British EDL nazi ‘Robinson’ charged with violent crime

This is a 2014 video from Britain about the racist organization EDL.

The British nazi Stephen Lennon, who calls himself “Tommy Robinson” was the organizer of a recent demonstration in the docks area of Amsterdam, in support of Dutch far Right politician Geert Wilders. The demonstration, attended by only a few dozen extremists, was a total flop. Even Mr Wilders himself thought that support from the open nazi and violent thug “Robinson” and his EDL gang would hurt rather than help his PVV party, so he dissociated himself from “Robinson’s” failed rally (though, so far, he has failed to dissociate himself from convicted statutory rapist Eric Lucassen and other thugs in his own PVV parliamentary party).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

EDL founder Lennon charged with assault

Friday 12 November 2010

The founder of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) was charged today with assaulting a police officer during a demonstration in London.

Stephen Lennon, more commonly known as Tommy Robinson, was arrested after a police officer was taken to hospital with a head injury.

The officer was injured during a clash between about 50 EDL members and a group that calls itself Muslims Against Crusades, two of whose members were arrested for public order offences.

The group’s protest in Kensington against the remembrance of Armistice Day was met by an EDL counter-protest.

Four other men with links to the EDL were arrested on suspicion of affray and have been bailed until mid-December.

Mr Lennon was also released on bail and will appear at West London magistrates’ court on November 22.

In recent months his racist organisation has held several demonstrations across Britain to spread its Islamophobic message.

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46 thoughts on “British EDL nazi ‘Robinson’ charged with violent crime

  1. Administrator on November 16, 2010 at 6:17 pm said:

    Geert Wilders gives controversial MP a second chance, despite convictions

    Monday 15 November 2010

    Geert Wilders has decided not to expel MP Eric Lucassen from the party, despite his criminal convictions, the PVV leader said in a statement on Monday afternoon.

    Last week it emerged Lucassen has a conviction for having sex with a female army recruit while he was a sergeant and has been accused of threatening and intimidating his neighbours.

    In his statement, Wilders stressed Lucassen has not been convicted of threatening behaviour. Lucassen has admitted being fined twice for ‘breaking the law’ and was found guilty of sexual offences in 2002. The statement did not give any details about the two fines.


    But there is no question Lucassen actually sexually abused young army recruits while he was an officer, Wilders said. ‘It was an inappropriate relationship… Lucassen admits he made a serious mistake,’ Wilders’ statement said.

    Lucassen was embarassed about the position he had put the party in by keeping quite about his past during the selection procedure to become an MP and has apologised to all involved, Wilders said.

    Although Lucassen can remain in parliament, he will no longer speak on behalf of the PVV on defence or neighbourhood policy issues, Wilders said.

    Lucassen’s position is crucial for the minority government which is propped up by PVV support to give it a majority of just one in parliament.


    A spokesman for the VVD, one of the two parties which make up the government, said the claims are a matter for the PVV.

    But CDA sources told the NRC they are concerned about both the stability and reputation of the cabinet if it has to depend on someone with a criminal record for its survival.


    Opposition MPs have called on prime minister Mark Rutte to explain how the Lucassen case affects the stability and reputation of the cabinet.

    ‘This is the fourth PVV MP to come under scrutiny because of violence or threats and the fourth time they get off without serious repercussions,’ said Labour MP Martijn van Dam.’

    Rutte has said repeatedly it is an ‘internal matter for the PVV’.


  2. Administrator on November 17, 2010 at 7:45 pm said:

    Thugs storm Galloway talk

    RACISM: Four people were arrested on Tuesday night after far-right thugs stormed a meeting where former MP George Galloway was speaking.

    Protesters, believed to be members of the English Defence League, burst into Oldham’s Pakistani Community Centre in Glodwick.

    The group hurled abuse at Mr Galloway and members of the audience at the Respect Party public meeting.

    Punches were thrown and police arrested four protesters on suspicion of affray.


  3. Administrator on November 18, 2010 at 12:47 pm said:

    PVV parliamentarian James Sharpe quits, Wilders respects decision

    Thursday 18 November 2010

    PVV member of parliament James Sharpe has resigned following allegations about his business dealings and private life.

    ‘I have nothing to hide. This is my decision alone. I cannot focus on my work any more,’ Sharpe said in a statement. Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV, said he ‘respects’ Sharpe’s decision.

    Sharpe, 48, has been an MP since the June election. He came under fire this week over reports that a company he ran in Hungary was fined for misleading customers by sending them text messages from women who did not exist.

    He was also reportedly suspended by the Dutch athletics board in the late 1980s for hitting a fellow athlete with his spiked running shoes.


    In his statement Sharpe said he is the ‘last person to run away from his responsibilities’. ‘But I have an idea that all my ex girlfriends are going to start telling things about me,’ the MP said. One ex claims in Thursday´s Telegraaf Sharpe was violent towards her.

    Two other PVV MPs have also come under fire in recent days.

    Former army sergeant Eric Lucassen has been allowed to stay on as an MP by party leader Geert Wilders, despite lying about his criminal record for having an inappropriate relationship with an army recruit and intimidating his neighbours.

    And Richard de Mos has been forced to admit he was never a school director as claimed in his official cv and interviews. Mos says he was ´naive and too proud´ of his qualifications.


    The string of reports was described as a witch hunt by MP Hero Brinkman. Brinkman himself was under fire last year after a brawl in the parliamentary press bar.

    The media pressure will only make the PVV parliamentary grouping more close-knit and less inclined to be open, Brinkman, who supports greater democracy within the party, said.

    Nevertheless, it does not appear to have hurt Wilders’ popularity. Some 94% of PVV voters in a poll for tv show EenVandaag said they still had full confidence in the party’s founder.



  4. Administrator on November 22, 2010 at 11:59 am said:

    EDL leader in court on assault charge

    By Belinda Cranston, PA

    Monday, 22 November 2010

    English Defence League founder Stephen Lennon will face court today over the alleged assault of a police officer during clashes with Islamic protesters.

    Lennon, 27, of Layham Drive, Luton, was arrested by police in Kensington, west London, as the nation stopped to mark the anniversary of Armistice Day.

    Five others associated with his group were also arrested, as members of Muslims Against Crusades, a group which purports to “expose the enemies of Islam”, burned remembrance poppies.

    Two Muslim protesters were arrested for public order offences.

    One officer was taken to hospital with a head injury during the clashes, as about 50 men linked to EDL were kept separate as they shouted abuse.

    Lennon was later charged with assaulting a police officer.

    He was released on bail to appear at West London Magistrates’ Court today.


  5. Administrator on June 20, 2011 at 9:38 am said:

    Communists call anti-nazi summit

    Ukraine: Communist leader Petro Symonenko announced on Saturday that his party is preparing to host an anti-fascist congress in Lviv in the next few months in response to rising neonazi activity in the former Soviet bloc.

    Mr Symonenko said that the Communist Party had invited left-wing parties in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic to send representatives to the meeting.

    “Intelligentsia of eastern Europe held the first anti-fascist congress in Lviv 75 years ago. Now we are preparing for the second congress of intelligentsia against the imposition of fascism on society.”


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