Facebook welcomes neonazis, censors leftists, famous painters

This 9 September 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

Fury over Facebook ‘Napalm girl’ censorship

Facebook has controversially removed the iconic image of a girl fleeing a napalm attack during the Vietnam war from a post, on the grounds of nudity. The editor of Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten said the entire post, which was about iconic war imagery, was later deleted and the account of the reporter behind it suspended.

FB OKS WHITE NATIONALIST VIDEO Facebook vowed last week to curb hateful content by extending policies against white supremacy [after the white supremacist mosque massacre in New Zealand]. HuffPost on Tuesday showed a Facebook spokesperson a video on the site in which a prominent white nationalist laments white “replacement” [the conspiracy theory advocated by the New Zealand mosque murderer in his manifesto] and demands that Jews and people of color repay the white European countries they’ve “invaded” [as Donald Trump says, thus inspring both the Pittsburgh synagogue and Christchurch mosque massacres]. The spokesperson said no policy had been broken. [HuffPost]

Meanwhile, Facebook, where neonazis like this Faith Goldy are apparently welcome, will very probably keep censoring leftists, anti-fascists, feminists, LGBTQ people, the truth about the Vietnam war, and long dead famous artists like Rubens and Courbet.

A new study reported that white supremacist groups are “thriving” on Facebook, despite repeated assurances from the company that it doesn’t allow extremists on its platform. The watchdog group Tech Transparency Project released a study Thursday that found more than 100 white supremacist groups had a presence on Facebook.

SHAREHOLDERS TAKE AIM AT NEO-NAZIS For months, Mastercard has tried to suffocate the creation of an internal committee that would monitor payments to white supremacists and far-right extremists. But on Tuesday, renegade shareholders will finally force a vote on the matter during the company’s annual shareholder meeting. [HuffPost]

16 thoughts on “Facebook welcomes neonazis, censors leftists, famous painters

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