‘Kill refugee women and children’, German far-right politicians say

This video says about itself:

Germany: AfD leader calls for right of border police to shoot at illegal migrants

30 January 2016

Frauke Petry, one of the leaders of right-wing German opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD), has sparked outrage with provocative comments about refugees.

“Border guards must prevent illegal border crossings and even use firearms if necessary,” Petry told German newspaper ‘Mannheimer Morgen’, in an interview published on Saturday. …

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to be trying to be try to appease critics of her open-door policy on refugees.

“I hope that during the winter time, when refugee numbers are low, we will make visible progress. The numbers need to be reduced further, and they must not increase again in spring,” she said during an address at a regional Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party conference in Neubrandenburg on Saturday.

Merkel also repeated calls for a Europe-wide solution to address the crisis.

Ms Merkel, whether refugee numbers increase or decrease depends on the warmongering policies of NATO countries, including your Germany, and their allies, like Saudi Arabia. Eg, if NATO ally Erdogan of Turkey will invade Syria, then the bloody war in Syria will get still much bloodier, and refugee numbers will increase.

Now, the AfD party.

On the extreme right of German politics, there is the NPD party, open admirers of Adolf Hitler.

And there is the AfD, the so-called ‘decent’ extreme right, supposedly not admiring Hitler, ‘only’ hating Muslims and refugees.

A bit like in the USA. Some of the supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are open nazis; like the Daily Stormer Internet site, called after the German Third Reich anti-Semitic paper Der Stürmer. However, if you would ask Trump himself, or most of his supporters whether they are nazis, they would say no. But that does not stop them from being dangerous racists.

Like the AfD are.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

The chairperson of the German party Alternative for Germany (AfD), Frauke Petry, has caused commotion with statements about refugees. Petry would step up border surveillance and if necessary prevent refugees from illegally crossing the border with firearms. …

A few months ago AfD politician Marcus Pretzell also advocated in extreme cases opening fire to “defend” the border. Pretzell is the partner of Petry.

The vice chairperson of AfD, Beatrix von Storch, responded on Facebook about the fuss. Asked if she really believes that German border guards should stop refugee women and children from crossing the border through open fields with firearms she answered ‘Yes’.

From daily The Independent in Britain today about this:

The comments have been strongly condemned by the head of the police union GdP.

“No policeman would be ready to fire” at refugees, Joerg Radek said. “We have already seen that over the course of German history and we don’t ever want to go down that road again.”

The call by extreme right wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD) for the use of firearms by border police against refugees marks a new stage in the all-party political offensive against refugees in Germany: here.

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