Fox News USA Accused of Anti-Semitism

Fox News anti-Semitic photoshop job

From Alternet’s Peek blog in the USA:

Fox News Accused of Anti-Semitism Over Distorted Photographs of Reporters

Posted by Culture Kitchen at 7:00 AM on July 7, 2008.

Has the right wing given up on the Jewish vote?

I guess this is a sign that the right wing is abandoning all hope of attracting the Jewish vote. Their racism has alienated the black and Hispanic vote they have claimed to be wooing. Now, by showing their willingness to exploit anti-Semitic stereotypes, Fox News shows the right wing has given up on Jewish voters.

So recently the New York Times reported that Fox News is seeing its ratings plunge. Of course this is fact based on commonly used data.

Fox News, always unwilling to accept unpleasant facts, decided to vilify the reporters who wrote the story. Cause you see, Fox News can’t face the fact that their audience is shrinking fast, so they have to blame someone else. But what is really revealing is how they choose to do it. They altered photos of the journalists who reported on the Fox News ratings plunge. In particular, they altered the image of Jacques Steinberg into a grotesque caricature of Jewish stereotypes. From Media Matters.

See also here.

20 thoughts on “Fox News USA Accused of Anti-Semitism

  1. Dear Supporter,

    You’re not going to believe what FOX is up to now-we could hardly believe it ourselves. Not only are they smearing Michelle Obama with racist stereotypes, but then they offer a feeble apology that they believe gives them the right to slander her again. That’s what happened when FOX called Michelle and Barack Obama’s fist bump a “terrorist fist jab,” apologized, and then less than a week later referred to Michelle Obama as Barack’s “Baby Mama.”

    FOX’s long history of racism is nothing new, but it has been particularly egregious when it comes to their coverage of the Obamas. Racism and fearmongering have no place in our country or its politics, despite what FOX would have you believe. That’s why we put together this video, FOX Attacks Michelle Obama.

    Watch the video at and sign the petition.

    We cannot allow FOX’s heinous smears and scare tactics to continue. Sign our petition and stop FOX from injecting racism, prejudice, and fear into our political dialogue. Then, send it to all your friends and family members for them to sign as well. And spread it on sites like Digg to create an uproar.

    We cannot allow FOX to make politics about stereotypes, misinformation, and flat-out dishonesty. Not now. Not ever.

    Robert Greenwald
    and the Brave New Team


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  3. 100 years ago: Leo Frank convicted in anti-Semitic frame-up

    On August 25, 1913, Leo Frank, a Jewish-American engineer, was convicted of the rape and murder of Mary Phagan and sentenced to death. Phagan was a 13-year-old worker in the National Pencil Company in Atlanta where Frank was superintendent. Her body was found in the factory cellar on April 26, 1913, and Frank was reportedly the last to see her alive.
    Leo and Lucille Frank at trial

    In the South, Frank was cast as the epitome of Northern “Yankee” capitalism in sensationalist and blatantly anti-Semitic coverage of the highly publicized case.

    Two different people had been arrested on suspicion of the murder; however they were both released without charge. Testimony from factory employees, who claimed that Frank had flirted with Mary, caused investigators to turn their attention to Frank.

    Evidence began to emerge that Jim Conley, the African-American factory sweeper, was responsible for the murder, but police did little to investigate. A grand jury sought to indict Conley, but solicitor Hugh Dorsey convinced them that the state’s case against Frank would be jeopardized.

    Phagan’s murder took place under conditions of a sharp escalation of industrial and political militancy in the working class. The political establishment, and the media actively sought to channel popular anger into the reactionary channels of racism, while right-wing movements were fostered to be mobilized against struggles of the working class.

    Despite indications that key prosecution witnesses, including Conley, had lied, Frank was convicted and sentenced to death. His lawyers sought clemency, and Frank’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment on June 21, 1915.

    On August 16, 1915, a mob of 25, including prominent members of the Georgian establishment, lynched Frank in Phagan’s home-town. Former governor Joseph Mackey Brown was among the ringleaders of the murder. The political conditions for the lynching had been prepared by politicians such as Thomas E. Watson, formerly a prominent figure in the Populist Party, who had infamously warned that, “If Frank’s rich connections keep on lying about this case, SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN.”

    Shortly after, members of the Knights of Mary Phagan formed the new Ku Klux Klan of Georgia, while the Anti-Defamation League was formed in response to the lynching, to combat anti-Semitism and racism. In 1986 Frank was posthumously pardoned.


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