French teenage anti-rape protester saves little girl’s life

This 12 February 2017 French video is called (translated) [Anti-rape-by-police teeenage protester] Emmanuel saved a little girl from the flames in Bobigny yesterday; not the riot police.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


”I”M NO HERO,’ insisted 16-year-old Emmanuel Toula after he rescued a child from a burning car set alight during last Saturday night’s youth uprising in the Bobigny suburb of Paris.

Nightly youth uprisings and anti-brutality protests have spread in Parisian suburbs since a young black man, identified only as Theo, suffered a brutal attack by a group of four police officers following an ID check in Aulnay-sous-Bois, with one officer allegedly using his truncheon to rape him, on 2nd February.

On Saturday 11th February, as protesters gathered in the northern suburb near Aulnay-sous-Bois to express their anger, 16-year-old Emmanuel Toula was protesting for the first time.

He spotted a small car being surrounded by young people who had started a fire in a garbage can nearby.

A terrified woman jumped out of the car, taking her young son with her. ‘At that moment, I approached the car and I saw a little girl,’ Emmanuel said. ‘She was terrorised. I was afraid because I imagined the car could explode at any moment. I have four little brothers and two little sisters and I thought I could not leave a little girl like that.’

No one seemed to have noticed the child as the rioters started rocking the car and putting burning garbage next to it, so Emmanuel decided to ‘take my courage in both hands’. With the fire creeping up the hood, he approached the car and opened the door. The little girl looked shocked but was not crying.

‘I tried to remove her belt, my hands and arms still trembling,’ Emmanuel said. ‘Then I took her in my arms and I tried to run. But that wasn’t the end of it, as police started firing tear gas canisters in our direction. I started to pick up speed and I felt the tear gas. Deafening grenades fell two metres from us.’

Emmanuel looked for the girl’s mother and watched as the car burned up and exploded. He left the child with a policeman and continued to search for the mother, but never found her and lost both the policeman and the girl. Paris police later appeared to claim in a report that they ‘had to intervene’ to help a girl from a burning car, but Emmanuel and three witnesses, including one policeman, confirmed it was the teenager who rescued the child, the Bondy Blog reports.

‘It was a young black man who came to help a child who was still in the car while the trash was burning beside it,’ a police officer confirmed. Once the occupants evacuated, the car was turned over by rioters and ended up charred by the flames.’

Police then clarified that the phrase may have been a miscommunication at the time of the report’s publication, saying that at no time had they wished to misrepresent the role of Emmanuel Toula in the drama. A police tweet then saluted his courage – #manifestation#bobigny La préfecture de police salue le courage du jeune homme qui a sorti, hier, la fillette de la voiture en feu. – Préfecture de police (@prefpolice) February 12, 2017.

Last weekend’s protests, which had been flaring up in suburban Paris communities since February 2nd, had initially been peaceful but later several vehicles were set alight and shop windows were smashed as police and protesters clashed and police fired tear gas.

‘I identified myself with Theo because I thought that what happened to him could have happened to me,’ Toula said, explaining his reason for joining the protests. For me, it was a civic duty to be there, I had to bring my stone to the building.’ …

High unemployment and racial tension blight several struggling neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Paris – commonly called the ‘banlieues’.

Police have been accused of heavy-handed methods in areas with large immigrant populations.

Theo, a 22-year-old youth worker, said that he left his house in Aulnay-sous-Bois on Thursday 2nd February and found himself in the middle of a police identity check, targeting drug dealers. He said the police operation quickly turned violent and he was set upon by four officers.

He struggled to make sure he was in the view of CCTV cameras, and asked the officers why they were doing this to him. He said one officer proceeded to pull his trousers down and rape him with a truncheon. ‘I fell on to my stomach, I had no strength left,’ he said. He was then sprayed with tear gas around the head and in the mouth and hit over the head, he said. He said he was then sodomised with a truncheon, as well as racially abused, spat at and beaten around his genitals.

Theo was then taken to a police station where he said a ‘much friendlier’ police officer saw his condition and sent him to hospital. He has undergone emergency surgery for severe injuries, which included anal tearing, and has been declared unfit for work for 60 days. …

‘The feeling of humiliation is felt by people,’ Abdallah Benjana, a former deputy mayor who lives in the neighbourhood said. ‘What are (the police officers) seeking? To provoke a spark? Isn’t there enough gunpowder in those neighbourhoods? Unemployment, insecurity, high rents… no perspectives for future. They do that to a young man, it can only explode.’

French protests after rape by police

This video says about itself:

Protests Continue in Paris Against Police Abuse of Black Man

9 February 2017

Protesters took to the streets to call for justice after French police were charged with the rape and abuse of a young Black man. The victim and his family have asked protesters to demonstrate peacefully.

