Tree pipit sings, video

This video shows a singing tree pipit in Auvergne in France.

Western green lizards video

This video shows a male and a female western green lizard.

It was recorded at Domaine du Bourg in the Auvergne region in France.

Rare butterfly in France

This video, recorded in France, shows a dingy skipper butterfly. This species is extremely rare in the Netherlands.

Cannes film festival crew protest Brazilian coup

This video says about itself:

Cast at Cannes Film Festival Protest Brazilian Coup

18 May 2016

Protesters in France are taking to the red carpet! A Brazilian film crew publicly denounced the coup against Dilma Rousseff while at the Cannes Film Festival.

Yellow wagtail on barbed wire, video

This 9 May 2016 video shows a yellow wagtail, balancing on barbed wire in windy weather.

This video was recorded in Auvergne in France.