Trump persecuting Assange, pardoning war criminals?

This 25 May 2019 video says about itself:

Assange Is Indicted for Exposing War Crimes While Trump Considers Pardons for War Criminals

Web-only discussion with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept. They discuss the Justice Department’s decision to indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on 17 charges of violating the Espionage Act for publishing U.S. military and diplomatic documents exposing U.S. war crimes.

This comes as President Trump is considering Memorial Day pardons for American military members accused or convicted of war crimes, including former Blackwater contractor Nicholas Slatten, who was twice found guilty of first-degree murder in the deadly 2007 Nisoor Square massacre in Baghdad which killed 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians. He was sentenced to life in prison last December.


United States Donald Trump Youth scandals

Quite some people have compared United States President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Comparing is not the same as equating. There are various differences between Trump and Hitler: the USA not being Germany, the 21st century not being the 20th century, etc. etc.

One similarity between Trump and Hitler is that they both have a youth organisation. Called Hitler Youth in nazi Germany. While the Trump Youth is called Turning Point USA.

Recently, a prominent Turning Point USA member claimed there was nothing wrong with Hitler’s, as the fuehrer called it ‘making Germany great again’. There were supposedly just small problems with Hitler’s foreign policy.

This Hitler whitewashing organisation also founded a branch in Britain to prop up the Conservative party of Trump’s poodle Prime Minister Theresa May and of Trump’s other poodle Boris Johnson. The propping up did not really help. Today there are European parliament elections in Britain. The results will be known on Sunday evening. Polls predict disaster for the Conservatives.

Now, to the video on top of this blog post.

That 22 May 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Turning Point USA could be in big trouble. John Iadarola and Jordan Uhl break it down on The Damage Report.

“Turning Point USA is often associated with the time its members wore diapers in an attempt at “triggering” liberals, but this should not be the only public failure the group is remembered for. The conservative organization, which focuses on increasing right-wing political influence on college campuses, has a long history of involvement in racist incidents that are now permanently linked to its name.

TPUSA’s founder and executive director, Charlie Kirk, has repeatedly denied that his organization is racist, yet the incidents of blatant bigotry involving members of TPUSA keep happening, even as leaks show white nationalists plotting to infiltrate it. Kirk, the right-wing “boy wonder” who has used Fox News to turn fearmongering about left-wing ideology on college campuses into a profitable grift, has also successfully leveraged his “perfectly incoherent” sycophancy for the Trump administration into a cozy relationship with the president’s family — a relationship seemingly unaffected by TPUSA’s pattern of racism.”

Read more here.

Donald Trump, war, religion and women’s soccer

This 20 May 2019 video from Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard in the USA says about itself:

Trump Blindly Leading Us Down War Path

Intelligence officials and politicians led [or: lied] us into war with Iraq. Now, Trump is using the same playbook to lead our country into war with Iran. The cost in lives and treasure will be infinitely greater than the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and will undermine our national security.

This 19 May 2019 video from the USA is called Iraqi Parliament Votes On Bill To Force US Out Of Iraq, As It Pushes For War With Iran.

This 19 May 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Disgraced Televangelist Sells $45 Trump Prayer Coin | NowThis

In Trump news today and US news today, Televangelist Dr. Lance Wallnau was seen on the Evangelical Christian Jim Bakker Show selling a Trump prayer coin intended to help guide prayers for the Trump 2020 campaign. TV evangelist Dr. Lance Wallnau is hawking the Trump King Cyrus Coin with Isaiah 45:1 on the back as a $45 way for people to pray for Trump. They calling it the Cyrus Trump bundle. While President Trump claims to be a religious man his past actions do not seem very religious. That said President Trump has spoken every year of his presidency at the National Day of Prayer breakfast.

This 17 May 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Female Soccer Star Says ‘F*** YOU’ To Trump

Megan Rapinoe is following Colin Kaepernick. Rick Strom breaks it down.

