Rupert Murdoch, ‘pro-Israel’ anti-Semite

This video from the USA is about News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch. It says about itself:

Murdoch: ‘Jewish-Owned Press Anti-Israel’

22 November 2012

Rupert Murdoch‘s latest bid at stirring up controversy on Twitter had the media world scratching its head Saturday night. As the Israel/Gaza conflict headed to a fifth day, the newspaper mogul expressed frustration at coverage of the crisis in characteristically incendiary style:

@rupertmurdoch: Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti- Israel in every crisis?

Big Media billionaire Rupert Murdoch is up to his neck in phone-hacking scandals, police bribery scandals, and burglary scandals.

That does not seem to be enough for Murdoch. Last Sunday, he added another scandal: his anti-Semitism.

That is not really new for the Murdoch empire, with its recent histories of anti-Semitism and softness on neo-nazism on its United States province Fox News.

On Sunday 18 November, Rupert Murdoch said on Twitter:

Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti- Israel in every crisis?

That the press is “Jewish owned” is an anti-Semitic lie, dating back at least to the rise of Adolf Hitler‘s nazi party. In fact, the biggest press lord in Germany in the 1920s was not any Jew, but Alfred Hugenberg, a conservative ally of Hitler, who helped Adolf to power in 1933.

Just like then, today the biggest media bosses are usually not Jews. Sometimes, they are anti-Semites. Like Hugenberg. Like Murdoch’s former pal, now his enemy after a quarrel, Silvio Berlusconi, is also an anti-Semite.

Another point in Murdoch’s anti-Semitic tweet. He claims that his imaginary conspiracy of rich Jews in the media is “consistently anti- Israel”. Making Murdoch supposedly “pro-Israel”. Like Berlusconi.

I put “pro-Israel” between snigger quotes. Really, Murdoch and his ilk support a minority of far right militarist hardliners in Israel. They damage the people of Israel much more than Hamas, Islamic Jihad or any Palestinian Muslim fundamentalist organization could ever dream of.

The Austrian neo-nazi party FPÖ “supports Israel” and visits extreme nationalists in Israel. Not because these heirs of Adolf Hitler have stopped being Jew-haters. But because they hate Muslims even more than they hate Jews, and want to use Israeli Jews as cannon fodder to kill Muslims.

Extreme fundamentalist Christians like “the Reverend” John Hagee in the USA, while blaming the Jews for Hitler’s holocaust, see the state of Israel as a tool to bring about world war and Judgment Day; after which the Jews will supposedly burn in hell, and only “good” Christians like themselves will go to heaven.

USA: The Real Reason So Many Republicans Love Israel? Their Own White Supremacy: here.

An evangelical church near Miami postponed a pro-Israel event after the Israeli consul general in Miami participated in a rally supporting the LGBT community. The incident, which took place at the beginning of May, highlights the delicate balance that Israeli diplomats need to maintain as they appeal to polarized constituencies in the United States: here.

Britain: EX-DOWNING Street communications chief Andy Coulson and ex-News International executive Rebekah Brooks have been charged in connection with payments to police and public officials: here.

34 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch, ‘pro-Israel’ anti-Semite

  1. Murdoch is much worse

    The BBC’s Newsnight programme made errors in its report on child abuse—that’s clear. But did it slander the Hillsborough dead for 23 years, insisting its fabricated stories were “The Truth”? Did it hack the phones of murdered teenagers?

    Whatever the BBC’s failings, they pale into insignificance compared to those of Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

    Sasha Simic, east London


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