French police mobilize against protests by youth in Aulnay: here.

French police rape innocent youth

This 6 February 2017 French video is about a demonstration in Aulnay against the rape by policemen of Théo.

By Kumaran Ira in France:

Riots erupt after youth sexually assaulted by French police at Aulnay

7 February 2017

Riots broke out on Saturday evening in the poor housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, in protest against police brutality. Four officers have been charged with using excessive violence and raping an innocent 22-year-old, Théo, with a police baton.

The incident sparked popular outrage on Saturday and Sunday evening, with minor clashes and arson attacks on the sprawling Estate of the 3000. A car was set fire and bus shelters smashed. On Sunday, riot police were deployed and arrested at least five people.

The assault took place on Thursday afternoon, when four police officers arrived on the housing estate and began doing identity checks on the youths. During the operation, Théo was allegedly forced to the ground and beaten by police officers, one of whom assaulted Théo with a baton. Théo suffered anal injuries 10 centimeters in depth, requiring immediate surgery, as well as injuries to the head and face.

Yesterday, BFM TV released a recording in which Théo recounts his arrest and his barbaric assault by police.

Théo said, “He was looking at me, he was behind me but at an angle, so I saw what he was doing behind me. He took his baton and stuck it in my buttocks, voluntarily. As soon as he did that, I fell on my stomach, I had no more strength. Then he said, ‘hands on your back,’ I had to put my hands on my back, they handcuffed me and they told me to sit down. So I told them I couldn’t sit down, I don’t feel my buttocks anymore, so they put tear gas in my head, my mouth, they hit me on the head with a baton, and I had so much pain in my buttocks that this pain seemed temporary.”

“I had trouble walking, I was not myself. I thought I was going to die, I was walking but it was because they were holding me up,” he said.

Once he was inside the police vehicle, Théo reported, police beat him and insulted him, calling him a “dirty bitch.” It took them several hours to call an ambulance.

Théo said, “The medics turned me over, looked at the wound and said, that is very serious, the opening is at least 5 or 6 centimeters, we have to operate and as fast as possible… They said I had lost a lot of blood. … The baton injury in the buttocks they gave me, it marked me for life, it is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, physically I am very diminished, I can’t move… I can’t sleep at night.”

Judicial sources say images show two police “trying to subdue” Théo, apparently as he intervened to try to protect one of his friends. “They quickly use tear gas. Their colleague is alone, he gets out his telescopic baton and strikes the individual’s legs, apparently trying to make him buckle at the knees.” The source added, “On the video, we see a blow from the telescopic baton, horizontally, at the victim. The blow pierces his underwear, we think this was what caused the injury.”

Initially, the public prosecutor’s office in Bobigny tried to cover up the police brutality, opening a judicial investigation simply for “violence.” It issued a statement declaring, “Police were carrying out identity checks on a dozen people after hearing characteristic cries from lookouts trying to protect drug dealers.” During this operation, they “tried to carry out the arrest of a 22-year old,” and “in the face of his resistance,” they “used tear gas and, in one case, a telescopic billy club.”

After video images on the Internet clearly revealed police brutality against Théo, Bruno Beschizza, the right-wing mayor of Aulnay-sous-Bois and a former police officer, was forced to condemn the violence. Calling the decision of the prosecutor’s office to open an investigation for violence and not for rape “a miscarriage of the truth,” he said that “police are there to protect and not to humiliate our fellow citizens.”

On Sunday, the investigating judge in charge of the case decided to prosecute the officer who used the telescopic baton for rape. The four officers, who deny the charges, have been suspended.

The savage and horrific assault on Théo is the product of many years during which police have been able to treat residents of working-class suburbs in France brutally, and with impunity. This only got worse when police were handed extraordinary powers under the terms of France’s effectively permanent state of emergency, which has been constantly extended since the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris. At the same time, the influence and political prestige of the neo-fascist National Front among police officers has continued to rise.

Aulnay is a devastated city, suffering from deplorable social conditions, particularly soaring unemployment. In recent years, it witnessed mass riots pitting police against the population, notably in 2005 and 2007.

This social crisis is the product of decades of reactionary policies conducted by successive governments of all political colorations. …

Each time police brutally attack youth in such neighborhoods, they enjoy state protection; charges against police have been dropped after evidence of police brutality was suppressed or covered up.

Last summer, 24-year-old Adama Traoré died in police custody after his arrest. His death triggered riots in his hometown, Beaumont-sur-Oise. Although autopsy reports revealed that Traoré died of asphyxia due to excessive police violence, authorities tried to cover up the fact and whitewash the killing. They limited protests by family and friends, citing the terms of the state of emergency.