Donald Trump’s racism, Beatles musical parody

This 15 July 2019 parody music video from Britain is called The Tweetles – Get Back.

It is a parody of the Beatles’ song Get Back. The original lyrics of that song parodied the anti-immigrant views of British Conservative politician Enoch Powell, and anti-Puerto Rican prejudices in the USA.

It is about United States President Donald Trump’s recent attack on Twitter against four oppositional congresswomen: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. One of them a refugee from the war in Somalia, continued by Trump. The other three congresswomen were born in the USA with immigrant or trans-Atlantic African slave trade ancestors.

The video says about itself:

The unambiguously racist new single from President Donald Trump’s Beatles tribute band.


AOC’s a radical who hates America
Probably ‘cause the air’s too free
If she doesn’t like it, she could always go and
Fix things in her own country

Get back! Get back!
Get back, Ocasio-Cortez!
Go home, Ocasio!
Puerto Rico’s one of the shithole countries, right?
I hope we’re not sending them foreign aid

Ilhan is a nasty racist who hates Israel
She’s from like Somalia
I heard they have pirates, maybe she’s one of ‘em
Wooden leg and going “arrrr!”

Get back! Get back!
Get back to all your pirate friends!
Go home, Ilhan!

There’s another lady who worked here illegally
Then she got a fraud visa
She had an anchor baby, then brought all her family
Oh wait, that’s [Trump’s wife] Melania

That’s fine, that’s fine
That’s fine ‘cause she’s Judeo-Christian

United States neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer praises Trump for this attack, especially because it implies that Congresswoman Ayanna Presley, with ancestry from African American slavery times, and other African Americans, should be deported forcibly to Africa.

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