German song against racist AfD party

This 31 August 2016 German satiric music video is by the band Jennifer Rostock; Jennifer Weist, vocals and Johannes Walte, keyboard and backing vocals.

It is against the racist German AfD political party. One of its leaders, Lady Beatrix von Storch, née Duchess of Oldenburgis the granddaughter of Johann Ludwig, Count Schwerin von Krosigk. The finance minister of Hitler’s Third Reich from its beginning until its collapse in May 1945. Hitler rewarded him with the nazi party’s Golden Swastika badge. After the war, in Nuremberg, Count Schwerin von Krosigk was convicted to ten years in prison for war crimes and, eg, his role in the persecution of Jews in the Kristallnacht. Lady von Storch recently started an anti-Semitic attack on anti-racists.

The lyrics of the song are (translated):

Are you a single parent and do not want that the state supports you?
Then vote for the AfD.
Want a tax policy that benefits only the rich?
Then vote for the AfD.
Do you want to cut social benefits and anyway:
What is really against working below the minimum wage?

Are you ready even at 67 not to retire?
Okay … then vote for the AfD.

But only the dumbest calves choose their butchers themselves!

Three children per family, man in the job and wife in the kitchen,
wants the AfD.
A curriculum in schools which teaches only this worldview,
wants the AfD.

Are you against inclusion and for a ban on abortion?
Are you a little bit chauvinist and pretty homophobic?

Do you shit on social progress? Say goodbye to the free world!
And go … vote for the AfD.

But only the dumbest calves choose their butchers themselves!

Want a party which manipulates its voters?
Then vote for the AfD.
Which exploits their fears?
Then vote for the AfD.
A religion as a scapegoat, right-wing terror and whatever,
that all smells fucking like 1933!
You want change in the country and indeed for the better.
Well, then go and vote …
just please not this shit!

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