Amnesty condemns Bahrain dictatorship

This video is called Rights group alleges torture in Bahrain 22-04-2011.

From the BBC:

21 November 2012 Last updated at 03:35 GMT

Amnesty condemns Bahrain’s ‘spiralling repression’

By Bill Law, Middle East analyst, BBC News

Amnesty International has condemned what it says is the failure of the government of Bahrain to deliver on its promise of reform.

The human rights organisation says a “groundbreaking report has been shelved by spiralling repression in Bahrain”.

The report investigated human rights abuses when an anti-government uprising was crushed last year in the Gulf island kingdom. …

Covadonga de la Campa of Amnesty International told the BBC that when the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) report was released on 23 November 2011 it “seemed to be a path to reform”.

However, citing the recent banning of all public gatherings and rallies, the revoking of citizenship of 31 Bahrainis and what she called “ongoing reports of torture, including the torture of children“, Ms de la Campo Alonso spoke of “a worsening situation”.

The Amnesty study – entitled “Bahrain: Reform Shelved, Repression Unleashed” – argues that the human rights situation in the kingdom has deteriorated “markedly”.

Human Rights First today urged the U.S. government to radically reassess its approach to dealing with the Kingdom’s response to ongoing calls for reform inBahrain. This week marks one year since the release of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry’s (BICI) findings and recommendations. Bahrain’s promised reforms following the report’s release have been inadequate and its human rights violations continue. Just this morning, 23 more medics were convicted by the Bahrain courts and sentenced to three monhts in prison for taking part in illegal gatherings last year: here.

Bahrain: Promises Unkept, Rights Still Violated.

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