British Ukip’s links to German neonazis

This video says about itself:

Germany: AfD hold rally in Munich beer hall that launched Hitler‘s career

13 May 2016

Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader Frauke Petry held a controversial speech in Hofbraukeller in Munich, Friday, the brewery where Hitler held his first political speech.

Ms Petry became notorious for advocating the killing of refugee women and children trying to cross the German border.

Meanwhile, the right wing of the AfD has decided that even Ms Petry is not extreme right enough. She was replaced as party leader by Alexander Gauland, an open admirer of Adolf Hitler’s armed forces; and Alice Weidel, a racist hater of Roma and others. Ms Petry is no longer an AfD member.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Ukip conference: Fascist invite sparks anger

Saturday 30th September 2017

Ukip under fire for hosting AfD leader

ANGRY protesters met Ukip’s annual conference yesterday over the party’s decision to invite a speaker from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Ukip’s interim leader Steve Crowther denied that AfD were a fascist party after it was forced to defend its decision to invite Hugh Bronson to address the conference.

However, Stand Up to Racism co-convener Weyman Bennett branded the decision a “disgrace” and told the Star that they were protesting against “racism, fascism, antisemitism and Islamophobia”, which has gained currency in Ukip.

AfD won 94 seats in the German parliament, finishing third in last weekend’s federal elections — the first far-right MPs since about 1960.

Mr Bronson, who was on the party’s European list, has vowed to fight “an invasion of foreigners” into Germany.

Ukip’s annual conference in Torquay elected its new leader yesterday after serial fantasist Paul Nuttall resigned following the party’s poor performance in June’s general election.

Former army officer Henry Bolton beat off the challenge of Sharia Watch founder Anne-Marie Waters, who has described Islam as “evil”.

He was announced as the victor in a close-run contest with 30 per cent of the vote in a seven-horse race.

It was rumoured that 18 of Ukip’s 20 MEPs were set to quit if Ms Waters had won, with former leader Nigel Farage warning the party would be “finished” if it became “anti-Islam”.

Ms Waters’s candidacy fuelled speculation of a breakaway led by Mr Farage, with Mr Bolton warning earlier this year that Ukip was in danger of becoming the “UK Nazi Party”.

She caused controversy over her links with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and even suggested that it could be possible for him to join Ukip if he wanted to do so.

The pair co-founded a British wing of the German anti-Muslim Pegida movement.

Mr Bennett said: “Anne Marie Waters is a disgrace to politics. She is an Islamophobe and a racist.

“But she is the child of Nigel Farage and he should claim paternity for spawning an organisation that sows such division and hatred.”

Ukip leader’s new girlfriend Jo Marney brands Grenfell Tower ‘nest of illegal immigrants’ in vile social media rant. Henry Bolton’s lover also labelled alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein ‘hard done by little rich girls’: here.

Ukip leader splits with girlfriend over racist messages. Henry Bolton says he will not resign as party leader despite furore over racist comments about Meghan Markle: here.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) is in a meltdown after its leader Henry Bolton refused to stand down. On Sunday, UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in Bolton, who has been leader for just four months. The vote came after it was disclosed that Bolton’s 25-year-old glamour model girlfriend Jo Marney had made racist remarks about Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle. The tweets led to an exposure of various right-wing diatribes by Marney, including over the Grenfell Tower inferno: here.

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  2. Monday 9th October 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    VILE far-right boneheads hung a sign over Nelson Mandela’s statute outside Parliament labelling him a “terrorist” in a sickening stunt at the weekend.

    The outrageous act was the work of the so-called British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI), led by former Ukip parliamentary candidate Jack Sen.

    The sign, which has since been taken down, read: “Terrorist. I was responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of white and black South Africans and the subsequent ongoing white genocide.”

    Mr Sen stood for Ukip in the West Lancashire constituency before being booted out of the party for making anti-semitic slurs against Labour MP Luciana Berger.

    He then went on to join the British National Party, where he worked as its press officer in the north-west.

    BRPI has also been responsible for posting anti-Mandela and anti-Marxist signs, including at Karl Marx’s grave at Highgate cemetery, north London.


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