Trump comes to Britain, demonstrate against him

The Stop Trump demonstration in London in July 2018. Let's make this year's even bigger

By Denis Fernando in Britain:

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Stand Up to Trump‘s DENIS FERNANDO explains why we should all mobilise for June 4’s protest against the US president’s state visit

Donald Trump’s state visit this June will give him unjustifiable prestige and recognition. Trump’s policies seriously threaten humanity, only serving the interests of the ultra-rich billionaires he represents. Together Against Trump, a broad coalition of campaigners, activists, trade unions, faith and community groups including Stand Up to Racism, Stop the War and others is calling a national protest on June 4 in London.

Last year in London, a quarter of a million protested against his visit. To avoid these protests he barely visited London.

Whilst details of the current visit remain unclear, we anticipate red carpet treatment from the government and royalty, including hand-holding from Theresa May regardless of his insults and threats.

A new poll shows only 24 per cent of Londoners support the state visit and huge numbers support protests against it. It is clear to see why.

In less than three years his presidency has moved the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight; ratcheting up threats of war against Iran and Venezuela and supporting the increasing aggression against the Palestinians.

His administration is putting the corporate elite first, undermining unions and workers’ rights, slashing public services and health care provision.

In addition women’s rights are under attack, from his comments about sexual assault through to the recent Republican-backed abortion ban in Alabama. The campaign group GLAAD reports 106 attacks on LGBTQ rights in the workplace, schools, public services and beyond, averaging almost one per week. His opposition to tackling climate change seriously threatens the entire planet and humanity’s future.

Trump’s visit coincides with the anniversary of the D-Day landings. All democrats will wish to commemorate and respect the liberation of Europe from the nazis. When the horrors of the nazi concentration camps were revealed, including the mass murder of six million Jewish people and many others, the world said “Never Again.” Today, the rise of fascism globally, including explicit nazi sympathisers, is an insult to all those who laid down their lives to stop the nazis.

There should not be a warm welcome for a president who has equivocated between the KKK in Charlottesville and those brutally attacked for protesting against them, which resulted in the death of a Jewish anti-racist activist. Trump has also retweeted the violent far right organisation Britain First, a move which was roundly condemned by MPs across parties. Thomas Mair shouted “Britain First” when he killed Labour MP Jo Cox. It is the duty of all democrats, from elected leaders holding office, to ordinary people protesting bigotry, to oppose the hateful politics of fascism and challenge those in power when their actions embolden the far right.

Protesting against Trump matters because the words, actions and governmental policies of the most powerful leader in the world have consequences.

Trump’s election saw a spate of racist incidents targeting African-American, Muslim, Jewish and migrant communities, many citing his name or election slogans.

These included graffiti using the swastika and children were filmed in a school chanting “build the wall.”

His Muslim ban, caging of migrant children and his support for the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, whose rise to power was accompanied by an anti-semitic campaign against George Soros, are chilling.

These actions embolden racists the world over, from the KKK in America to fascists across Europe. We are witnessing a 593 per cent rise in hate crimes in Britain and a resurgent far right advancing electorally in Europe which emboldens fascist street movements.

We must do everything to stop this. The murderous attacks on mosques, synagogues and other places of worship from Christchurch to California were all fuelled by far right racial hatred.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has been intervening in European politics, which included addressing the Front National‘s Convention. There are concerted efforts to rebrand the violent far right.

Bannon describes Tommy Robinson as a “solid guy” and called for his release from prison. Robinson is now standing as an MEP. Trump also shares many common positions with Nigel Farage, from hostile policies on immigration to regressive views on climate change and gun laws.

Yet our Prime Minister is an uncritical ally of Donald Trump, signalling an even more subordinate relationship with the US. This is why we must demonstrate and draw on the history of protest movements against grave injustices that have sparked meaningful change.

Let’s ensure the streets are once again full with the vibrant diversity of society that Trump threatens. His politics of hatred have no place in the 21st century.

Join the Together Against Trump National Demonstration: Assemble Trafalgar Square London 11am Tuesday June 4 and march to where Trump is being received on the state visit. For more information visit