to sell their excess grain crop due to Trump’s trade war with China and record rains had flooded their fields, severely curtailing the growing season. Squeezed under this immense pressure, and not knowing how he could provide for his wife and children, Dykshorn used a gun to take his own life: here.

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