Donald Trump’s xenophobia, Beatles parody song

This 6 November 2018 parody music video from Britain says about itself:

Donald Trump‘s midterms campaign ad was banned for being racist, so he’s replaced it with “Migrant Caravan” – the new single by The Tweetles, to the tune of “Yellow Submarine” [by the Beatles] …

To the land where I was born
Came a load of Hondurans
They were very bad hombres
In their Migrant Caravan

And they marched to Mexico
With a bunch of Guatemalans
So I briefed my border guards
On the migrant caravan
This is what I said…

Open fire on the migrant caravan!
The migrant caravan!
The migrant caravan!

And my base is on my side
They wouldn’t care if these people died
And the band begins to play

Open fire on the migrant caravan!
The migrant caravan!
The migrant caravan!

As they leave their life of grime
They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime
Now it’s midterm elections time
Let’s trash the migrant cara…vime?
Ah, crap

ARMED MILITIA HEAD TO BORDER Armed bands of civilian militia members are heading to the southern border, where Trump has ordered thousands of active-duty troops to rebuff the migrant caravan. [HuffPost]

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s xenophobia, Beatles parody song

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